Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Deck] DS-Approved Deck (Illusion Infinity)

After all the busy-ness with the Asia Championships qualifiers, finally have time to do up the deckpost for my latest creation! As mentioned in my blog post here, this is just a deck idea that came up recently, while we were thinking of how to abuse Chaos Infinity.Decklist as follows~

Deck: DS-Approved Deck (aka Illusion Infinity)

Monster [21]
[1] Dark Armed Dragon
[2] Chaos Sorcerer
[3] Illusion Summoner
[2] Genex Neutron
[2] Ally Genex Birdman
[2] Machine Imperial Emperor Wisel Infinity
[2] Black Bomber
[2] Machine Imperial Soldier Wisel Ein
[1] Ally Genex Durdark
[1] Metamol Pot
[2] Lightsworn Hunter, Ryko
[1] Sangan

Magic [9]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Limiter Removal
[1] Giant Trunade
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Pot of Duality
[1] Allure of Darkness
[1] Mind Control
[2] Enemy Controller

Trap [10]
[3] Chaos Infinity
[1] Solemn Judgement
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Trap Dustshoot
[1] Call of Haunted
[2] Trap Stun

Extra Deck [15]
Cyber Twin Dragon
Cyber End Dragon
Babaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine
Natural Extrio
Gaia Drake - the Universal Force
Dark Blade the Dragon Knight
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
AOJ Catastor
Karakuri Shogun Burei
Black Rose Dragon
Ally Genex Tri-Force
Scrap Dragon
Real Genex Kurokishian

Decided to include the extra deck this time round, since it is quite important for this deck. Main combo involvs using Chaos Infinity to flip open, yet providing a monster to feed Illusion Summoner at the same time, which is something that needed some setup in my previous Book of Illusions deck. Now you just cover Chaos Infinity for 1 turn, and set Illusion Summoner next turn for instant fusion beatstick. If you know your opponent has Effect Veiler, you can even enter battle phase before activing Chaos Infinity! Here are some reasons for the various monster choices in this deck.

The Genex Neutron allows you to quickly get out Birdman (For reuse of Summoner / or synchro Triforce with Neutron to reuse Ryko & Summoner) as well as Black Bomber (Easy level 7 synchro which Chaos Infinity allows quick grave setup), while maintaining itself as a Beatstick at the same time.

Wisel Infinity gets out easily, since Chaos Infinity or the fusion monster (thru Summoner) self destruct abilities gets it out, while providing a control element to the deck. Durdark is a tech to take out Blackwings and Shien, while similarly allowing Black Bomber abuse.

And lastly, Metamol Pot and Ryko abuse through Chaos Infinity is too cool for words. Especially when you set multiple m/t and Chaos Infinity during your opponent's draw phase (You can see in the video below). Ryko's mill then of course provides access to Dark Armed Dragon and Chaos Sorcerer, further providing access to Kurokishian, making this a full Twilight deck with extra benefits :)

Hope you enjoy the deck, which is really tons of fun to play, and is honestly quite competitive (Despite the small monsters, I suprisingly had no problems with decks like GB). Best feature was how Baha took the deck and Chaos Infinity on Clover's 2 dandy tokens, and Summoner called out Babaroid with Limitter for massive 16k damage LOL.

Credit goes to: Baha for combo idea, I came up with the deck build, d3stin3d took it to locals and got 2nd LOL


  1. i think i love you guys. amazing innovation.

  2. I loved the deck!
    In your videos it shows you pull out everything you needed to win.
    But could you tell me the difficulties this deck might have?

  3. chaos sorcerer cant be ss except it own eff right ?

  4. @Annoymous - Thanks!

    @holydark - Not really much problems, except the usual that an Oppression is quite a headache to the deck? Though that being said, theres Rykos, and Trap stuns and such stuff so still playable. Bigger problem may be Heros, since theres Super Poly to turn your big monster plays to nothing. Anyway in all, deck is quite playable.

    @Ch@os By its own effect or from the grave if you have legally summoned it before.

  5. What is the estimated cost of this deck, including the extra pile?

  6. Tested it, and its goddamn awesome ^^

  7. Ah yes, Real Genex, point noted.

    As for price wise cant really tell. Since alot of the stuff I actually had them lying around since long ago. I honestly didnt buy anything specifically for this deck? (Yes, including Barbaroid, which I bought in case I was going to play Book of Illusions again)

  8. OMG Awesomee
    i am an argentinian player
    i like your job
    and i make deck like that
    tell me if you like it:

    1 sangan
    1 dad
    3 salvage warrior
    3 junk synchron
    3 doppel warrior
    2 fishborg gunner
    2 treeborn frog
    2 swap frog
    1 gorz
    2 cyber dragon
    3 caius
    1 metamol pot

    24 monsters

    2 mst
    1 giant trunade
    1 darkhole
    1 reborn
    2 potes
    1 one for one
    1 foolish
    3 enemy controller
    1 reinforcement of the army
    1 tuning
    1 allure of darkness
    1 mind control

    spells 16

  9. Is it viable to use Desert Light(EE2-JP219) instead of Chaos Infinity ?

  10. @Anonymous Not really, since then you still have to worry about the tribute. Chaos Infinity solves the turning face up and tribute at 1 go.

    @Wachi Deck looks like it combines several elements, and might not work well in the current meta, simply because of the current meta speed. So if you want to play a deck that uses Gaius and such monsters, might be good to play alot more traps to control the opponent at the speed that you want?

  11. Ultimate Axon Kicker. Why not?

  12. Because can only be fusion summoned?

  13. Is there a way to play this without Kikouhei and Chaos Infinity?

  14. Not really, simply cause Chaos Infinity is your Book of Sun and extra monster for tribute all in 1. So if you are from TCG side, you will probably have to wait the few more months for it

  15. It's not the problem, I just wanted to play this on WC11 on DS. Oh well

    How did that Book of Illusions deck looked like? I can't access the link

  16. Its in the deck archive, check it out~

  17. Too bad we cant illusion + infinity in tcg, =(.

  18. i tot illusion summoner effect destroys the fusion monster at the end of the turn???

  19. Yes it does. However Gaia Drake's own effect would prevent the destruction.

  20. How does the E-Con + Summoner of Illusions combo works?

  21. the scenario is when your opponent control 1 face-up monster you flip SoI(Summoner of Illusion) then Tribute the flipped SoI for Econ (Enemy Controller) then Tribute the controlled monster as cost for the activation of SoI ability activated in the graveyard.>>> note that SoI is Spell Speed 1 and Econ is Spell Speed 2.

  22. why no dark hole?

  23. As for e-con + Summoner of Illusions,
    I think it only works in the OCG, considering that tributing for it's effect happens at resolution there but in TCG it is ruled as a cost

  24. [2] Machine Imperial Emperor Wisel Infinity

    for TCG it dint came out so Dsummon what do i do to replace it ? o-o

  25. um sir just maybe a stupid question for me. Would the fusion monster still be destroyed if you do the chaos infinity something?

  26. Can you use satardust to save the fusion after flipping illusion?

  27. how do u protect a monster after it is summoned with illusion summoner

  28. Why u don't use Safe Zone?

  29. safe zone only stops the monster from being destroyed by opponent's effects...

  30. Hi, I just made this deck and live how it is but what cards could you recommend to change or add to help play against the current meta. And what does m/t stand for? Thank you

  31. summoner of illusion + enemy controller does work just chain that shizzle

    this deck is completely TCG playable

    wisel is out in jump version now