Saturday, April 13, 2013

Karakuri loves JOTL!

Like, for real, seriously. I expected this pack to be crappy (well in a sense the foils are crappy still), but it has unturned hidden treasures for Karakuri.Here are a few notable ones

Soaring G
When your opponent successfully summons or special summons a monster you can special summon this card from your hand to your opponent's field in face up defense mode. When this card is face up on the field, the controller of this card cannot Xyz summon.

Karakuri players (Or anyone that just hates Verz in general), main/side deck this now! It pretty much stops Verz dead in its tracks and prevents them from making Ophion totally. 
(You have Torrential Tribute and Infestation Pandemic already? Sure, you have everything and totally deserve to win)  

Other decks to consider it making a hindrance of is to Fire Fist and Incarnate Dragons. However these decks have the option of synchro, (along with Incarnate Dragon possibility of this card getting released for high levels) I would mention Wind Ups too but it has totally seen 0 play in OCG ever since the banlist.

Actually The Calibrator can also be considered to be a good side deck card against Verz as well. Just that Thunder type does not really fit into my deck so...

Black White Wave
Quick-Play Spell
When this is a Xyz monster with synchro monsters as its material on the field, you can activate this card. Select 1 card on field and remove it from play, then draw 1 card from your deck.

I honestly think this card is made for Karakuri since it is pretty much the only deck that can use this card in the current meta and be tournament viable. (Double Burei into Big eye/Drago-Sack or double Bureido into Garbage Eyes? Sounds normal) 

Furthermore you dont even have to target the card, since you only select on resolution. Pretty much Gemini Spark on drugs.One may argue that your opponent quite side deck this against you since it doesnt restrict to either side of the field, but as situational as it is (for the opponent), im sure that this wouldnt be the best side deck option for them.

And of course not forgetting Transturn. See my previous post about it.My only issue with all these wonderful new cards? I have no idea what i can take out for them, seriously. I have no deck space!!

So, have you seen any other notable cards from JOTL? If you havent checked them out yet, head to the YES FB page to check out scans and translations.


  1. Shape Sisters seems like a good card.

    1. Yeah, but sadly level 2 tuners dont really go well with Karakuri decks usually. 1 / 3 / 4 are preferred!

      2 is only when you want to play the draw 6 build lol

  2. i want to know the rulings of both War God Emperor Susanoo and Dark ZW Chimera regarding infinite battles against non-destroyable Mecha Phantom Beast Dragosack?

  3. Rulings not out yet, since the pack only officially releases next week. However looking at the text, this is how i would judge it. Should be about how the official rulings would have it.

    War God Emperor Susanoo
    It can attack everyone only ONCE. Meaning even if Drago-Sack cant be destroyed it still gets attacked only once.

    DZW Chimera Cross
    It will get to make Drago-Sack's attack to 0 and attack once more. After that since its attack is already 0 and cant be made 0 again, Chimera Cross will not be able to attack another time.

    As much as Konami would want to promote new packs and sell stuff, I highly doubt they would want to give this kinda cheese combo. Otherwise everyone would play some random Utopia Ray deck combined with Marshmellow/Reaper and Forced rotation lol

    1. Thanks for the explanation.
      i wanted to try how to defeat incarnate dragons with simply overpowered cards with multiple attacks with decks specialise in Rank 4 monsters.
      As Much i hate to say, Verz deck will be screwed by Soaring G and Prophecy/Incarnate/Karakuri decks will literally be the only decks used in the meta.
      Or is there any hope in other decks?

    2. Fire Fist. Especially since they are also getting a 4 star tuner, both the 4 or 3 star will not get locked by Soaring G. Same goes for Heroes actually.

      Both are relatively slower compared to the rest but they has their fans and are pretty stable.

      That being sad probably only 10% of the players will use them

    3. Fire Fists were only used because of presence of Verz deck which may compete against the Incarnate/Prophecy.
      Now with Soaring G, less Verz decks, and even less Fire Fists.
      Unless there is a way to go around specific Lv8 synchro monster.

  4. Regarding deck space issue, have you ever thought about taking out the psychic engine and just max out on transturns and merchants(and probably 1 more cash cache)? I think this minimizes bad draws(though I haven't done some math yet). This gives us 8 targets for Transturns and the only time transturn is dead is if all you have are level 4s,handtraps and redoxes.

    Will test more once the cards make their way to PH shops.

    1. Yeah, honestly im still testing myself, and really considering about removing the Psychic engine. (Seriously tempting considering my bad hand rate of always drawing my commanders with no teleport)

      Though the psychic engine provides special summons which is quite vital to the deck too. (2 Psychic Commanders / 1 with a Strategist can take down an Ophion!)

      Furthermore, Transturn is only beneficial if you turn Merchants. Some situations considered...

      1. Summon Merchant and turn, most beneficial
      2. Summon Komachi and Merchant, no point to turn, since you can only get to level 6
      3. Summon Komachi and lv4, turn Komachi to Watchdog, seems legit since u can make Bureido which is preferred
      4. Summon anything else on the field (e.g. Strategist), no point since it cant do anything even if you turn to level 4, assuming nothing else on field / hand
      5. And of course the bad hand situation of nothing but level 4 and turns.

      Going by the above, I think you can max out Merchants and maybe put 2 Transturn, but not much point to max 3. I would only play 3 in a Geargia Karakuri build

  5. Black White Wave loves Dragunity?

  6. Hi DSummon! What's your opinion on Geargia-Gear? You made a post about it a while back but none of your machine decks (even ones with geargia) utilized the card. Is it just too slow or bad in testing? Thanks :D

    1. Its not that its slow, but a mixed Geargia Karakuri build tend to end up as abit slower then the typical build, especially since usually you either need 1 turn to wait to flip Armor or you wait 1 turn for Geargia-Gear.

      That turn is pretty fatal in SG current meta of nothing but Dragons and Prophecy at the moment...

    2. On an additional note, I havent used a Geargia deck for that same reason recently, despite the release of that card. All the Geargia decks you see were prior to the release of that card.

  7. WarriorOfTheWorthApril 24, 2013 at 2:38 AM

    Hey DS, what is your opinion about the new SD Robo Archetype, it could be in a Machina or a Geargia deck? Do you see a good future about that archetype?

    1. Not anytime before the next banlist lol. Plus too few components to it for now, they need more components to work out.