Thursday, July 28, 2011

TG Hyper Librarian: Should it be banned?

There are mixed feelings about the fate of this card this coming September but one thing that everyone agree, it is broken as hell.

Reasons for Ban:
- Crazy combo enabler (nuff said?)

Reasons why it should just be restricted to 1:
- Just released in the TCG
- TCG prize card even
- Not so broken as a single copy (lol)
- Not Dark Strike Fighter material
- "I blame Formula"

Personally, I am playing Junk Doppel and even I feel it should be banned. Leads to advantages that you can pretty much play without thinking because it is Auto-pilot once you reach a certain amount of cards where it is impossible for your opponent to catch up.

Also, I feel that the TCG meta does not effect the list whatsoever. Every time something broken comes up, the reason "not gonna happen because TCG just got it" always fail and the card still got axed in some way.

Share your thoughts.


  1. I feel that it should only be limited to one because however much this card may allow you to draw, it is not ensuring that you draw the right ones,Darkstrike in itself was an otk based card, this card is just a little bit to fast for the meta and should be limited to one.

  2. BAN!!! card advantages is the most important thing in card games and Librarian is doing this job too good so, bye bye.

    Anyway, does anyone notices that the game is less broken back in the day we have a generic draw engine (pot of greed, graceful charity) than what we have today with multiple "specific" archtype draw engine which people came up with an idea to spam them endlessly. Another thing that is broken in THIS format is special summons. Sure special summon is a good way to maintain and gain control of field present but it's too much right now. Every competitive decks do 2 things 1.draws 2.special summons. Special summon become more broken because Synchro and will still be broken because of Xyz since it's special summon from Extra deck without the specific cards required. so in ensence you're not losing card advantages at all. What Konami think that they make the games more variable ends up make every deck ,in essence, is the same.

  3. Formula and Librarian to 1 in my opinion. It definitely is a combo-enabler, but like you've stated, it isn't as broken as DSF.

    Limiting Formula and Librarian ensures that you won't draw anywhere near as much, and one Bottomless Trap Hole will ruin the whole strategy.

  4. Putting it to 1 doesn't do anything to it. =/ Bunny.dek will still drop SQD every other turn.


  5. I think it would only be limited.
    Personally, against this card i side Maxx "c". and in my turn i play a big monster.

  6. Limit It. Here's why with it banned it yet proves to be another card that does support all deck types, but is decent both with and against the META and coming meta. It doesnt get a +1 with all spc summons just synchros. which for the time beign people are still using but with how broken and OP Konami is planning to and has Exceeds( i hate the Fact they gave them a name already takig in the game, XYZ Dragon Cannon already exist but whatever, I personnaly think at 1 this card is still not too OP, yet isnt completely crioppled either if they wanna hurt something for being broken since Tengu is like what malicious was back in the day semi limit it, ban brionac, limit Shi-En, limit a few other card but atleast let this card havea whole format. Noone complained about how skilless and OP the Six Sams were considering any noob can pick up the deck and do well with it same as BW's or Lightsworn or Demise OTK or GB's are. If konami's End Goal is to only let cards they want to dominate the formats dominate the formats then just put that out as a mass PSA for the game so they can let people know when the formats will be balanced and clear cut across the board for both the TCG and OCG. ive been playing since Sept of 2002 and ive seen all the format dominating decks come and go. IMO limit it and let it sit right there.

  7. Limiting it just decrease a bit the advantage...
    but it still a huge advantage...
    It's not a DSF but it's as broken as Card of Safe Return...

  8. I feel librarian should not get banned.

    Librarian is the key card in junk doppel,junk debris. If librarian is banned, then junk doppel decks would lose their main engine.

    Also, its not as librarian is undefeatable. Just summon a fortress/hyperion and kill it since junk doppel backrow arent offensive one bit.

    Also, your opponent's bottomless trap hole and solemn warning arent fake either.

  9. Honestly, I think Librarian should be semi-limited if anything. There are PLENTY of counters to Librarian, and you can only synchro so many times in one turn. If you want to get rid of a problem card, get rid of Brionac. Yes, his effect is restricted to hand size, which goes hand in hand with Librarian, however, Brionac can clear an entire field in a matter of seconds, leaving someone open to a full onslaught of attacks. If any card needs banning this format, it's that.

