Wednesday, August 6, 2014

DSummon off to World Championship 2014!

It's that time of the year again for the World Championship... And I'm going to be headed there! Basically gonna do my usual translation work for the Asian players while I am there.

Well, i know the blog isnt really too updated anymore, since we are both now focused on Facebook or Twitter. However, i still plan to do my post event blog post, though it may take me a few days to put it up. Kinda functions as a diary post too, for my future reference too~

 In the meantime, if you want faster live updates, head over to the facebook event linked here where I will be doing live updates. If you are attending the event, I will be wearing the good old DuelingDays shirt (unless I am made to wear something else while on stage), so look out for me and say hi!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Journey to YCS Sydney~

Hi everyone, this is my looking back post on what went on at the recent YCS Sydney and my own tournament looking back post too. You can skip that and just jump straight into the deck list here, but if you wanna read more, just click on!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

[Deck] Pure Karakuri (TCG Jan 2014 - YCS Sydney)

Hi Everyone, here's the deck profile for my deck, which I managed to win the recent YCS Sydney held on 18/19 January. First up of course is the deck list!
*Click on for more info, thoughts behind the deck and stuff, but be warned, its rather lengthy*

Friday, November 29, 2013

Asiaplus 2013 Singapore

Meh, too long never update. I prefer to post my short random nonsense on twitter now.
If you have not followed me yet, then do so cos at least I might bother replying to people there lol

Just posting some tourney report/looking back.

Team: We are late because of Pokemon

Leader: Alex "AngryBoy"  - Evilswarm
Member 1: Me! "bahamut" - Dragon Ruler
Member 2: Clarence "Kurova" - Mermail

The card pool is shared, so the whole team have to follow the restriction list (1 Heavy storm per team, 2 Torrential per team etc)

I not burden! \o/
Final Result: 3rd!

Decklist here:
The lack of standard traps here is because they are all either in the Mermail or Evilswarm deck.

Side and Extra here:
The same can be said here, but its all mostly hatred against Evilswarm.

MVP cards:
I think my opponents did not expect Ghostrick Frost mained. And also did not expect Dragon ruler to actually summon the Noblswam xyz. Both cards definitely a surprise for some.

Feel free to comment about the decklist and I will try to answer some


So how did I lose to Fireking.

He started Tenki into Yaksha and set a card. Cos I have no idea what kind of Fire King deck he's playing, I went to crimson blader it and he destroyed his in hand Barong. I set Book of moon cos I got nothing else interesting to do and he end phase MST.

On his turn Barong searched for Onslaught, and he got Firedog. He normalled another Firedog and make Ark Knight and took my Blader, and then proceed to Rekindling for 4 monsters looool. I died from Ark Knight plus Shock ruler trololol

Won second game but third game I died to fking Rekindling again.

So the conclusion is, fk Fireking and Rekindling lol

Ok im a noob. orz

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Interesting" banlist updates and Cyber Dragon refound love

Mid Aug
Me: So many changes, and we are actually going to get a new OCG banlist by November? Thats so fast!

Mid Oct:  
Me: ...........

So basically, despite the rule changes made which created so much buzz and talk 2 months back over the ban list differences between OCG and TCG, the new dates set for the either banlist to be updated etc. The very first one was disappointing with basically Konami saying there was not enough time to let this one unfold and note any impacts the previous one had. Seems like a fail on their R&D department (if they have one) to me.

Regardless how small, I think some changes should have been made, simply at least for the message to drive through from them that "Hey, we made the changes to the dates and this new banlist system with proper thought through". Now it just looks like they shot themselves in the foot by announcing no change. With the next change set for Feb, which is only 1 month earlier from the original, which the difference? Furthermore, the next OCG banlist change planned for after that is in April, which is again just 2 months later. Will there be no changes again?

Well, we will have to see what happens in 3 months time dont we.


