Sunday, October 18, 2009

[Tournament Report] 17/10/09

Tournament @ Khatib again~

Deck Used: MGS Synchro yet again

Match 1: Undead Synchro
Game 1: My opponent was touching himself again and killed me with Goyou, Brionac, Hades and Dark End.
Game 2: My deck decided to turn into lightlord mode again and my opponent did not realise that Ehren can kick Tragoedia. Rushed with Laila and Wulf.
Game 3: I thought I was dead when I got poked by Sangan and Golin Zombie. According to him he search wrongly and in the end I won by attacking with Legion, Brionac and Bolt Hedgehog (now it shall be known as Victory Hedgehog!)

Match 2: Undead Synchro
Game 1: More undead self touching
Game 2: Uphill battle against Cycle Leaders and I draw the legendary Wulf in desperate times again!!

Match 3: Grave BF
Game 1: OTK with Wyvern, Brionac, Brain Controlled Arms Wing, Lumina and (vVctory!)Hedgehog!
Game 2: Managed to use Imperial Iron Wall to prevent some Dark Armed rape and I did an infinity (Victory!) Hedgehog loop. Not exactly infinity but I had Ordoro and 2 Kushano

Match 4: Metabeat (last boss DD deck!!)
Game 1: There was Fissure, Radiance, and stupid Magical Android. There was really nothing I could do while he gain life. At one point I thought I could make a come back with Gorz but Gale ruined everything =(
Game 2: Can't exactly remember but I think it turned into Lightlord Beat again o.o
Game 3: Jess was afraid of my face down Ryko and refuse to attack it (which was actually Kushano lulz!) Which was kinda the turning point where I managed to summon 2 Legions and Goyo-ed over his Jinzo and I did some Avarice as well which led to super big lead.

Match 5: Gladiator Beast
Game 1: Early lead and much poking here and there with nothing notable except me forgetting to calculate his LP and I did not summon Wyvern thinking my LP was less argh!
Game 2: After much struggle to get rid of Radiance in early turns I managed to turn the table after some Legion love. Ok fine, Legion drew Cruz and I just swarm the board.

Match 6: Gladiator Beast
Game 1: Got pwned by Heraklenos despite summoning Levuathan =( This time round I draw 2 Hedgehog and died...
Game 2: Second turn OTK with Wyvern, Brionac and Kushano.
Game 3: Stupid taidee hand againnnnn!! Hate Hate Hate Hate!

Result: Third place and DT07 Oppression as Prize.

Week 1: Scrub with like 0-2 each!
Week 2: Top 8
Week 3: Top 4
Week 4: ???


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