Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 6 in Japan (Evening)

Hi guys! Finally here to post again! Was busy doing some packing up of the stuff we bought today so coming down quite late, its past midnight here already, tired siahz. Lets begin the journey!

*Tons of people surrounding the temple. Abit suprised since it was not yet Cherry blossom season, but there were still lots of tourist groups as well as school student groups around

*The famous big lantern outside the temple area

We finally left the hotel closer towards 10, and made our way to Kaminari-mon, which is about a 20min walk away from the hotel. There was a long string of shops all the way to the temple, though nothing exceptional interesting, just the usual touristy kinda shops there. We tested luck at the temple, and unsuprisingly I got the worst luck out of the 3. Whats new people?!?!? LOL

Not having had breakfast yet, we moved out of the temple and got brunch at a nearby ramen and rice restaurant, with gyozas to share around between us. Food was just usual Japanese goodness, nothing out of Japan extraordinary, so yupz!

*Tokyo's awesome JR Yamanote line! Our JR passes lets us travel on it for free, and it travels like, all around major parts of Tokyo. Took this for accessing quite a few places today

*Konami card game center!

After our lunch, we moved on to Ikebukurou first, where Baha had been in the past and that there were card shops. However, he remembered only 1 of the shops, and it was still too early for there to be players, so we just bought some stuff, and left the place.

Next up was onto Shibuya! Obviously not here for the shopping, lol. We came for the Konami card game center that was located here. Upon entering the card game center, we immediately got approached by the staff, who gave us card game IDs. With the IDs, we are apparently able to enter any of the tournaments in Japan, even though we are not locals, awesome! Sadly, we wont get the chance to do that, not if we dont want to explore Tokyo more, so guess wont be able to do that.

So the card game center is generally split into a few areas.
1. DT Area! DT machines from 1 to 8 nicely placed out for people to play
2. Shop Area! Usual packs and stuff for you to buy, nothing extraordinary here
3. Rental deck Area! More for people to try out different decks. Available for rental were like, Ice boundary decks, Frog decks, etc
4. Normal playing Area! Just the usual tables and stuff

Further more, people who did not have an opponent but wanted to play could access the counter. The staff would then do a microphone announcement and get people who are willing to play with you to come over. In the end, the decks played here were abit unusual for our tastes (Saw a field with MGS and Zombie world on the same side!) so we didnt play anyone and just left

After that, it was already about 5pm. We made our way to the favourite Akiba, where it was time to spend money, LOL! So whatever money I had left from the previous few areas were mainly spent here, though mine was mainly helping other people get stuff. Think less then 20% of the stuff I bought are for myself seriously. Didnt see any real inspiring stuff so no further photos of Akiba here for the blog.

However, we went into one of the card shops to look at stuff, and lo and behold, we saw the World Champ for 2008! He actually recognised Baha as well so they talked abit, and played deck for 1 round. Will get that video up within early next week hopefully, heh. We played a few rounds of deck here, then left the place.

*The Major Set which I ordered, yummy

Dinner was taken at the nearby Go! Go! Curry store, where I was famished, so I ordered this awesome 1,000 yen set. Seriously gigantic and totally filling. However, there was something which caught our eye. There was an even bigger set then my Major set, which was only available to be sold at 5 sets per day. That set is sold at 2,500 yen and the whole plate is supposed to weigh in at 3kg! Awesome stuff, LOL.

After dinner ended, we did slightly more shopping then left Akiba and headed home. One thing though, was the temperature was totally different from yesterday. We had very minimal rain today, and the sun was actually shining as well, though it was obviously still rather cold. So it kinda felt more like we were just in an aircon the whole day, nice....

And of to sleep guys, 1+ am now, and supposed to wake up earlier tomorrow to go to Tsukiji market. Doubt we will really go early early, but I still hope to get there by 9+? Ah well, we will see how it goes. Till tomorrow then, bye guys!!


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