Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DS Approved Deck [Illusion Infinity]

Just doing up a short post while Im bored and waiting for videos to be processed on my computer. Recently just as I headed off to HK, Baha came to me with an idea. Conversation basically was like this

Baha: DS, I got deck idea that you confirm approve one
DS: Ha? What is it?
Baha: Illusion Summoner + Chaos Infinity, sounds good right?
DS: LOL, approve!

Thats kinda how the name of the deck became the DS Approved Deck, even though it would probably be called more as Illusion Infinity, lol.

Anyway, even while I was in HK last week, came up with a deck build, SMSed Baha the build to test out, then when I came back, we both worked on the build again, and changed it to a pretty beat down yet coupled with suprise element build. Actually have a decklist and videos for that, but at the moment, will concentrate on putting up all the various materials we got from the Asia Championship Qualifiers, hope to get the stuff for this deck out by this weekend~


  1. Illusion Summoner can u use it on ur oponent monster cuz it doesnt say which side of the field

  2. Cuz it doesn't say from which Side of the field... So if I activate MST, can I add 5 pieces of Exodia from my deck to my hand cuz it never says on the card?

  3. u made no sence wat does exodia has to do?

  4. why dont u think of it this way, if it can use opponent monster as tribute, every deck would be using it since its as good as brain control

  5. Tribute=Your field derp

    Can't sack your opponents monster for Gaius, can you?

  6. sooooo... decklist?

  7. So if u have a Illusion thingy fd and flip CHaos Infinity... u can summon Gaia my instantly releasing Wisel?

  8. can u do a deck list for vayu turbo? i want that deck so bad