In the mean time, the new cards from the Cyber Dragon SD are really pretty good! Well, worries me that it may be so good that Konami might end up putting them in the Feb/Apr ban list. 4 months playing time would be very short for my investment on 3 SDs. You can check out the new stuff from the wikia link here. So just some quick thoughts on the deck

Cyber Dragon Drei
- Finally a decent level 4 beat for Cyber Dragon archetype
- Good combo piece for Cyber Network to protect your Cyber Dragons. Too bad it doesnt protect stuff with "Cyber Dragon" in its name, which is kinda weird since it doesnt protect its own boss monster
- Effect works out nicely to bring out Cyber Dragon Nova and also Zenmaioh, which is pretty good too~

Cyber Dragon Core
- Stats is good stuff for Machine Dup and Inferno Reckless. So Core + Dup gives you Core + any rank 5 you want on the field (Pleaides sounds good?) + fetching over basically any Cyber related card you want (Monsters even due to Cyber Repair Plant)
- Searcher is always good, especially when it fetches Cyber Network and Cyber Repair Plant, both very important cards
- Banish effect to summon Cyber Dragon from deck? Even better~ Just bring out Cyber Dragon, normal summon Light Hex Stone, proceed to Cyber Twin like a boss

Cyber Repair Plant
- Effect is easy to get off with the new Cyber Dragons
- Searching for any Light/Machine is very good as well. Cyber Eltanin for "Dark Hole" anyone? Get rid of that pesky Draccosack and its tokens with ease. Also searches Cyber Valley for draw power
- Shuffling is also good, just recycle that Cyber Eltanin lol. It also makes great sense for Machine dup decks. Just shuffle back the real Cyber Dragons back and you can dup Core again

Cyber Network
- Card is really good. Its basically a Gold Sarc for Light/Machines, including stuff you may not want to draw directly. Furthermore you can potentially do it for 6 times before it self destructs. Combo with Light of Redemption for a Light/Machine ROTA
- Effect is compulsory, which is great. You can use this with Magic Planter or even Snow Plow Hustle Rustle for great combos. Crazy people can even play Uria lol
- And if i may add when it is sent to grave, you can RFDD all Light/Machines you want. Which is pretty much depending on your build
     o Cyber Dragons for Xyz and Fusion based build
     o Several tuners of choice for fusion based builds depending on what you want to summon. (Morphtronic Scopen looks good since you can choose it to be level 3 or 4.)
*Insert Power Tool Dragon and Phalanx Pike for massive power ups for your Cyber Dragons

Honestly spending most of my free time just thinking on this deck, and already have several builds in mind. (Cyber Dragon Core + Dup + Transmodify for double Bureido sounds legit lol!) Now whats left is just testing the deck once its out on YgoPro. Really excited about this deck. Even Baha is interested to try it lol~ (Dont forget to follow him on twitter and like my Y.E.S fb page!)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

[Deck] MPB + Karakuri is combo-licious~

Some of you may have tried out Mecha Phantom Beasts decks and experimented with the deck. Though truth be said, the deck does not typically play very fast, and has some consistency issues. However, once you pair them up with Karakuris (of course right), the deck actually gets pretty fun! Check out the list below~

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Influx of machine love from Konami

Not much posts from me since I was back from Vegas, or rather more like none at all, simply cause work life is crappy, working weekends non stop. At least worked hard to keep the FB page active, but blog really takes abit more effort simply because of the amount of thought and time taken into each post, but hoping I will have more time now that the busy period at work is over.

And while I was away from the blog, Konami has been busy spreading machine love into YGO, making me a very happy man lol. Lets share some of these things shall we?

Cyber Dragon SD was announced! Dream come true lol. Though so far the deck has not released anything extremely exciting yet. Cyber Dragon Nova does not look very abusable. If only it allowed banishing Cyber Dragon from the opponent's field as well, it would have its own Chimeratech Fortress defence mechanism. But no, they had to make a new boss, which has the same old weakness anyway. 

Anyway, looking forward to the announcements of the other cards still, hopefully something good will come out of the other new cards. This releases in December!


Toy Knight is another delicious card for me. With an effect like Mandragora, this card is pretty imbal together with Genex Ally Birdman (Which got restricted with the Divine Wind combo damn). Just sp 1 copy, Birdman bounce it back, then normal/special it again, along with whatever extra copies you have. 