  10. I think that, if Librarian gets banned then it would stop plaguing the OCG meta. However if it goes to 1, you would need to hit the decks that abuse it so much harder that it would be a forbidden/limited list focused on one deck than other decks that could potentially be just as abusive in the future. Such as Six Samurai, Dark World, Frog Monarch (lol Formula), and even the sleeper decks like Sabers and GK's in the OCG could be an issue with the release of Darksoul/Boggart/Recruiter in Extra Pack 4.
    - Kuro

  11. @awesomehazelnuts & Burakkurozu:
    Just because there are a lot of ways to counter a card doesn't justify it from keeping it from the ban list. Just look at CED for example. You can counter it with Solemn Judgment, Solemn Warning, Royal Oppression and a lot more cards which a lot of decks main/side. Is that a good excuse to take it from the list? No, because it can still do insane shenanigans (I know CED is a lolexample, but just to make my point).

    Sure, cards like Bottomless Trap Hole and such can stop the opponent from abusing Librarian, but even if they manage to get it out safely (which a lot of good players will do. Either get it out first turn when they go first or see that they have the means necessary to protect the card), their advantage will be amazing, even if the card is only at one.

    @ Burakkurozu:
    About Brionac: Yes, the card is amazing and can clear a field in order to OTK. However, it is nothing near Librarian.
    Brionac is more one of those cards which is best when you can make game, meaning that you're almost sure your opponent has almost to no outs to it.

    I think Hyper Librarian certainly is banworthy. Its synergy with plants is simply too amazing and the advantages he can give are outrageous.
    Semi-limiting it won't change a thing and limiting it will still provide too much of an advantage.

  12. @Burakkurozu:

    Having plenty of counters to a certain card is a poor argument to keep the card, especially if it's broken.

  13. Semi limiting Librarian is as good as not touching it lol.

    If you start by summoning a Librarian, you will follow it up with more Synchro obviously, no one is just gonna summon Librarian, attack and end turn. After that "many Synchros" in a turn, unless your opponent has the correct combination of cards, I don't think he can return from that advantage gap (or field presence).

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  15. Well here's my opinion on this matter (and I know I'll get flamed about it):

    - Konami made some mistakes that cannot be fixed for example:

    1- They made the game so fast by introducing so many "special summon-able" cards. The game now rely on who's going to special summon more monsters (synchros anyone?)

    2- sychro cards were supposed IMHO to be exclusive to their arch-type (i.e. Catastor, Magical Android, Librarian, Brionac ... etc). Except for those who don't belong to any arch-type.

    3- Singners dragons synchro monsters should have had restrictions in their summoning condition according to their character's deck (i.e. Black Rose should have a plant tuner as a summoning requirement, Red Dragon Archfiend should have a "resonator" or Fiend-type tuner as a summoning requirement ... etc.

    4- Not achieving above led the game to fall into chaos since duelists created something that is called "Synchro staples" which must be included in every extra deck of every deck!!! We would see stardust, brionac, catastor in a BW deck for example and they don't have anything to do with the deck's mechanics. They were included only because they are somewhat "game enders" and almost every deck now is focused on summoning certain synchros for a win. That led the duelists in this meta to rely heavily on synchros and back rows trap cards (i.e. Warning, Solemn, Bottomless ... etc).

    5- The same mistake is happening with exceeds monsters.

    6- This made ppl to forget the most important aspect of this game, To just enjoy it and have fun. Some ppl are taking this game seriously, and will do anything (and I mean anything) to win!!

    This is how I feel and it doesn't necessarily means that I'm right. Just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys ...


  16. idk probably not
    it's good really good
    but it's not game ending unles you have two on
    the field to generate too much advantage
    dark strike was actually game ending and generates otks librarian not so much plus with veilers and maxx'cs it's alot different now

  17. Ban it. Librarian is not quite as bad a CoSR (which generates an endless stream of +2's via Mezuki and BfaDD) but it pads the -1 inherent in a Synchro Summon, allowing for potentially infinite Synchros.

  18. At this point (if it gets hit at all) its just 1 or 0 since 2 makes no sense. I'm siding with 1 because it doesn't break games unless there are two on the field or in a deck that abuses it.

    Now then hurting the engines is a careful challenge since the main engines that use it have already been attacked for a few banlists. Hopefully they find a way to make the decks less autopilot. Who knows? They may even kill certain engines competitively. Now where would we be without plants or junk doppel? xD...

    At the end of the day Konami will do what it wants and we deal with it. Plus I'm biased cause of fableds ;p

  19. In my opinion,as long as formula dont get hit by the list,everyone still can run junk doppel without worries,back in the asian championship 2011 where Sung Lee from Malaysia won the Malaysia qualifier with non-promo junk doppel,and Winner of Asian Championship are also junk doppel user,they do not include promo cards in there deck and still it works fine,just without the overpowered librarian,limiting librarian wont harm the deck,just to slow them down.....its just like taking off the turbo system from a sport car.....Junk Doppel still can own with the other 5 star synchros, catastor,magical android and etc,but of course,librarian is the best!!!

