Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reborn Tengu and XYZ

This issue seems to come up a lot. Many people re-linked to our blog regarding the XYZ FAQ (geez I hate typing XYZ).

Even though the ruling contradicts what we translated on the FAQ, please remember that:

1) The OCG rulings are "unofficial" to the TCG
2) Reborn Tengu is a TCG exclusive and you should follow whatever ruling it has

Just hope that when TCG Generation Force is released, more detailed ruling on this whole XYZ business will be available in English.

TCG and OCG is becoming a different game again. (Priority lol)

Relinking old post for anyone who missed it:
Exceed Summoning Ruling
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  1. After the World we got the ssame ruling about Turn player's "priority"

  2. when you used "Reborn Tengu" for Xyz or Synchro Summon (or other). You must Special Summon other "Reborn Tengu" from your deck.

  3. Its so obvs I dont understand why people are confuse for this just read the card

  4. Because the OCG ruled that when the monster is used to XYZ summon, it is not considered to have left the field therefore not triggering cards like Absolute Zero or a Plaguespreader that is special summoned by its own effect.

  5. When a monster is used for an Xyz summon, it does not leave the field. When it becomes an Xyz material, it is no longer considered to be a monster, and does not have an effect.

    If Reborn Tengu is used as Xyz material, it does not leave the field (and therefore won't special summon another one) if it is then detatched and sent to the graveyard, it still will not special summon another Tengu because it doesn't have an effect. I don't understand why people are confused over this, it's so obvious, just read the rulings >_>

  6. @Anonymous
    Look. The OCG rulings state this. The TCG rulings do NOT state yet anything about this situation. We even had 2 statements stating, that Tengu activates upon Xyz Summon. There is nothing official about Tengu yet. And then again. Absolute Zero/Fortune Lady Light and Tengu are ruled differently in General. Light/Absolute Zero activate if they are removed from the field face-down (in TCG/not OCG) or returned to the deck (TCG & OCG) while Tengu does not activate in both situations. So until Konami makes something official we don't know for sure.

  7. If we don't know for sure, then why don't we go by the closest possible rulings, the OCG ones?

    Rather than just plucking ideas out of the air, go by the closest possible scenario.

    However, this is being looked in to by Kevin Tewart etc, and the new structure deck in October will have the rulings in it and any revised wordings... So I guess we'll know soonish.

  8. The Point is when Effect's like Zero or Yagan and Plagues removing Effect do not acvtivate (what seems like an official ruling) why the hell should tengu activate.

  9. Just giving you guys the heads up that the TCG judges may not agree with you lol