Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tournament Report 29/05/10

Hi guys, I finally have a more detailed tournament report to do! Took effort into actually bothering to record down what happened on my iPhone before I forgot it each round. My memory is really bad until i found myself having to ask my opponent stuff like "Sorry ah, how did i win you the first round?" LOL. Seriously short term memory. Anywayz, enjoy!

Deck used: Machina Gadget (Geartown mixed varient)
- Decklist will not be revealed as it will probably be somewhat around the deck I will use for Worlds probably?

Swiss Round 1: Jess (BF) OO
Match 1 - Jess tried to do some 3rd turn Sirocco + 3 Bora on my Gearframe. Sadly he didnt calculate properly and I had 400 lp left. Managed to clear monsters, then Heavy storm away all his covered card while I came out with AGGD, which poked its way to happiness.
Match 2 - I started with Gearframe to hit him to 6200, then he summoned Sirocco and hit my Gearframe. On my turn I did some golden Hurricane move, then summoned Cydra + Fortress and limit break to victory.

Swiss Round 2: Unknown (BF) OO
Match 1 - Gearframe + 2 Fortress + Dragon + Solidarity + Limit Break, need i say more?
Match 1.5 - A few misplays here. He booked my Holy Light, and summoned blizzard, which after that he mind controlled Holy Light, flipped up and summoned Armor Master. He won but someone pointed out the mistake earlier so he graciously allowed replay.
Match 2 - Holy light did a proper lockdown with Gadgets slowly dealing little dmg bit by bit. Misplayed again where I Fortress hit Bora and i destroyed his trap and it was a Mind Crush and he chained it for my Gadgets. Being abit blur already i let it through and realised after i ended my turn. However managed to win still so its ok, lol

Swiss Round 3: Xiao Mei (BF) XOO
Match 1 - Double Sirocco and double Bora wins games at 9100 attack, true story
Match 2 - Holy Light locked down, where i Bottomless the Cydra that tried to hit it, then Gadget slowly chopped for the win
Match 3 - Started with only 2 Holy Light and Fortress stuff. Epic was when I fortress direct attacked when she had 2850 left. Worried I had Limit Break, she Book of Moon on my Fortress. Sadly, she top deck Cydra, and Fortress was face down. She had no choice but to Cydra chop Fortress which effect destroyed Cydra. Then the surviving Holy Light and more Gadgets took the game

Swiss Round 4: Samuel (LL) XOX
Match 1 - Judgement Dragon + Dark Armed Dragon on field together wins games, really
Match 2 - Started with DD Crow, where he tried a 1st turn Lumina Garoth and I crowed the Garoth. Many Gadgets later, I won the game.
Match 3 - Drew 0 crows, and he milled till he only had 5 cards left in deck. He summoned Zombie Carrier, and Trishula but I God D that away. After that Cydra wanted to chop my Stardust and I Book of Moon on that and did some choppping with Fortress. Sadly next turn he Avarice, Cydra fuse with Fortress, summon Lyla and Honest chop Stardust and Chimeratech direct for win. Should have Book on Zombie Carrier to keep him from letting Lumina leave field, then I could God D the Avarice and would have won! ARGH~~~

Squeezed into top 8 at just nice 8th place. Mantis system hates me, my tie breakers are always godlike low, true story. You would think 3 straight wins in the front would give me quite high tie breakers but no.... Anywayz moving on...

Top 8: Mango (BF) OO
Match 1 - He had not much monsters, so I just Gearframe and Fortress carefully rushed him for the win.
Match 2 - Epic win of the day, lol. Royal palace locked him down, and I Earth Smash on his Rai-ou (Which is loaned from me!!!) Gadget smacked abit then he used Bora to clear my Green Gadget. So with Geartown on field, released Red Gadget for Gadjiltron Dragon, then Heavy Storm for 2nd Gadjiltron Dragon, lol. On his turn he Blizzard for Arms Wing and ended. With only 1 hand and no field, obvious it was Kualat so I used the Dragon without effect to smack and got Kualat, and ended. On his turn he had nothing with 900 lp left, so Dragon wins the game with burn! LOL (700 damage + 400 burn)

Top 4: Caleb (BF) XOX
Match 1 - I drew nothing but Gadgets and 0 monster removal / Fortress to kill Armor Master and died to it.
Match 2 - Holy Light + Gadget lock. Alot of mistake plays from him like I summoned Fortress and he said Ok. I declared attack and suddenly he open Bottomless. I really went "......" Then he used Pot of Greedorosity, got Book of Moon and used on Holy Light. Then he Summon Blizzard and tried to revive. Was abit blur by now so I didnt notice, but luckily there were audience and they pointed out about no Sp summoning. Worse part is he took back his Blizzard back into hand. Brainy (Judge) was sitting next to me but I guess he didnt notice and I was very "......" by now but I let it through, since I was confident he couldnt do anything about Holy Light. Sure enough, I got to my turn, and Holy Light + my Gadgets farmed for win.
Match 3 - Drew only 2 Holy Light + 1 Fortress and Cydra with just a bunch of magics for like 8~9 turns. Total opposite of Match 1.... Fortress got hit by Bottomless, and Holy Light 1 got Icarus attack. I had Holy Light 2 on field, then he covers a monster and trap. I FINALLY top deck my Royal Palace, set it and he end phase destroyed my Holy Light again. Further more drawing my 2nd Royal Palace on the very next turn spells total failure...

Fight for 3rd place: Anthony (Dandy Warrior) OXO
Match 1: Finally drew my T-45 for the first time the whole day! Even though he had started to farm with Drill Warrior / Dandelion combo and even Trishula away my stuff, the extra 1500 damage done earlier, and the presence of that 1 extra token was too damaging for him so won by farming faster then him, lol.
Match 2: Very bad hand and his Snowman Eater stayed alive for very long. I had Smash but didnt want to use it as I would have nothing left if he summoned something even bigger after that. Fortress also got hit by Bottomless so couldnt hit through. In the end multiple Gaius takes the game.
Match 3: Farmed all my gadgets out to poke him abit. Then Fortress 1 got Bottomless, and Fortress 2 got D-Prison. (I had sided out my m/t destroyers for more monster removals...) However managed to use Fortress 3 to slowly chop all his Gigaplant and Fortress 3 kept coming back even though he killed it with various method as I had many high levels in hand. Until 3 turns later, finally Fortress 3 got hit by D-Prison too. However he only had 2100 lp left. Finally drawing my Cydra, I managed to win 2 turns later.

So ended up with 3rd! Got a Sirocco which reached my hands and got sold in 3 mins, lol. In all, the deck seems to work out quite well so I will do some tuning to it and will stick to something similar for Worlds probably. Sad that I lost to the final BF though, as I was quite confident of my build against BF. However 4 wins and 1 lost makes it not bad still woot~ Hope you enjoyed my very long report! (Decided to make it longer since we havent had much posts recently, heh)


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