Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DSummon's Asia Championship Challenge experience

Hi guys, here is the seperate post for my first challenge experience against some of the representatives from the other countries! It was played on stage where the 8 representatives from the other countries were seated (Except Malaysia as they were playing their Finals at that time). Everyone were to queue off stage, and take their turns to play. Read on for more info!

By purchasing 30RM worth of products, you would be able to get a Goodie bag. (Goodie bag consists of the Challenge stamp paper, a lucky draw voucher which you used to guess the winner, and a photo opportunity voucher where you can take your photos with Computer Graphics editted to add in Yuusei and various images.) Honestly not much of a goodie bag if you ask me... But anyway,I wanted the Challenge stamp paper so no choice. If you win, you get a 'w' chop on the paper and a 'l' chop on the paper if you lose. With the varying amounts of 'w' chops, you would then be able to change for various products such as deck protectors, playmats, etc. Either way, here are the matches!

Game 1
Noh Jea-Yeong - Korea (Hero Beat)

This was not his main deck, but just a fun deck for the challenge session. Interesting to note that he was using promos such as Absolute Zero while the challengers couldnt. Hope the various judges can keep an eye on this, especially since we are at a disadvantage considering they are the champions for their country. Luckily my deck was not really affected.

I started first and summoned Gearframe, searched Fortress, then set Book of Moon and Chaos Infinity and ended. He draws and activated Future Fusion, revealing Absolute Zero and sending Another Neos. Then sets 4 facedown m/t and ends his turn.

On my turn, I turned Gearframe to Defense mode, then activated Hurricane, hoping to get off Chaos Infinity. He used Hero Blast on Gearframe, so I had to chain Book of Moon on Gearframe instead to protect it. (Probably can still use Chaos Infinity, but wasnt sure of rulings and didnt want headaches LOL).

Either way no further chain, he adds Another Neos and all his m/t to hand. I then summoned Staff Officer to turn Gearframe back to face up, and synchro summoned Burei to special summon Guard. Next I used Monster Reborn on Gearframe, synchro summoned Bureido and special summoned Soldier in defense. Burei turns Soldier to attack and I draw. I then special summon Machina Fortress and full rush attack for the win!

Game 2
Saddam Husein - Indonesia (Agent Angel)

We managed to meet the night before so I knew his deck was probably Agent Angel. Either way, I special summoned Fortress by discarding Guard, used Monster Reborn on Guard, normal summoned Soldier and synchro summoned Bureido for Staff Officer to draw and ended. He activated Black Hole to clear my board, set m/t and ended.

On my turn, I activated Avarice, then special summoned Fortress from grave and Foolish Burial Bulb to summon another Bureido but ate Divine Warning. Next turn, I got out Gearframe and managed to summon Fortress and attack his Earth. I equipped Fortress with Gearframe and ended.

On his turn he activated Valhalla, and I had no choice but to use Solemn Judgement. He then summoned Hyperion and attacks Fortress to remove Gearframe, then sets m/t and ends.

On my turn, I summoned my 2nd Bulb, then synchro summoned for Bureido and called out Staff Officer. He responded with Torrential and I had to end. However he had no follow up other then Venus attacking me for the next 2 turns.

Finally on my turn, I got out Komachi and Soldier to summon Burei for another Soldier. Next I tried to De Synchro Burei but he chained with Holy Lance! With no choice, I cleared his monsters except for 1 Shine Ball and ended.

On his turn he drew and set a monster and ended with no follow up. I had used up too much of his resources and he was down to top decking already. So on my turn, I used Burei to turn his other Shine Ball to attack and won, revealing his other monster to be Orange Light.

Game 3
Tsai Sheung Yin - Macau (Six Samurai)
He started and activated United, then normal summoned Hermit and special summoned Grandmaster to draw 2. Then he sets 2 facedown m/t and ends his turn. On my turn, I normal summoned Soldier and attacked the Hermit and he used Shien's Squire to keep it alive. I set a facedown Trap Dustshoot and Warning, and his blind cyclone in the end phase correctly destroys Warning.

On his next turn, he activated Dojo and normal summoned Kagemusha, then synchros for AOJ Catastor. Catastor destroys Soldier, and Grandmaster direct attacks. On my turn, I used Monster Reborn on Soldier, and normal summoned Staff Officer, turning Grandmaster to defense mode. Next I synchro summoned Burei and special summoned Soldier. I activated Foolish Burial for Bulb and upgrades Burei to Bureido, special summoning Guard. Soldier and Guard makes a 2nd Bureido and special summons Ninja. Ninja attacks Grandmaster, special summoned Guard, then synchro summoned for Scrap Dragon, and destroy my Trap Dustshoot with his Catastor.

During his turn, he summoned Enishi, and Dojo calls out Kagemusha. Enishi's effect bounces Scrap Dragon, and he synchros Brionac but only have 1 left left to bounce 1 Bureido. He then ends his turn. On my next turn, I special summoned Fortress and he concedes.

And that ends my challenge session! Glad to see I can hold my ground with them, lol, and walked away with 3 chops, and traded it in for a deckbox. In all, it was a pretty fun session, though I only spent like 20 minutes playing, and 2 hours queuing to play. There were simply too many people queuing up to play, so even with 8 representatives, the queue moved much too slowly, especially since you had to queue again after you played finish against 1 rep.

Honestly Im not here for the prizes, but i wasnt very happy with the system used. Basically the best prize you can claim for is 4 chops for a playmat or deck protectors, and I was quite the first few people queueing up to play at the beginning, and pretty sure I didnt take that long to play. However, I noticed quite a few people going around with easily 10 chops and trading for lots of goodies, which is simply impossible considering the queue... Hope that the Malaysian judges could maybe look into the system and see how it may have gone wrong somewhere. Especially since it leaves quite a bad impression for those who specially travelled all the way over, and do not have any 'special' connections.

And of course also how the Konami people would think that everyone had alot of chances to play the reps and got many chops, when in actual you get to play a maximum of about 3 times.

PS: Before the challenge session started at 12pm, I even noticed a guy going around at 11+ with already about 8 chops and queuing up...


  1. Saddam Husein is not dead? lol

  2. someone use monster reborn on saddam hussein to play yu gi oh

  3. Happy you did this with machina kikou kuri! Taking them down, man i can't wait to play this in the tcg. Its so sooooon.

  4. whats the build you're using for karakuri plants?? could you post it?? thx :>D

  5. Mine isnt Karakuri Plants, but Machina Kikou Kuri! LOL

    You can check it out in the deck archive or the youtube page, havent changed it since i put it up.