Sunday, October 11, 2009

魔轟神 Synchro

Ok I think it's time I did a blog post on this. I found the deck from feath's blog. *gasp*

I netdeck, so does everyone else. It's no secret. So yes, the entire idea is not mine. I just wanna let people know that the deck is very interesting (read: complicated) and something different than your usual meta decks. That is why I decided to try it out =)

After playing it for a few weeks now, I still haven't fully grasp all the combos yet either.

Monsters [20]

[1] Emissary of Darkness Gorz
[1] Lightlord Beast Wulf
[1] Lightlord Hunter Ryko
[1] Lightlord Summoner Lumines
[1] Lightlord Magician Lyla
[1] Lightlord Monk Ehren
[3] Fiend Roar Deity Grimro
[3] Fiend Roar Deity Cruz
[3] Fiend Roar Deity Kushano
[1] Fiend Roar Deity Ordoro
[2] Bolt Hedgehog
[1] Dandelion
[1] Metamol Pot

Spell [17]

[3] Reinforcement of Light
[3] Solar Exchange
[3] Pot of Avarice
[1] Card Destruction
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Cyclone
[2] Monster Reincarnation
[2] Foolish Burial
[1] Brain Control

Trap [4]

[2] Thunder Break
[1] Dust Chute
[1] Torrential Tribute

Extra Deck [15]

[1] A.O.J Decisive Arms
[1] Ice Barrier Dragon Brionac
[1] Goyou Guardian
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Stardust Dragon
[1] Gigantech Fighter
[1] A.O.J Catastor
[1] Mist Wurm
[1] Fiend Roar Deity Levuathan
[3] Fiend Roar Deity Legion
[1] Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
[1] Shining Holy Wyvern
[1] Arcanite Magician


Due to the massive amount of combos you can do with this deck, I'm just gonna point out a few basic ones. You will notice most of the combos will involve Kushano in grave which is why the decks runs the Lightlord milling engine. You want to put those Hedgehogs and Kushano in grave ASAP.

Hand: Cruz
Grave: Kushano
This combo is the bread and butter of the whole deck. Retrieving Kushano back while special summoning another Fiend Roar Deity from your grave is a +1 advantage. Plus you have not used your Normal Summon so Synchro summon is made easy.

Assuming nothing horrible happens, this leads into more fancy combos like....

Hand: Lyla, Cruz
Grave: 2 Kushano
Lyla clear 1 card, Cruz retrieve Kushano and special summon another Kushano, Synchro into Arcanite Magician clear 2 more cards. You can further tune it into Levuathan afterwards!
Result: Opponent lost 3 cards and you end up with a 3000 beatstick that will retrieve 3 Fiend Roar Deity back (usually taking back a mixture of Cruz and Grimro)

Hand: Cruz, Bolt Hedgehog/Dandelion
Grave: Kushano, Ordoro
Cruz retrieve Kushano, special Ordoro. Ordoro discard Hedgehog and special Kushano. Special Hedgehog from grave and tune with Kushano for Legion to draw 2 cards.
Result: Legion + Ordoro + a 2 draw. We just did a +2 advantage here! And if you draw Cruz, you can continue to retrieve that Kushano again!

Something like that.

To summarize the wall of text above, you can watch the following video where I played against DS. Thanks Neuxcharge for the video =)

IMO DS is a cheater!


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