Sunday, July 24, 2011

AMK Tournament @ 24/7/2011

Been awhile since I did tourney report, been playing with stupid decks that I kept scrubbing lol.

Deck used: Junk Doppel
Participants: 50 players
Format: 5 Round swiss + Top 8 play off

Round 1: Vs GigaVise
1: He started with 3 s/t and a set monster. I destroyed it and it was a Dandylion, I thought he was playing Junk Doppel. Managed to do many synchro and traded with all that back row of bottomless and Warning. I recycled everything back with Avarice and lead with a Scrap Dragon. On the final turn I destroyed his newly set card with Scrap Dragon effect fearing it was Mirror Force or whatever and it was a Supervise. Immediately I knew it was Gigavise. If you are dying, might as well not reveal what deck you are playing =/
2: Sided into Bottomless which I normally don't against Junk Doppel. I didn't draw any and got dominated by Tytanial and a Supervised Gigaplant on the field. I cleared that by using Dark Armed, spore and a token to make Trishula and Sorceror to clear the board and won from there.
Result: OO-

Round 2: Grave BF
1: I knew what deck he was playing as he was sitting beside me the previous round. I think he wasn't sure how the deck was played as he did not set up for his big plays very well.
2: He started with a lot of set s/t, I cleared it with Black Rose, and the lead was too much.
Result: OO-

Round 3: Junk Doppel (Jeff)
We decided who will win with a die roll. I lost lol.
Result: X-

Round 4: Scraps
1: He started with a Scrap Beast and I had to remember how to kill scraps from the random dueling against DSummon. I remembered clearing the field with a Trishula and then he had no more Beast in grave and no Scrap Dragon means happy days.
2: The same back and forth play. He had Summon Priest and activated its effect which I negated with Effect Veiler. On the next turn he summoned Scrap Beast and made Scrap Dragon. I cleared it with Brionac and Dark Armed to end the game.
Result: OO-

Round 5: Vs Machina Gadget (Shaun)
1: Got rushed by Gadgets and Fortress. Kept looping the Dandy and after few turns I had 400 LP left. I made a Brionac and Catastor to clear the board. He cleared the Brionac but I drew a Doppel while I had Junk Synchron in hand and a Spore in grave. Made Librarian, Formula followed by Quasar with the Catastor.
2: Early lead with Librarian and Catastor. On his turn he summoned Gadget and Machina Fortress but I had Call of the Haunted and summoned back Formula to make Quasar. On the next turn I made Trishula to clear board and all attacked for game.
Result: OO-

Top 8: Vs Dark World
1: He had bad hand because Jess was sitting beside him =D
2: My turn to get bad hand as Jess was sitting beside me! All monster hand against Dark World seems to be auto loss. Gorz was not helpful either as it got destroyed easily by a Grapha discard.
3: I start with 2 Dust Tornado and a MST which is bad, but he had a s/t hand too in a form of Skill Drain and Gozen. Cleared those and made my Synchro plays and won.
Result: OXO

Top 4: Vs Ultimate Offering Gadgets (Akira)
1: Memory loss. I cleared his 2 Bottomless Traphole early and I just went and Synchro without worry for the rest of the game.
2: Opened Veiler, Spore and Growup Bulb and 2 s/t (what I usually call Unholy Trinity because you can't do shit with this) I drew Lonefire next (god bless) but it was negated by Veiler lol. He Duality and grabbed Crossout. He summoned a Breaker and I negated the effect with Veiler, attacked my Lonefire which I protected with Mirror Force and he destroyed it with Dark Hole. He summoned another Gadget and Reborn another to summon Hope and then set a s/t. I had to choose between setting my Spore/bulb or do a Debris black rose play against his Hope and 1 s/t. I did the Black Rose play since I will get hit by a Crossout and die either way and I was right as the set card was Ultimate Offering.

I drew Call of the Haunted next and after more Gadget pokes, I special summoned the Lonefire again and made Trishula with Spore. On the next turn he protected his gadget with Book of Moon and made Hope which I cleared with a Torrential. I kinda forgot what happened after that but a few turns later he ran out of Gadgets and I drew what I needed to summon Dark Armed.
Result: OO-

Finals: Vs Six Samurai
Did not play as he wanted the Black Rose Dragon ultimate rare and I wanted the Formula Synchron.

Satisfying result today as I had a lot of 2-0.

Monster = 23

[1] Dark Armed Dragon
[2] Chaos Sorceror
[2] Junk Synchron
[2] Doppel Warrior
[2] Debris Dragon
[2] Card Trooper
[2] Effect Veiler
[2] Lonefire Blossom
[2] Lightsworn Hunter Ryko
[1] Lightsworn Sorceress Lyla
[1] Mystic Tomato
[1] Sangan
[1] Dandylion
[1] Spore
[1] Growup Bulb

Spell = 12

[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Giant Trunade
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] One for One
[1] Reinforcement of the Army
[1] Charge of the Light Brigade
[1] Scapegoat
[2] Pot of Avarice
[2] MST

Trap = 5

[1] Mirror Force
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Call of the Haunted
[2] Limit Reverse


[1] Trishula
[1] Brionac
[1] Scrap Dragon
[1] Stardust Dragon
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[2] TG Hyper Librarian
[3] Formula Synchron
[1] Armory Arm
[1] AOJ Catastor
[1] Arcanite Magician
[1] Shooting Quasar Dragon
[1] Chain Dragon


  1. Baha: how many cards do you use in the deck?

  2. Dark World was the only deck you didn't 2-0, well done!

  3. Baha,environment there dont need trap stun against traps?i usually main it in my JD lol and saved MST for side deck for gravekeeper matchups~

  4. I prefer MST now because it gets rid of the threat for good.

    Unless you play some mass backrow removal like Junk Destroyer then Trap Stun is probably better.

  5. what i usually did was stun+blackrose to gain advantage,or stun then straight away quasar LOL ~ because players here save all their dark bribe/solemn judgement for my trunade,cant rely on trunade , i've tried once, 2 MST 2 raigeki break and 2 stun , it works quite well and i also can put in my own traps like warning and judgement~

  6. Hey if you were in the TCG , how would you play Junk Doppel.? I mean would you play both Tengu and TourGuide or...? Im just having some problem fiting it all together so im turning to you couse you seem to know what you are doing with the deck ^^. Ooh and also would you remove Ryko and Trooper if you could play Tengu and Tourguide or just mash it al into one deck o.O. Thank you for your anwser ^^.

    Fan from Europe.

  7. Why dont you use solemn warning?

  8. Not every deck have to use Solemn Warning.

    And Tengu is way better than Tourguide.

  9. but why wouldnt you want to use warning? its an amazing card. and how competative do you think fabled is? and what kind of build for fabled is best in your opinion?

  10. if you had tengus what would you take them out for in this deck ~ tcg player

  11. hello what do you use for side???? thanks keep up the good dueling

  12. 2 Dust Tornado, 2 Breaker, 2 Bottomless, 2 Dimension Prison, 2 DD crow, 2 Chain Disappearance, 2 Puppet Plant, Gorz.

  13. Baha please answer the tengu question ! :(

  14. do u mind posting ur side deck??

  15. Isnt it like 2 comments above...

  16. What is the scapegoat for?