Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bahamut in Malaysia

No I am not there.

Some bitch went ahead and used my Duelist ID to participate for their WCQ today.

Only to meet 2 of own people, free wins!!

If you saw my real name, prepare to be be disappointed cos that is not me lol

In the first place that shouldn't be allowed -_-


Some things about my yugioh twitter, its (@DuelingDays).

I have received quite a bit of follow request on my personal twitter, and I am gonna reject them all  =D

I should've created a Facebook page since I think everyone owns a FB account as opposed to a Twitter account, but such a chore since the original intention is to post short bits.


  1. You could always just make a Facebook account and don't post anything there, just link it to your twitter.

  2. Son of Men, how can anyone steals your duelist ID without verification?

    1. Probably because Malaysia don't do any verification.

  3. I thought about making a facebook page too, but decided not to for the same reason as you. I am content writing a few times a week :)

  4. Dear Bahamut84,

    May i ask where can i get/create a Duelist ID? I'm new to yu gi oh.