Monday, September 28, 2009

Khatib Tourney [26/09/09]

Deck used: Demon Roar God (feath Netdeck)

Match 1: Tele Undead XX
Game 1 was pretty much my opponent touching himself on the opposing side.
Game 2 was me and my bad hand.

Match 2: Dimension GB XX
Game 1 was opened with a Dimension Fissure and my Storm got bribed, totally downhill from there.
Game 2 side decked Iron wall which did its job before I blew it up for Black Rose and there was one point where I finally lead the game but due to my obsession with card draw I summoned Legion instead of Levuathan lol. So yes this was totally my own fault.

It is a hard deck to play!


You are probably wondering why every tourney report has this common phrase of "Oh I have bad hand" again and again. I think I need to stop playing combo decks, maybe some beatdown where no combos required. But I did draw all gadget hand before (and a gadget next draw too) so tell me how to stop that!

Dear Akira: come come let me net your deck lol!

User problem maximum! orz


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