  20. I think it should be banned. You know, TGHL is a "slower version" of DSF. Instead of ending a game by burning your opponent's LP, this card allows you to draw multiple cards within a single turn and end the game by utilizing cards you have drawn. One TGHL is more than enough to pull a lot of cards from your deck. In addition, you also have had more card advantages compared to your opponent due to TGHL's effect. Thus, your victory is almost obvious.

    Semilimiting him is almost impossible. The only possibility is between banned or one, but I think this card must be banned since there is no drawback. Also note in mind that TGHL is most likely used in a deck with multiple synchro capability such as Junk Doppel or Tengu Synchro. Limiting him is totally useless since the engine of deck is designated to perform countless synchro summon. And don't forget, those decks also run multiple copies of Pot of Avarice which can make you draw even more cards after performing synchro spam.

  21. i think konami should not axe it instead they should put a maximum of the number of cards that can b drawn by librarians effect becos semi-limitting it will not help it will jus slow down the deck like wad some of u haf said. limiting it will not really affect the deck bcos the deck is called "junk DOPPEL" for a reson u may not agree with me but idc ok bye

  22. Card of Safe Return for Synchros.

    Ban it please.

  23. Put TGHL,Formula, and POA to one and problem solved.

  24. Formula doesnt need to be at 1. others are ok.

  25. One thing is for sure: every time a new banlist is issued, players always find a way to thrive. Limiting a major card, say POA, will force many decks to be more careful in milling or develop and entirely new strategy, adding a new dimension of play. Imagine this: Banished Lightsworns using Card Trooper.

    Further, the same idea can be applied to the card makers themselves.

    There will always be changes, and a good sign of a good trading card game, or any game for that matter, is the ability of the players to adapt to the current meta.

  26. if you want hit a card since it works with exceeds semi-limit tengu, limit TGHL, Formula, and PoA, Duality, ban brionac and replace it with premature burial.

  27. I say ban dandy it makes the plant engin too strong and with lavail dragon xyz its tooooo crazy limit HL , PoA, formula , semi tengu it is a mali on crack oo and duality its just tooo good

  28. Ban Glow-Up Bulb, Dandy, and Limit Lonefire.
    Bulb is a +1 recurring Tuner - bad for the game.
    Dandy is too flexible.
    Lonefire tutors ALL PLANTS!

  29. I think formula will take a hit maybe r1, since less formula less draw whoring... definitely SLOWS down junk doppels, kinda sad for me coz I love junk doppel...

    as for the others, Im wishing sixsams to take some big hits since i hate them...

  30. As i know,they are already limiting glow up bulb and spore for good,since u can only use it once in a game and I think thats fair,lonefire at 2 pcs is already a very limiting play,if u watched carefully,konami shd have ban monster reborn and limiting limit reverse,of course call of the haunted also,these are the cards that made lonefire imba,and next,i dont think dandy will got banned,instead i think they might aim for doppel warrior,since its a +2,u make a librarian and 2 1 star tokens?wow , doppel warrior makes the junk synchron-glow up bulb combo,which leads to shooting quasar dragon,so after thinking for days,I think they should really look into the core cards than banning those unnecessary things~

  31. Anything with dandy is also "+2+" if you look at doppel warrior that way.. -.-

  32. To ban a card based off an engine it supports is not how konami in the past 9 years of this game has done it they moreso look at what everyone is playing then how many people are playing that deck vs the variety of other decks then if too many run the same deck they hit core cards. Lightsworn being the exception since the creator of the manga/ card game used the deck. However i think Treeborn Frog, Dewlorian, Swap Frog, Dandy, HL, Spore, and Formula, Shi- En, and Scrap Dragon all at 1, would be an interesting place Tengu (since konami decided to make it the exception to the rule on how it interacts with exceeds) at 2 leave lonefire where it is plenty of ways to kill the second one coming out and usual gets nipped in the butt if someone trys to get greedy. My reasoning for these changes are not based on rage at seeing them played. Its more based on seeing people just abuse loops with those cards. Most are non-specific cards or if they are specific archtype based they get spammed which leads to + above 2 everytime mainly tengu which i still feel a certain way far more than Hyper Librarian since its own wording conflicts with the XYZ mechanics that were explained. Since XYZ materials essentially work morel like union monsters that goto purgatory waiting to be used not leave play. I guess Konami wanted to make that one card the exception like Zombie Master back in the day.

  33. well i still though TGHL is pretty much broken, so i vote for it being banned. I mean even Fabled users can drop 2 SQD + 1 SSD with just 1 Librarian in first turn (i experienced it), so when SQD is out, TGHL can become a massive advantage card, so it should be banned IMO

  34. if scrap dragon goes to 1 then ALL scrap decks will really go to the scrapyard... =.=