Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Duelingdays goes to Asia Championship!!

So the blog and youtube channel has been dead for the last few days. Whats going on??? Well, Duelingdays hoped onto a plane and headed over to Malaysia to go to the Asia Championships!

Recommended order of reading: Click on Read More first to get a basic idea of how the trip went, before going into details by going to the links below in order.

DSummon's challenge of Asia Representatives
2011 Asia Championship Format and Details
Asia Championship Finals Feature Match

We went on Saturday morning, and went to the tournament site which was inside a shopping mall named Sungei Wang. Even though it was not the actual date itself, there was alreay quite of buzz going on there.

Yup, card shop was already very crowded...

For the entire day, we kinda just looked around at cards to trade and didnt really do much. Though in the morning, we had an early look at the various reps, when we bumped into them at their hotel lobby. we also got to talk quite abit with the Indonesia rep.

On the next day, it was tournament day! Shall not post too much here, since it is all mentioned in the other few posts in the links above. However the most interesting thing is me and Baha both got recognised by different people, simply through our voices on Youtube. Didnt realised our voices had become so 'international' LOL!

That night we went into the representatives hotel into our Singapore's reps room and managed to play more deck with the various representatives. It was quite a fun experience seeing how everyone couldnt really speak each others language, but being able to connect through YGO.

We kinda played till 4am then headed back to our hotel where we slept till noon and checked out. Headed back to Sungei Wang for lunch (infinite milk tea for the win LOL) till our ride came to go the airport and headed home... And that ends our Asia Championship experience!

Honestly took quite a good 3-4 hours typing everything out, especially the scores and stuff, hope everyone takes the time to go through them and enjoy the read~


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