Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random deck ideas

DS-Approved deck + Dekoichi + Mainspring Meister (And possibly Disigma) in extra deck.. Hmmmm, yummy~ (Meister as a Machine makes the entire thing sound even better LOL)
Will probably update the deck to support the above idea once the new pack is out.

Seems like a better idea then using Trap monsters to Exceed anyway. For those who are going to use Mask of Darkness to try and abuse Exceed, might as well do it with Chaos Infinity so you dont have to wait until you use up the Exceed material for any of the effects? I personally see some potential in building a Gadget Kikou deck that can spam Exceeds out even faster.

PS: Slight translation error on Shriek and Wikia. Meister gains 300 ATTACK and not defense for each Exceed Material. Sounds like a much more useful Rank 4 Exceed then Hope if you ask me, though it probably depends on the deck you are playing.


  1. You can take advantage of the GK spy and the chaos infinity

  2. I don't know if you guys think if it's any good trying ,and also i don't know if you guys take requests, but...

    ..could you guys try a deck of heralds?I think since the agents came, it may gotten stronger.

  3. Angel is a pretty boring deck, so doubt we will ever try it. Unless something interesting appears for them LOL

    Thought of GK spy definitely but dont think I have that much space to squeeze so many things in.