Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1/2 of Duelingdays back from HK

Hi guys, and im back from HK! Only me, Baha didnt go, simply cause it was a private trip. On the way, made a side trip to the Konami Card Game Centre, shown below~

(Outside view of the Konami Card Game Center)

(Inside view of the Konami Card Game Center)

Konami card game center for HK is located in Dragon Centre at Sham Shui Po. Its pretty small, only about half the size of the Japan one, and no Duel Terminals there as well. Nope, I did not get stopped when I entered the place, and no need to show any ID or stuff like that. So I just walked in and looked, basically just looked like a big area for people to play.

Decks wise I saw a few Psychic spam decks, 1 Six Sam, and the rest was pretty much the usual random mix. Reminded me alot of the card game center in Tokyo where we saw all the random Alien decks. I still remember there was this kid with the Psychic deck and I was thinking he must be a not bad player to actually challenge that deck which requires quite abit of skill to use in my opinion. Next moment I turned back, he was getting excited at getting a Deformer Scopon. Ok moving along....

(Inside one of the card shops)

Moving along, headed to the nearby Hin Fai building (About 15 minutes walk) and arrived at another building which contained quite a few card shops. I entered 5, while there was about 2 more as far as I could see which were not open (Weird considereing I was there on Saturday afternoon).

Card shops there are honestly pretty simple. Theres the usual counter for buying cards, then a display of alot of synchro monsters at the glass walls of the shop with price tags. Inside the shop is usual just an area to play cards, or just a place to put their stock. WS seems like a major game to play there as well. Each shop only has 1 album, which shows the more competitive cards for sale, with only 1 shop putting up 3 albums. In the end, nothing exciting since prices for all synchro monsters were actually higher then in SG, so I bought a few commons and stuff (3 A Bomb to anti Angel decks lol) then sat down to play with the locals.

Game 1 against Six Sam O
Only played 1 round. Started out with an awesome hand with the Karakuri combo 3 to draw 7. When I ended and drew another 3 with Chaos Infinity, I had a face down Solemn Declaration and 2 Effect Veilers in hand. He milled some cards, then tried to use Enishi's effect. Veiler stopped him, I drew 3 more next turn, summoned another Gearframe + Fortress and he scooped

Game 2 against Mask Change Hero Beat XX
Honestly as I spoke Chinese as I knew nuts about Cantonese, I think I was treated as a PRC. Dont think they liked the idea of a PRC winning their players, so after I came in with a huge advantage win against the Six Sam player, they sent in what must have been their pro in their shop. So I was pretty excited, but sadly, my luck didnt hold through and I started round 1 with full tuner hand with 2 Veilers looking at his Another Neos. Scoop...

Round 2 managed to get 2 Bureidos out with 2 face down Solemn Warnings. Sadly he used Cyclone on the first one, then I did a mistake by using it on his Ice Edge (I had Veiler in hand, so should have used that). Miracle fusion for Absolute Zero and Mask Change away clears my Bureidos and lost cause the rest of my hands were tuner love

Game 2131907 against random stuff
After their pro won, he got satisfied and sent another guy to play me, who was using a pretty random deck with Zombie World. (First time someone ever used Doom Kaiser Dragon to revive my Machina Fortress. I hit it with Bureido next turn and destroyed his Dragon, LOL!) Anyways, managed to win most of my games and left the area about an hour later. As I was leaving the shop, I saw the pro going back into the shop and asking the last player I played how he did, lol

Funniest thing that happened that day:
Was challenged by a guy with a very smug face that my ruling that I couldnt use my opponent's face up Cyber Dragon and my face down Grannel Ein to fuse for Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, as face down monsters are not considered as machines?????

Anyway, I played by his rules, but informed them nicely that it was legal after that round. When the opponent further challenged and said such things would be written on the Konami FAQ, I told him by all means, please check, and told him I was previously a judge in SG. That shut him up, though he was still mumbling about how can such things be legal as he walked off. I guess regardless what country you are in, there are such players that exist...

Anyway, that kinda ends my YGO experience while I was in HK. Hope that the above was informative for anybody who might be going there. As for if there are any HK players who might visit our blog, hope you saw me there, and hope that I will be there again soon! Hope I didnt offend anyone with my post though :)


  1. A Bomb is a card that destroys 2 monsters when destroyed by a Light Monster.

    Btw, What's a PRC?

  2. ^ People's Republic of China I'm guessing.

  3. Suck that you lost round 2. I would've liked to see what would have happened if you won the whole thing

  4. I went to this card shop when i was in hk... the card shop guiys were nice but the owners didnt seem that good...

  5. Well, perhaps the owners expect any visitors to buy something.

    Something at least, perhaps.

  6. Oh, mine telling me what are the buildings that have the card shops? Cause i planning to go there too. Thanks

  7. Already have the building names in the blog post, so you can just google it in hong kong, sham sui po

  8. oh ok, i was wondering what building was the one with a quite a few card shops

  9. Nice Blog.
    I guess they don't know much about the rules, do they?

    But kinda funny they challenged you, like to want to show how strong HK players are...
    Too bad you lost game 2 =/

  10. I really enjoyed your blog man. Not many places where i can read about playing foreign players. I will make sure to visit the places there next time i am at HK...Do you think it would be a problem playing at HK if i can't speak cantonese? lol? How were the prices there? How much was pot of duality? Shi-en? gateway? Im looking for Asian edition cards, but its so hard to find on ebay or taiwan. Im surprised you only saw 1 six sam deck...I thought many people would be playing that.

  11. Card prices not sure. As I said in the blog post, the card shops didnt really sell much singles. I think they will be open to trading among players more.

    As for speaking I could speak Chinese so conversing was fine, though Im pretty sure I got treated as a PRC. Half of my duels were played quite quietly with lots of hand gestures actually :)

    Most of the talking was done by them, especially when I drew 7, LOL

  12. It's quite funny to read, that you beat them in their faces with YGO ;p

    I couldn't play there at all, since I don't know all OCG cards + didn't carry my deck. I just found this shop by luck...

    Got a little bit envious by you xDD

  13. Oh...card shops don't sell singles? Thats a first for me...Every card ship ive been to in the states and in Taiwan both sell singles...Most stores in both places don't encourage trading and want you to buy from them...I guess HK is different. Lol i think it would be too awkward since i don't speak cantonese...i only speak mandarin or english.

  14. They do, just not very much. It's written in the post that each shop has only 1 album yeah?