Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Asia Championship Format and Details

This is a EXTREMELY long and detailed post providing the scores and format involved... For those who are interested, read on!

Malaysia Qualifier format:
2 hour Chaos format. Basically the system pairs you up, and you just keep playing non stop, kinda like swiss. The difference is however, you get paired immediately once you report a win or lose with someone who finished about the same time and you. At the end of the 2 hours, the players with the top number of wins go up. So yes, it is an advantage to take a fast deck to play and there are totally no slow decks. From what I heard, the people who went up gathered at least 5 full wins within the 2 hours.

Next, there is a top 16 elimination playoff. I believe 10 people are seeded from the local tournaments held prior to the big events, and another 6 from the chaos format. Not exactly sure on the figures here, so maybe any Malaysians reading this can correct me if Im wrong. The top 2 from the playoffs then receive the qualification to participate in the Asia Championsip itself.

Following that, as there are 8 representatives from the other countries, and 2 more from Malaysia, there are 10 players. So there is a 2 round swiss session. 2 players who received losses for both rounds are kicked out.

Lastly, the 8 remainding players then have a 8 player elimination playoff for the Asia Championship itself.

Heres some information about the top 10 players and the decks played.

Soh Jun Yuan (Singapore) - Junk Doppel
Saddam Husein (Indonesia) - Agent Angel
Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia) - Junk Doppel
Karl Lim (Malaysia) - Six Samurai
Chaoralit Lorphasongsat (Thailand) - Agent Angel
William Israd Sy (Philippines)- Six Samurai
Ma Wing Seng (Hong Kong) - Infernity
Tsai Sheung Yin (Macau) - Six Samurai
Lui Sau Wei (Taiwan) - Agent Angel
Noh Jea-Yeong (Korea) - Six Samurai

Here are some photos and the results from the 10 player rounds between the 10 representatives!

Top: Thailand vs Korea
Bottom: Hong Kong vs Malaysia (Karl Lim)

Indonesia vs Malaysia (Sung Lee)

Top: Philippines vs Taiwan
Bottom: Singapore vs Macau

Swiss Round 1
Singapore vs Macau <- Singapore win
Indonesia vs Malaysia (Sung Lee) <- Malaysia (Sung Lee) win
Hong Kong vs Malaysia (Karl Lim) <- Hong Kong win
Philippines vs Taiwan <- Taiwan win
Thailand vs Korea <- Korea win

Swiss Round 2
Singapore vs Malaysia (Sung Lee) <- Malaysia (Sung Lee) win
Indonesia vs Philippines <- Philippines win
Thailand vs Malaysia (Karl Lim) <- Thailand win
Taiwan vs Korea <- Taiwan win
Hong Kong vs Macau <- Macau win

From the above, Malaysia (Karl Lim) and the Indonesia reps received 2 losses and are out of the tournament, leaving the rest to fight it out in top 8. For simplicity sake, since theres only 1 Malaysia rep left, I will only put the country from here, though it refers to Sung Lee

Quarter Final photos

Top 8 Quarter Finals
Hong Kong vs Taiwan <- Taiwan win
Thailand vs Malaysia <- Malaysia win
Singapore vs Macau <- Singapore win
Korea vs Philippines <- Korea win

Semi Final photos

Top 4 Semi Finals
Singapore vs Malaysia <- Singapore win
Taiwan vs Korea <- Korea win

Finals photos. The bottom photo shows the 3rd and 4th place playing, together with the 3rd and 4th place decision match for the Malaysia Asia Championship Qualifiers.

Top 2 Finals
Singapore vs Korea <- Singapore win
Taiwan vs Malaysia <- Taiwan win

And there you have it! The results are out as follows:

First Place: Soh Jun Yuan (Singapore) - Junk Doppel
Second Place: Noh Jea-Yeong (Korea) - Six Samurai
Third Place: Lui Sau Wei (Taiwan) - Agent Angel
Fourth Place: Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia) - Junk Doppel

In order: Lui Sau Wei (Taiwan), Soh Jun Yuan (Singapore), Noh Jea-Yeong (Korea), Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia)

Prizes for the top 4 Asia Champions, as well as the top 4 in the Malaysia Asia Championship Qualifiers

Yes, that giant board with the full set of Gold Series 2011 nicely framed up goes to the champion LOL. And Im finally done with this super long post, hope everyone enjoyed it!!!


  1. Pretty interesting how the "chaos" format encourages fast decks, yet fast decks are always the target of the banned list...

    Anyways, thank you for the post. Never saw the OCG in this light before.

  2. i think u made a mistake in the semi finals placing. I think it should be SG win instead of malaysia?

  3. @Anonymous Nothing wrong, I think you are mistaking it with the Swiss Round 2. That round the Singapore rep did lose. Though he managed to win back during the semi finals.

  4. Infernity was in the mix? Kudos to the man taking my favorite deck to success.