Thursday, March 3, 2011

[Deck] Machina Kikou Kuri (Updated)

Hi guys, welcome to the new blog look and hope you guys like it! Already noticed some people copying our layout/pages down to the content of the pages, but Im sure its because ours is good which is why we are being copied anyway. Anyway, by popular demand, please see below for the updated Machina Kikou Kuri decklist from Duelingdays DSummon!~

Deck: Machina Kikou Kuri (Post March 2011)

Monster [23]
[3] Machina Gearframe
[3] Machina Fortress
[1] Machina Cannon
[3] Karakuri Soldier 236
[2] Karakuri Ninja 919
[2] Karakuri Strategist 248
[2] Karakuri Komachi 224
[1] Karakuri Guard 313
[1] Unknown Synchron
[2] Grow Up Bulb
[2] Effect Veiler
[1] Machine Imperial Soldier Grannel Ein

Magic [9]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Limiter Removal
[1] Giant Trunade
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Foolish Burial
[2] Pot of Avarice
[1] One for One
[1] De-Synchro

Trap [8]
[2] Chaos Infinity
[1] Solemn Judgement
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Trap Dustshoot
[2] Trap Stun

Extra Deck:
3 Bureido
3 Burei
1 Landos (Even discarded Avarice for effect before but its still good for Gorz / Traogia / Ryko prevention)
Rest are usual suspects (Librarian, BRD, Trishula, Scrap Dragon, AOJ, etc)

This is the new deck I have come up with after doing lots and lots of play testing. (Im sure I have pretty much tested all the various stuff people can think of) There are a few simple reasons why I dont like those builds, heres why (Warning, very long post ahead, since I think its useful for people who are interested to build the deck)

Card Gunner + Machine Dup
- Machine dup back is usually not one of my favourites, simply cause it has higher bad hand rates and is less stable. And of course Card Gunner being a level 3 is sad stuff. Lastly new OCG priority ruling and Chain Disappearance make this build a bad choice

Psychic Series
- Drawing teleport is awesome, any other time when you draw the psychic monsters and you probably wish you drew Komachi instead. Might be good in TCG while waiting for Komachi though I would prefer Genex Neutron.

Tuning with Hyper Synchron
- Good since it allows for more deck thinning, and you can discard the monsters for Fortress. However, doesnt do much else for the deck

Genex Neutron with Birdman
- Pretty good, since more 1800 makes for a good beatdown. I would probably recommend this for TCG players before their Komachi comes in the next set. However it does not really speed up the deck combos, though it helps with deck thinning, and of course Birdman and De-Synchro dont really mix.

Instant Fusion / Cyber Dragon
- Them being 5 stars is bad, since they do not help the deck move towards the aim of hitting 3+4 to make Burei, then add a +1 somewhere for Bureido, allowing you to get to 2 Bureido effectively.

Back to my current build, it is tuned to this simply to best facilitate the 3 combos I mentioned in my earlier posts, with the aim to get to 2/3 Bureido in the first turn to gain advantage. If i dont, the defenses in the deck will prevent your opponent from doing any major moves. Just some quick reasons for my choices in the deck.

2 Effect Veilers
- Previously I was actually using 2 Compulsory Evacuations which worked fine as well. However, they did not stop first turn field spamming, and Singapore getting to see too many trap stun, so in come Veilers

2 Grow Up Bulb
- I even tried 1 lonefire + 1 spore, but gave up. Especially since Spore cant do my 3 main Karakuri combos. Therefore focusing on Bulb and spamming 2 seemed the right thing to do!

2 Chaos Infinity + Grannel Ein
- Draw 6 combos are good, and as mentioned earlier, level 4 special summons are way better then level 5, since they fuel the combo. And since no more Black Bomber, Grannel is the better choice, already killing various boss monsters on my first day of testing.

2 Komachi + 2 Staff Officer + 3 Soldier
- 2 of each tuner allows you to carry on playing even if you get hit by Chain Disappearance. And of course increase of 1 Komachi and 1 Soldier is to fuel the combos previously mentioned

1 Desynchro
- 2 makes for bad hand when I draw 2, while 0 makes for no delicious drawing 4 in first turn combo, so that stays at 1!

And thats it for my very long post, hope that it has proved useful to everyone who are trying the deck out!


  1. Hi, Bahamut84. I'm testing a TCG Version of Karakuri Machina Plant, and i need some advice. With the new ban list, this is my decklist:

    2 Card Trooper
    3 Cyber Valley
    1 Dandylion
    1 Effect Veiler
    1 Glow-Up Bulb
    1 Karakuri Ninja mdl 919 "Kuick"
    1 Karakuri Muso mdl 818 "Haipa"
    3 Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nishipachi"
    1 Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 "Saizan"
    2 Lonefire Blossom
    3 Machina Fortress
    3 Machina Gearframe
    1 Spore

    1 Dark Hole
    1 Foolish Burial
    1 Giant Trunade
    1 Limiter Removal
    2 Machine Duplication
    1 Monster Reborn
    1 One for One
    2 Pot of Avarice
    1 De-Synchro

    1 Call of the Haunted
    2 Limit Reverse
    2 Royal Decree
    1 Torrential Tribute

    I'm thinking about third reverse/decree, Machina Force and maybe Inferno Reckless Summon. But i need some advice to a big tournament in March, before the coming of HA04, so i haven't more cards to test this version.

