Monday, November 16, 2009

Yugioh Asian championship 2010 and conspiracy theories

Yay I scrubbed again!

I was using countdown deck btw lol.

It is boring as hell and you will have to get creative on how to waste time.

Well anyway I won 2 games from sudden death. The other 2 games was Jess and his Jinzo (!) and Sam with his Divine Wrath (!!) which obviously was a turning point.

On to the next topic!

This tournament was a total flop.
- Allowing cards that are on a list of cards that cannot be played (yes there is a list)
- Not the sponsor, not Konami HK, so uhm, who else could it be, hmmmm...?
- 100+ people with just 4 round swiss? Even worlds had 5 round swiss with just 23 people.
- Swiss pairing was obviously rigged
- Many 4 wins participant had their hopes up and then they announced that it was just top 8.
- There were more than 8 players who had 4 wins lol
- Organiser did not get enough space to accomodate the players thus dividing it into 2 waves.
- Technically it was an 8 round swiss since each round had to be played twice.
- Custom Playmats are not allowed.
- It is just a piece of cloth/paper where you place your cards on for god's sake! And it was yugioh themed, it had card zones, it has no obscenity/profanity, what was the problem? What has "it has to be official" got anything to do with what I am playing my cards on.
- It's not like my custom playmat boost my luck by 50% (oh sad to those duelist without my sexy luck boosting playmat)
- The head judge was a participant despite years of discussion and flames regarding how judges/organisers shouldn't join their own tourney

The list can go on, but the main point is the pairing system is rigged in their favor.


Swiss Pairing System

The principle of a Swiss tournament is that each player will be pitted against another player who has done as well (or poorly) as him or herself.

We had 3 pair downs for round 2. There were 3 players who had 1 win who were paired down to 3 other player who had 0 wins. I was one of them. Shouldn't the people who had 1 wins be against each other and the 0 wins with each other. There should only be one pair down, stop manual pairing you dumb ass.

Conspiracy was confirmed when the second wave of round 2 had a player who had 1 win, and he got a BYE! Did I mention that guy was a member of the judges team? Only people with the LEAST score should get a BYE, learn to cheat!

Btw, when I say "second wave" it is basically the same round. There are only 42 tables. So table 43 onwards have to wait and play when the first 42 tables are done.

There is no way a 1 win can get a bye in the same round as 3 other players who get a pair down.
Sure blame it on the system error.

Round 3 conspiracy got even stronger.

No player is paired up against the same opponent twice.

My friend met his round 1 opponent again lol. System error? I don't think so. More like manual pair error.


Ever since the new team of judges take over, it gets worse and worse.

First it was the rulings, fine that we can overlook that since you are not all knowing and know all the rules on the spot. It is also a common happening in the US and their tournament is like 5 times bigger than over here.

But the MANAGEMENT? I think there is no excuse how it can get poorer every year.

Blablabla you may now start saying "oh wow you should try organising one yourself".

Yes I have no tournament management experience but if I judged and managed tournaments after at least 3 years and still suck at it, imo I SHOULD be replaced. What is the use of having feedbacks when instead of listening and improving on it, most of the time it is just ignored and usually accompanied by retaliation flames and threats such as "if you don't like it, don't join" rubbish.


I am blamed for the the last minute changes. Because
- I was playing a deck that requires me to spend all 40 mins + few mins to side and win by sudden death
- I wasted too much of their precious time that there was no round 5.
- I wasted too much of their precious time that there was no top 16.
- I only won 2 matches by sudden death, the other 2 I did not even reach half time. Learn2Maths?

Precious time = 2 mins of side deck and 4 turns of sudden death which couldnt be longer than 5 mins.

News Flash: I was not the only one who got into sudden death thx. I can name a few of others who were also in sudden death and they were playing lightlord deck.


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