This card kinda functions like Cyber Dragon, but would work better in Geargia / Gadget based decks, simply because both have no level 5s lol. Furthermore, being the typical Earth attribute means no issues with the more trap based versions going with Gozen match (Still good against the new version of Dragon Rulers). This has just been released~

Can anyone say, Machine type Gorz? Snow Plow is a pretty decent card, considering you can sp summon it for practically no cost (Just use chainable traps). Though it has a restriction of only letting you special summon machine type monsters after that, this card will probably be used just to summon either Gustav Max or Gangaridai. Not to mention this card is level 10, meaning its an easy choice to stuff into Machina based decks to summon Fortress.

Also out in the 3DS promos are Night Express Knight and Special Schedule. These cards are looks like they would fit best as a level 10 Xyz deck mostly, though I'm sure alot of people will play Night Express Knight as another Barbaros in Skill Drain decks. Sad that the confirmed effect does not allow it to be special summoned from the deck but it would be too strong otherwise too.

Special Schedule is another interesting card, though other then the cards released with it, the only thing it can basically revive is Antique Gear Dragon. Sure it has other possible targets like T.G Blade Buster, but not like anyone would use this in that deck anyway. Anyway looks like it could possibly fit inside a Machina deck as well, considering you can stuff it in together with Snow Plow and they would pretty much fit.


And lastly the new Geargia cards due for release in . Geargiattacker is pretty cool, despite its low defense. Once you set it, your opponent will be not sure if they should attack or not, due to the existence of Geargiamor. If they guess wrongly and attack / dont attack, they could get flooded soon. 

The other card, Geargiano MK-III, carries tons of potential with it, through Geargiagear. With MK-III, Geargiagear basically summons 3 instead of 2. 1 card Shock Master anyone? Furthermore with the Geargia Karakuri decks....

Geargiagear + Lv 4 tuner in hand
1. Geargiagear resolves, sp 2 Geargiano MK-III
2. Both Geargiano MK-III effects resolves, special summon any level 4 Geargia
3. On your turn, summon level 4 tuner
4. Synchro 3 Bureidos + Strategist / 2 Bureido + 1 Burei and then Haipa, draw 3/2

Geargiagear + lv 4 tuner = 
3 Bureidos + Strategist + 3 draws for 8900 attack or
2 Bureidos + Burei + Haipa + 2 draws for 10300 attack

Geargiagear + Geargiaccelerator in hand
1. Geargiagear resolves, sp 2 Geargiano MK-III
2. Both Geargiano MK-III effects resolves, special summon any level 4 Geargia
3. On your turn, Xyz 2 of them into Gear Gigant X, search for Birdman
4. Bounce Accelerator for Birdman, then sp Accelerator again
5. Synchro 3 Bureidos + Strategist / 2 Bureido + 1 Burei and then Haipa, draw 3/2

Exact same outcome as above, just that you have 1 extra Gigant X for another extra 2300 attack.


So yes, Baha is accusing me of paying off Konami what with the recent love for machines appearing everywhere while im just at a lost at what deck I should build. Any ideas on what i should build for now?

Not to mention seems kinda weird cause by the time i build a deck and playtest it, it would be October and OCG side is already preparing for the next banlist due in November. Even worse is in November i will be just waiting for the Machine Troopers duelist set to be released with the new Geargia stuff lol.

Ah well, thats it for my post today. Hope you enjoyed this machine deck lover post~

Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 2 in WCS 2013 (Event day 2)

Its the final day of WCS 2013! Not going to do a post for tomorrow since its gonna be basically heading to the airport at 9am, so this will be the final part of this coverage post, enjoy!

Took this chance to also quickly grab a photo with Dan Green and Erica Schroeder :) Doubt they will be reading this but still thanks for signing my many cards~

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 1 in WCS 2013 (Event day 1)

Hi guys! Finally got the photos mostly uploaded and ready to do up my post, so here goes, click on!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 0 in WCS 2013 (Tour day)

Hi guys, wanted to do this post earlier seriously but was just busy with other stuff here and there and couldnt get down to typing it all. (Not to mention half felt like i already did the post since its up on FB and all, but figured that a review post would be good for me to remember the stuff that happened)

Be prepared though, lots of photos coming up, since alot of stuff happened so still gonna be brief about it, enjoy~

*Proof that I was here lol