Sunday, May 23, 2010

Updates on upcoming Worlds Tournament!

Hi guys, there hasnt been any post from us the last 2 weeks, mainly due to the fact that nothing exciting has been going on. Me and Baha have been fooling around with a few deck ideas as you can probably see from the youtube channel, but we are generally getting bored from lack of interesting stuff... WTB new deck ideas!!! (Something machine / scrap related for me please~~) Guess we are generally stuck till the next pack comes out...

In other news, heres some interesting info for the upcoming Worlds Tournament! (Good news especially for those who were getting depressed from all the bad rumours coming about the tournament)

1. Apparently we are back to our normal 1st round Single Eli, then Swiss format to top 8/16 single elimination!
- Why is this news, some foreign readers may ask. This is because we had quite confirmed information previously that we were getting an idiotic chaos format, where we were going to have a time limit of say 3 hours, then play against as many people and get as many wins as we can! All this because the faggot head judge had decided that this would have been a format where he would have less work to do! Thank god that has been changed back.

2. Good chance of not having any rigged match pairings, faggot head judge joining the tournament (Just to have him scrub and drop out to resume judging duties that he does not carry out and fails at anyway), and some proper management this time round
- To all newer readers who just joined us recently, you may want to read the blog post about the previous Asian qualifiers here to get an idea of all the previous shit that happened. Well this time round, apparently we might be getting some people from the HK Konami team fly in to help out this time round, so that should help ensure some fairness in this time's tournament. Interested people may go to the HK Konami forum here and read under -> Rule Book -> Promo Card Legality topic to find out more. You are strongly encouraged as well to join in the discussion there to bring up all the previous issues that we have had in hope of improvements.

3. We should be following the full proper card restrictions for the Worlds Tournament this time round, complete list is here
- Again why is this news? Because again in the previous tournament, the faggot head judge decided on his own whim to allow cards which have been forbidden to be used in the tournament, no doubt because he himself / his lackeys wanted to use those cards. This issue was also brought up and there should be no special cases assuming we get the much needed support from the HK Konami team

And this is just some of the good news that will hopefully come through for us Singapore players here. Keep your fingers crossed and lets us pray, lol. In other news, apparently the Machiners Command SD is sold out all over Singapore. No prizes for a good guess on what deck we might see alot of in this coming Worlds Qualifiers~

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  1. DS planting the fire powder for the flaming to come after... LOL...Let's hope this time round we'll get real good tourney management finally!