Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Glowup Bulbs in a deck

"Why play two Glowup Bulbs in a deck even though you can only use the special summon effect once per duel?

If you have been following us, you will notice our decks (Both Machina Karakuri and Junk Doppel) opt to play two Bulbs. Usually we just give a simple reply of "Because it is that good".

Junk Doppel

The most explosive combo in Junk Doppel deck revolves around summoning Junk Synchron, pulling either a Bulb or Doppel and then have the other on the field at the same time. The usual end result will be a Hyper Librarian and Two Formulas netting you four card draws and sometimes even more.

Junk Synchron is searchable by 3 Copies of Tuning, Killer Tomato, Sangan and Reinforcement of the Army. Doppel Warrior is also equally searchable by Reinforcement of the Army, Sangan, Tomato and Foolish Burial if you want to consider that as a search card.

Bulb is the least searchable since you want it to be in the grave without using your Normal Summon as you want that for your Junk Synchron. One for One and Foolish burial is the only effective way of getting it. By playing multiple Bulbs, you increase the chances of getting the combo pieces.

This is your OTK move. Obviously you want to get this combo up as soon as possible. You either win by obscene card advantage or just auto win by summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon.

You may not agree to this style of playing, but recent Japanese Junk Doppel Decks are following similar trend. You can see a few Junk Doppel decklist over here and here.


Machina Karakuri

Now on to Machina Karakuri and the reasons for double Growup Bulb. Simply put, it is that much stronger then Spore, since it is abusable straight from the start. You can especially see it in the combo here and here, where it totally cannot be done with Spore. When the combo pulls through, you end up netting a draw of 3 cards, and gaining 3 Bureidos nicely setup on the field, and the potential to draw an extra 3 cards every turn if you can defend your 3 Bureidos.

Even though Karakuri Machina Plant seems strong, especially in consideration that you can get Librarian and Formula should you have Monster Reborn and Lonefire together, thereby netting you advantage even without the Machina/Karakuri combos, however, too much deck space needs to be dedicated to the Plant engine. To pull off the full combination to achieve Librarian + Formula, you would require 2 Lonefires, Bulb, Spore, and Dandylion, making it 6 cards. And of course if you have Spore or Dandylion with the Machina / Karakuri engine without any other support, they do very little to help. Above are quite the reasons I prefer my own rendition of Machina Kikou Kuri.

However, once you have that single Growup Bulb, you will be able to achieve the full potential of the Machina / Karakuri engine easily. Therefore, I decided that putting double so as to increase the chances of drawing it was more beneficial. And of course, the free-ed up extra deck space would allow you to put more defenses to give you time to draw your combos. And lastly, without the full plant engine, the deck is not dependant on the grave it all, thereby reducing the opponent's options of side decks, and you are less vulnerable to popular side decks such as Gozen Match, DD Crow, etc.


For both me and Baha, we simply decided that rather then trying to play too many different combos in a deck and opening up options, we both believed that concentrating on that one combo would best allow you to concentrate on your strategy and open up your deck building options instead. Hope this post helps you with your deck building and enjoy abusing those Growup Bulbs!

PS from Baha: Quasar Video coming soon. I kinda dismantled the deck for a bit because it was illegal in the Malaysian Asian Championship. I couldn't use it during the Challenge the Asian Champions side event and had to make it promo-less.


  1. Thanks for the explanation, I'd been wondering for a while about the Glow-Up Bulbs (stupid TCG name...) and hadn't thought of such a decent reason!

  2. Baha,whr did u get the doppel token,LOL....i was looking for it @@ anyway junk doppel works great with librarian draw a very big hand advantage~

  3. so this was pretty obvious. but which version do you prefer? junk debris doppel or quick junk doppel?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. dopple token u have to make by yourself. currently only me and baha have the dopple tokens(maybe there are more people, just that i havent seen any). but we have different way of making it. either way, they look awesome. and yes, even my friend played 3 glow up in his deck lol. he played super solar nutrient (gigavise OTK deck). which is very stable. so i agree with baha and DS. The cards' effect that can only be used once, u can even put 3 copies of it depending on ur deck build.

  6. I dont play Debris if I dont play Lonefire.

    And as for the Doppel Token, I cut out an English Token Card and just slip a Doppel Warrior behind.

  7. Looking at these decks, this causes me to ask these: If I use two bulbs, does this mean I can't use the second bulb if I've already used the first one's effect? Unless there's a ruling about it, I'd have to look it up. Good decks, I might as well reevaluate on this deck.

  8. Gio

    Hi :D
    well i'm a Karakuri Machina's player
    and i have a this deck work with ally genex birdman?
    before of HA04 in TCG, I was playing the psychic set, but now I want to play with ally genex birdman, but I don't know how to make the deck... Can u help me??

  9. darkzero, you cant use the 2nd bulb effect if u used one already.

  10. You can play it with Birdman, but the only thing worth while in the deck to recycle is Gearframe. Considering that it is not the main focus of the deck this time round, you dont really need it, though its up to your choice of how you want to play the deck.

  11. cant wait for baha's draw whore video to be up,xD

  12. I always said that playing 2x Glow-up Bulb was good and is better than having the Spore and everyone scolded me for that. This just proves and gives me the right to say, 'in your face!'. Only pro players play 2x Glow-up Bulb. Sorry kids but nuff said.