    What do you think about it? Thank you in advance.

    Sorry for my low level english.


  2. Well personally I dont like the machine duplication build, especially since you will end up possibly with alot of Cyber Valley and Strategist in hand that cant do much. And in the face of the face decks now, Cyber Valley will not be able to hold off attacks ver effectively.

    I would suggest you use Genex Neutron and Birdman especially, since this would provide a beatdown element. And of course Genex Neutron as a 4 star Machine makes for easy synchro for Burei.

  3. but there is one problem: we dob't have any birdmans.. They're released in april. What would be another good level 1 tuner besides unknown synchro?

  4. The Psychic series, namely squeezing 1 teleport + 1 Mental Master + 1 Psycho Commander in the deck. Not many level 1 tuners that are good, might as well get 1 that you can possibly sp summon.

    And of course playing Lonefire + spore in TCG is still good, since the priority ruling is still present there. Just 1 Lonefire + 1 spore though, Dandylion may give access to standard draw whore combos but useless for anything else.

  5. Thank you very much.

    So, if i don't main Cyber Valley and Duplication, i must to do the same with Trooper and maybe the third strategist. Without birdman, i need about 9 cards to complete the deck (if i don't main deck the second Lonefire).

    Genex Neutron
    Mind Master
    Psychic Commander (i tested both in DS and works very well when you draw e-teleport)

    But i need more cards to complete the deck. Maybe some Draw Engine or defensive traps. (Cyber Dragons, another De-Synchro, Upstart Goblin/Reckless Greed, etc.)

    Need advice, please.

    And thank you very much again.

  6. so what cards for the tcg are a good replacement for:

    [2] Karakuro Komacjhi 224
    [1] Unknown Synchro
    [1] Machine Imperial Soldier Grannel Ein
    [2] Chaos Infinty

    and remember: there is no dt 7+8 :(

  7. I have 2 questions to your current build:

    1. How do you spam 2 Glow-Up Bulb?
    His effect can only be activated once.

    2. How does it work with only 1 Meklord Soldier and Chaos Infinity? Don't you need 2 Meklords for it to be activated (1 in Deck and 1 in Grave)?

  8. @Latest Anon: the Wikia's translation is wrong for Chaos Infinity, according to these fellows. One from hand or one from deck.

    I'm still not sure if double Glow-Up's a good idea, though. I dunno, might try copying the decklist and seeing how it works...

  9. We are aware that Bulb can only be used once per duel, but the effect is so rewarding that we are now experimenting with 2 bulbs in each deck lol.

  10. I'm sorry, but in the extra deck, what's landos?

  11. Landos = Naturia Landoise.

    Level 7, 2350ATk.

  12. @Anonymous
    I would say Cyber Dragons, but no Upstart and other things like that. I would rather you play abit more defenses considering its TCG. Enemy controller would actually be good in my opinion.

  13. What do you think of Haipa? Are you not scared to lose the Meklord before you get the chance to use Chaos Inf?

  14. What would you side in against dragunity?

  15. hi, Dsummon.
    what card is good enough that can replacing the glow up bulb if i cant afford it?

  16. hi for glow up bulb and spore's effect since it says once a duel does it means if i have 2 i can use it twice? and does it mean if one player uses it the other player cant use it?

  17. I apologize if it has been explained, but I want to clarify why the choice of two Glow-Up Bulb? your explanation above isn't really clear to me.

  18. JL

    DSummon, can you also explain why you don't choose to run Mystical Space Typhoon (Cyclone) and Dark Hole in the Machina Kikou Kuri main deck? and a little bit of why you choose trap dustshoot too?

  19. its just because the chances of using the effect of blub is higher and it is only 1 doesn't mean it can only be used once per turn, its just about the matter of the chances to get it into hand and use the effect asap

  20. i think this deck is really awesome and I play it everyday. According to the fact, that Bulb is worth 30€, I can only play 1 > still using psy engine but thats OK! I do not got Warnings, so I play 1 BTH and my personal tech choice > MindControl! Love ya Blog and YouTube Channel! And I also support you with my channel and some shoutouts in my videos (666flake)!

  21. DSummon, any chance that Haipa can be included in a good Karakuri deck-build? I have three and I don't want them to go to waste sitting in my card pool. Is there a build (pure or teched) that can accomodate them? Thanks.

  22. is this the deck you top with at worlds?