Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WCQ 2013 + decklist

Deck used: Incarnate Dragon

4 Round Swiss Cut to 40
Single Elimination to 10
Add seeded 6 players for Top 16 playoff

Round 1: Vs Chain Burn
1: He gave me a Volcanic Queen, which I kinda used to burn him
2: Resolved an EEV calling traps

Round 2: Vs Firefist
1: I started first and ending with a Super Reju drawing 4, and he had none of his anti meta cards
2: He opened Soul Drain against me with Kycoo and Gorilla on the field, I made Thought Ruler to clear Kycoo and set an EEV. Did not expect him to have a Reborn and took my Blaster to run over my Though Ruler, I could have used the EEV but I wouldve died from the direct attacks lol, plan backfired.
3: I had Decree up early and he had to use Cardinal to shuffle it back, but I already had Storm to clear his backrow

Round 3: Vs Firefist
1: He played the Werewolf and Rescue Rabbit build and had many Vanillas in hand lol
2: I had Decree once again against his Iron Wall

Round 4: Vs Prophecy
1: Played really casually since it was a guaranteed top 40 and didnt remember wat happened
2: I intended to make double Dragosack and tribute the tokens for Blaster since it was an open field, but he had Solemn to my 2nd Dragosack, died afterwards
3: Had double MST for his double Soul Drain

Full Win Curse?

Top 40: vs Incarnate Dragons
1: Made double Dragosack, he Eclipsed, I drew Super Reju in the end phase which helped me draw into my veiler lol, lucksack
2: He counter luck sacked and drew off 3 Super Reju =(
3: Made Dragosack, destroyed his backrow which turned my token to ATK, time was gonna be called so I made Burei to turn his Redox and dealt 1000 damage. He couldnt catch up after time.

Top 20: Vs Verz
1: Drew starting hand of Veiler, Maxx C, Dark Hole, Eclipse and Tidal lol. 2 Turns later I drew into another Maxx C and Droll yay
2: Struggle fight in the whole tournament since it was gonna be elimination, I started 4 spells and 2 babies. I throw for Reactan and ended with Super Reju for more shitty draws. Some turn later I finally managed to clear Ophion with Blaster and was thinking of making Dragosack or Big Eye since I knew he played Vaski. I decided to be a normal person and made Dragosack. And then his 2 cards in hand was Vaski AND Electric Virus, almost got cancer there. He stole my Dragosack, called tokens, destroyed my decree, and Vaski cleared pretty much watever I have left. I Summoned Blaster to kill Vaski and while attempting to summon another Dragon he opened Gozen. Luckily he was stuck since he called out some Dragosack Tokens lol. Anyway some turns later, I drew into my Lightning and Tempest to make Dragosack and slowly clear backrows that is not Gozen. After I was sure I had enough cards, I destroyed his Gozen, made Scrap Dragon, flipped my Dragosack down and up again to reset and pretty much cleared his whole board. Told myself I can do this!
3: And then he started first with Ophion and I drew shit hand. fuck!

And there goes the chance to top 16 orz


Mostly standard choices here with some of my personal preference.

43 Card Deck
Well there's really no special reason for it, I just wanna add more useful cards even though bigger deck size would reduce the deck consistency.

Mained 3 Droll
Expected a lot of Prophecy since there were an increase of Prophecy players judging from the Seeding Events, not that it is a bad card overall (except when fighting Verz wtf?)

Brandistock instead of Corseca/Flamvell Guard
Blaster ATK value is too important in OTK scenarios. 2800(Synchro) 2800(Blaster) 2600(Tidal) is over 8000, 2800(Synchro) 2600(Tidal) 2400(Tempest) is not. And Corseca is not legal for the tournament.

One Book of Eclipse, One Dark Hole
Eclipse is something to deal with LADD, Obelisk, Jowgen Kycoo or whatever. I prefer it over Controller or Breakthrough Skill because I can use it immediately. Also liked it to reset Big Eye/Dragosack after using the effect to enable them to attack.

Infestation Terminus
Obviously for Ophion mechanics.

Answers to Jowgen/Kycoo/Ophion and resetting your XYZ monsters after using their effect (techniques you learn from playing in the Goat Control Format)

Electric Virus
Mirror match and Ophions

Royal Decree
Also plenty of Firefist/Metabeat or random decks that can play Iron Wall.

Thought Ruler Archfiend
Time out scenarios, great anti Single Targetting against Compulsory Evacuation Device and is Dark type too.

Karakuri Burei
Deal with Dragosack Tokens, flipping yourself back up after an Eclipse to dodge a Veiler etc.

The rest of the cards should be the same as most Dragon decks everywhere.


Well now that there are no more major events till the next banlist, I will probably be playing mostly cancer decks to entertain myself. Why work so hard?

Also, the format is so stale that I really have no idea what to post on the blog other then long posts like this one.

I usually update my twitter where I will be posting my random Yugioh stuff though.


  1. Son of Men, your overconfidence is the cause of your demise!

    1. Calm down Metatron

    2. I'm seeing this guy on other blogs too, so I'll address it here:

      it's "Son of Man," NOT "Son of Men." The latter suggests an offspring of male-male parents...

  2. what is the reason for brandistock? do u equip him to something?

    1. I have a section explaining my card choices....

  3. Can you give me your opinion about using Psi-Blocker in a Dragon side deck?


    1. I havent really tested it so I don't have any comments. ~_~

  4. Any chance we can get the Inzektor Sea Emperor deck?

  5. even the best of the creative players plays cancer deck faith in humanity and yugioh as a whole lost >.>

    1. Its WCQ, had to play something a little more serious =X

  6. Hi i will like to see Inzektor + Atlantean and Tidal deck profile, someone can help me ? thank :)

  7. Book of eclipse or swords of concealing light is better??

    1. Depends on whether or not you wanna get molested by LADD