Monday, July 15, 2013

Cancer Infernity

Playing Infernity in the current meta is definitely cancer.

So you have to make your deck as cancerous to them as it is to you.

Decklist Below

The concept of the deck changed a little, it is now sort of a Dark XYZ with Infernity engine lol. Instead of going all out Solitaire (you still can), you will probably try to do board control with your Rank 4 XYZ monsters. It probably won't do so well against random decks since this is specifically built to fight Dragons/Prophecy.

Card Choices

Summoner Monk

Very very bad card in a 3 Maxx C/Veiler environment. Which is why the Prohibition. This card is still needed for you to do your board control, and there is not many card that can just call out an Archfiend from the deck just like that.


Even with only 3 targets, its still an ok card. When you manage to go off, you will have a Necromancer for sure, so this wont be a dead card.

Deck Lockdown

Prevents the usage of baby Dragon Rulers and bullshit Spellbooks. Protect it with Key Beetle and it will stick forever. Also great against Abyssphere, Linde, Dragoons, Rescue Rabbits etc lol


Because fuck the Maxx C/Veiler Police. You can also call problem cards like Dragosack, Spellbook of Fate etc.

Fiendish Chain

Not so great card this meta, but still useful. And provides something to bounce for Zephyrus.

Please remember not to use this against Dragosack unless you have some plays in mind.

Breakthrough Skill

I would put more if I have space honestly. This build dies to LADD so bad lol.

The rest of the cards are really nothing new.


This deck is not gonna have instant answers to the top 2 decks, otherwise this would be the Tier 1 deck. But this build is made so that you actually have a decent fighting chance.

I did not put my side deck up, but it is somewhere along the line of even more hate cards against the 2 decks. Pick your Poison:
- Vanity Space
- Gozen
- Iron Wall
- System Down
- Last Day of Witch
- etc.

Why this over Evilswarm?

Cos its more entertaining (for me).
Evilswarm game plan is summon Ophion and protect it, boring yes?

Play this deck only if you are really bored of playing the top 2 decks yourself.

Shadow Specters this week, excited!


  1. Cancer! Need more cancer stuff like Palace.

  2. Doesn't lockdown kill itself through a kind of effect that beetle can't stop? otherwise swords of revealing light and steelcage could be used in that way too (not that they matter, they're just examples), and i thought this was ruling established (at least in the evilswarm community), but im open if this is the true ruling as it would only make beetle more awesome than it already is.

    1. I just checked and the ruling was only recently updated on the OCG side.

      At the point when I made this deck (and typed up this post), it is still ok to protect it with key beetle.

      Thanks for pointing out.

    2. swords of revealing light doesn't work with Key Beetle, it doesn't destroy itself like Deck Lockdown/ Vanity's Emptiness


  4. Is ist consistent enough ??
    Did you tested this build, is so how many times ??
    Last question, do you think it will work in Tcg when the needed cards come out and don´t you think it is too much deckhate like 3 prohibition in it ??

    1. I think 3 is not enough lol
      you need to stop those maxx c and veilers as soon as possible. Otherwise your combos will die (considering how fast their decks move).

    2. Its infernity, the deck that cannot ever reach the consistency level that you wish for. There are times you draw 5 monster (or none at all) because that's just how the deck is.

      One can never have enough deck hate when you play against dragon rulers and prophecy.

      Anyway I am hoping that something will be done to the 2 decks since it encourages every other deck to go the anti meta route if they wanna stand a chance.

      By the time TCG gets the needed cards, it would be really close to the Sept List, you can decide again when the time comes.

  5. Why do you use only 2 Necromancers and no Book of Moon?

  6. Why dont you make videos on youtube page anymore?

  7. Can you update this build pls.