Sunday, October 11, 2009

[Tournament Report] 10/10/09

Khatib Tournament again~

Deck Used: MGS Synchro (Fiend Roar Deity)

Match 1: Neuxcharge (Lightsworn)
Game 1: I had a nice hand and start doing the usual combo and then I realise it was the first turn LOL! So I had to leave poor Ordoro on the field against the swarm of the Light Brigades!
Game 2: I sided 3 Cycle Leader which helped alot =D
Game 3: Summoned Mr Decisive Arms and he had Aurkus on the field. I just used Decisive Arms first effect to slowly clear the board.

Match 2: Anthony (Dragon/Dragunity)
Game 1: Almost did an OTK with Shining Holy Wyvern but I wasn't at 8000 so he left a little LP.
Game 2: Won from massive card advantage and a very very big Shining Holy Wyvern.

Match 3: Shifu (Lightsworn)
Game 1: I have a Lightsworn hand, no one will know I was playing MGS unless I told them! I mill like all my spells and stupid Hedgehogs with no Tuner/any MGS at all.
Game 2: Now this was a total opposite as I drew 3 Cruz with nothing interesting. Cycle Leaders did not help much =(

Result: Scrubbed + Creative deck prize of a ANPR double pack. (I got a XX Gatomz yet again....)

Deck details can be found below.


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