Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Asia Championship: Round 2

Shelton (Six Samurai) Vs Daniel (Counter Fairies)

Shelton rolls 3
Daniel rolls 6 and chooses to go first.

Game 1
Daniel starts by playing Pot of duality, revealing Forced Back, Book of Moon and and Meltiel, Sage of the Sky. Book of moon was selected.

Meltiel is normal summoned followed by discarding Zeradias is discarded to search for Sanctuary in the Sky and played it immediately. Daniel set one back row and ended his turn.

It is now Shelton’s turn. He starts with playing Shien’s Dojo and normal summoned True Six Samurai Kizan, one counter is added on to the Dojo. Daniel responded with Book of Moon and it was turned face down. Shelton set 2 back row and ended.

Daniel drew, entered his battle phase and declared Meltiel to  attack the face down Kizan. It was successfully destroyed and Daniel set a card in his backrow to finish his turn.

Shelton summoned Kizan and again Daniel had Book of Moon to turn in face down, another counter is added to the Dojo. Shelton sent the Dojo with 2 counters and special summoned Kagemusha of the Six Samurai from the deck in defense mode. Grandmaster of the Six Samurai was special summoned and declared attack on Meltiel. Meltiel is destroyed but no damage is taken due to the presence of Sanctuary in  the Sky. Shelton set added another card to his back row and ended.

Daniel drew, looking disappointed set 2 spell or trap and ended.

Shelton drew and normal summoned True Six Samurai Kageki without using its effect. Kageki and Kagemusha is used to synchro summon True Six Samurai Shi En. Kizan is flip summoned and Shelton attacked with Kizan first, followed by Grandmaster and Shi En. Not ending his battle phase just yet, Shelton activated Double Edge Sword Technique to special summon back Kizan and Kageki but Daniel responded with Divine Punishment to try and negate that but Shelton had a Solemn judgment to seal his victory.

A quick succession of attacks earned Shelton the victory for game 1!

Both player did a quick side deck and table shuffled. Midway, Shelton hesitated a little and did another quick side.

Game 2
Daniel would go first in game 2.

Daniel set a card in each zone and ended.

Shelton set a monster and 2 back row and ended his turn.

Daniel is setting up his defense and set another monster and ended.

Shelton drew, activated Shien Smoke Signal and searched for Kageki. Shien’s Dojo is played and Kageki is normal summoned, no response from Daniel and Shelton declared the activation of Kageki’s effect. Kagemusha is special summoned and True Six Samurai Shi En is synchro summoned but Daniel had a Solemn Warning to negate the summon. There are now 2 counters on Shien’s Dojo.

Daniel drew, set another card in his back row and ended.

Shelton drew and ended.

Daniel drew and set another back row to further fortify his defense.

Shelton drew and still has nothing to break through that many back row cards that Daniel has prepared for him.

Daniel drew and ended without playing any card, clearly confident with what he has.

Shelton finally flipped Green Kappa and targeted two of Daniel’s back row card but Effect Veiler was discarded to negate it.

Shelton set another 1 back row and ended.

Daniel normal summoned Nova Summoner and attacked into the Green Kappa trying to deal a little damage but Shelton activated Book of Moon on Green Kappa! Daniel quickly responded with his own Book of Moon on his Nova Summoned to stop his attack. Daniel set yet another card to his back row and ended.

Shelton drew and Daniel activated Drastic Drop Off to discard the card that Shelton just drew. He ended without flipping his Green Kappa.

Daniel drew and ended with another set card for his back row.

It is now back to Shelton. Green Kappa is flipped but was met with another Solemn Warning. He activated Shien Smoke Signal and fetched True Six Samurai Mizuho. He followed up by playing another Shien’s Dojo and Gateway of the Six. This is trouble if Daniel has nothing to stop a potential game ender here.

Mizuho is summoned and Daniel has no response to the summon. One counter is added to both Dojo and 2 are added to the Gateway. 4 Counters are removed to activate Gateway effect to search for True Six Samurai Shinai and it was special summoned. One more counter is added to each Dojo and 2 counters are added to the Gateway again. Another 4 counters are removed for Gateway and another Mizuho is added to Shelton’s hand which he immediately summoned to replenish the lost counters.

Shelton finally declared the use of Mizuho effect by releasing the Shinai on the field and destroyed herself. Shinai effect is triggered and Mizuho is added back into his hand. 4 counters are removed for Gateway’s effect and Shinai is added back into the hand. Shinai and Mizuho are special summoned once more and Shelton repeated this process repeatedly for an infinite loop.

Shelton use Gateway effect and removed the infinite counters and searched all the Six Samurai monsters in his deck and added it into his hand.

Shelton special summoned Grandmaster of the Six Samurai and then sent Shien’s Dojo to special summon Shien’s Yoriko. Tuning Grandmaster and Yoriko, he summoned Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier.

Shelton removed 4 counters from his Gateway and retrieved back the Grandmaster. Another 6 counters are removed to special summon Shien’s Yoriko to the field. Grandmaster is special summoned once more and together with Yoriko and Shinai, Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier is Synchro Summoned removing one card from the field, hand and grave.

Shelton discarded a card for Brionac’s effect to bounce away the Trishula back into the extra deck. Abusing the infinite amount of counters from the Gateway, Shelton retrieved back the same pieces that were used for the Synchro summon and special summoned them on to the field again. Trishula is synchro summoned once more removing more cards from Daniel’s side and he conceded once he realized what is going on.

Trishula infinite loop wins the game for Shelton!

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