Thursday, May 6, 2010

[Deck] Magical Scrap Town

Hi guys, heres a post on the latest deck that Im playing around with, which is Scrap! Meant to build the deck since a month ago but the lack of the Wasteland Tornado due to *toot* distributor held me back until now. Without further delay, heres the deck list!

Monster [17]
[3] Scrap Chimera
[3] Scrap Beast
[2] Scrap Golem
[3] Scrap Goblin
[2] Cyber Dragon
[2] Antique Gear Dragon
[1] Ally Genex Birdman
[1] Tragodia

Magic [14]
[3] Scrap Squall
[2] Scrap Area
[3] Gear Town
[1] Heavy Storm
[3] Double Cyclone
[1] Brain Control
[1] Mind Control

Trap [9]
[1] Call of the Haunted
[3] Big Tornado of the Wasteland
[2] Dark Coffin
[3] Magical Silk Hat

This is the built that I came up with, where it abuses Magical Silk Hat to the maximum, to bring out Geartown for Antique Gear Dragon, while using Dark Coffin and Big Tornado to gain advantage at the same time. When you get those 3 cards at hand however, that is where Scrap Dragon comes in. Scrap is built to recycle your grave very easily, where a Scrap Beast and Scrap Squall lets you set up for a 2nd turn Scrap Dragon. Once your Scrap Dragon is out, it is easy advantage abuse from there.

Some people may say why dont I use Blast with Chain or Claymore Dud, especially since these 2 will work with this deck. My answer is that those 2 do not work out with Magical Silk Hat. Even though Wasteland Tornado and Dark Coffin may seem to be hard to use due to them having no effect if they are flipped face up, that is easily solved through Scrap Goblin. With it not dying by battle, you can store your hat till the end of battle phase to activate. Even though Claymore Dud sounds awesome with its possible +1 card advantage, I would rather play something which has more synergy with the deck.

Furthermore, with 3 Wasteland and 2 Dark Coffin as well as 3 Geartowns, this deck prevents your opponent from randomly wasting cyclone and other M/T destroyers, especially Heavy Storm. This in turn protects your Magical Hats, allowing you to gain that nice + 1 advantage. Tragodia works best with Hats, since you can set the silk hat and just end turn without any monster. Once they hit, Tragodia can come out, and you can Hat abuse away!

Points to note though is that this deck weakness will be generally a cosmos deck. Wasteland Tornado, Dark Coffin, and Geartown all have to hit grave for their effects to come into play. However, since it mains 3 Double Cyclone and 3 Wasteland Tornado to take out the fissure and cosmos, this is generally not a problem. The biggest problem will be a Banisher of Radiance, where you will have to rely on your monsters or magic to take it out. Then again, cosmos decks are not very popular so this is a small issue. Another weakness here will also be Necrovalley, as it prevents all your Scrap monsters from recycling stuff from the grave. Then again, your 3 Geartowns and 3 Double Cyclones again come into play here, so as long as you store some m/t destruction when you need it, you should generally be fine. (Geartown replacing Necrovalley then double cyclone it away for advantage is uber awesome!)

In the end though, this deck still seems incomplete, as it definitely lacks a 7 star Scrap synchro monster to make use of Chimera in case you dont have that necessary Beast in grave. With the guarantee of more Scrap stuff to come out in the next set in July, lets hope that there are more useful Scraps added, as it looks to be a promising archetype. In the meantime, do enjoy the video!

(For round 2, please click on the video to get to the youtube page, then access through video response. Apologies for it ending at round 2 though, abit lazy to edit further due to my Windows Movie Maker going crazy for unknown reasons... Ciaoz!)


  1. quick question
    y birdman

  2. Seeing this deck a question pop up,
    Big tornado of wasteland effect can get around and destroy Drill Warrior?


  3. At 6:12 when he tuned for scrap dragon he should have not ended his turn and use scrap dragon's effect to destroy call of the haunted.