Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Deck] Pure Karakuri

Hi everyone, as what has been requested by our readers, I have finally stop playing the Draw Whore and concentrate on just the pure Karakuris (Was getting abit tired having to spend 3-5 minutes on my starting turn anyway). First up is the deck list! *Click on for more

DSummon's Pure Karakuris March 2013 [41]

Monster [23]

[3] Redox, the Rock Incarnate Dragon
[1]Solar Wind Jammer
[3] Karakuri Ninja Kuick
[2] Karakuri Soldier Nisamu
[1] Karakuri Watchdog Saizan
[2] Psychic Commander
[1] Karakuri Strategist Nishipachi
[2] Karakuri Komachi Ninishi
[2] Karakuri Merchant Inashichi
[3] Maxx C
[3] Effect Veiler

Spell [14]

[3] Instant Fusion
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] De-Synchro
[1] Mind Control
[1] Pot of Avarice
[1] Karakuri Cash Cache
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Book of Moon
[3] Emergency Teleport
[1] My Body as a Shield

Traps [3]

[2] Compulsory Evacuation Device
[1] Solemn Judgement

Tech choices:
3 Maxx C - No Incarnate Dragon spamming for you without me earning something for myself. Not to mention just do the Karakuri usual spamming of like 1-2 Bureidos in the start and Maxx C his first dragon summon, you have the game pretty much set for the win. Also counts as 1 card that you can just spam if you need to reduce a LADD's attack points.

1 Solar Wind Jammer - Just to add on, since even if you have 3 Instant Fusion it may not always be in hand. Tested and havent regretted it so far

Mind Control - Take people's Big Eye and get your stuff back for free. Alternatively take his level 7s and Xyz it. (Any of the Dragons / High Priestess)

Lesser Cash Cache and Merchant - Naturia Beast may be good against Dark World / Spellbook, but Incarnate Dragons, Verz and Fire Fist are seeing the most play in my area currently which these cards do crap against them.

Starform Dragon - Just inside for fun, though i usually dont summon it. Slot is usually Crimson Blader instead for obvious reasons.

No Dark Hole and Limiter Removal - Its just me. By right I should use it but I dont really wanna put stuff that dont contribute to the field building so no Dark Hole for me. As for Limiter Removal, think current meta requires me to play with hands that allows faster field building. Not like Limiter will do much against Incarnate's standard starting field of Drago-Sack with 2 tokens or Spellbook with One Day of Peace or the easily available Spellbook of Fate.

Deck play wise kinda depends on who you play against. Though in most situations you cant go wrong with just spamming as many Bureidos you can in your first turn. Save for a Dark hole

Thats it for the pure Karakuri deck! Hope you enjoy the deck and let me know what you think! As usual, i recommend not taking this deck whole sale but modifying it for your own meta in your region if you intend to use it. (I had random people use our DD Draw Whore on me just last week in YgoPro lol)

On an extra note, above is my score graph for YgoPro. The high ranking jump started when i started using the Draw Whore and the Pure Karakuri deck so the win rates for both decks should speak for themselves lol. If you see my name and we do play, say hi!


  1. how do you think karakuri fair in the current TCG/OCG format

  2. you could compete in a major tournament with this deck?

    1. Sure, why not? Though I probably cant since Im helping to organise all of Singapore's YGO major events

  3. I think u use maxx C only because of incarnate dragons

    1. Maxx C and the Fire Fist (3 star build) actually. Which is currently pretty much the most popular build in Singapore for Fire Fist. Only thing Maxx C doesnt do much for is Verz, but pure Karakuri builds are usually able to handle them anyway.

      Since the deck focus is speed, all you have to do is be faster then your opponents. Which the only deck with potential to be faster and otk is Dragons, would make sense to be anti them in the main deck.

  4. What about back roll hate ?

    1. Incarnate Dragons have 0 back row, while Fire Fist back row are usually all attack modifiers, which Burei typically clears easily. As for Spellbooks, I rather go into more chances to field flood for the win, rather then try and target the right card which is only Fate.

      As i stress out, this build is something I made for the meta in my side. If you are facing alot more backrow in your region you should modify it accordingly.

  5. WarriorOfTheWorthMarch 22, 2013 at 5:48 AM

    DSummon, Y U NO use Karakuri Anatomy or Iron Call?, I totally love using Anatomy for getting some hand advantanges

    1. Anatomy in theory sounds good, since you get to draw even more. However personally, I always seem to draw it after I do finish all my combos from Bureido. I think Anatomy is a, either put 2-3, or dont put at all, so Im in the put none camp lol.

      Iron Call's spot has been replaced by Redox, so no point if you are stuck with a hand full of revival stuff but nothing to get your combo moving. I prefer Redox now since...
      1. Revives anything you want
      2. Not just for 1 turn and maintains effects
      (Getting live Komachi to use is pretty awesome)
      3. Sets up plays much much better then Iron Call.

      E.g. Assuming Grave at least has a Veiler or something after you stop your opponent, you can do stuff like
      1. Summon Merchant, search for Komachi
      2. Discard Komachi with Redox and bring back Komachi
      3. Komachi summon more stuff from hand and proceed to at least Burei + Beast. Throw in Instant Fusion / Solar Wind Jammer somewhere to be awesome

    2. Oh yeah you are talking about the last video from youtube you recently posted when redox reborn komachi, that was amazing for summon the Naturia beast. But I have another question... Is not too much cost using My body as a shield?. I mean you have costs of instant fusion and some damage if you are preparing the counter attack, Why no using two Royal Decree instead?

    3. Royal Decree needs 1 turn which is slow. Since the deck is going for speed no sense adding those. Im kinda between MST and My Body actually, still seeing which one is better.

      So far I have used My Body to protect my monster when my opponent had to use Blaster to shoot of my monsters. Honestly pretty lol stuff.

  6. great deck, i played it yesterday on a regional here, was really hard to beat(of course without redox).

    how much burei is important? if i play on a more 3\5 version with 3 jammers and such, can i avoid the 25$ per burei?

    1. 3 Burei and 3 Bureidos are all really pretty important. When you dont draw Jammers and you have nothing but basics with teleports you will regret the lack of Bureis

  7. This is my build, what do you think about it?
    is for the tcg

    1. Body as a Shield is too much if you are already playing 3 MSTs. Same goes for the Lance. I would also add in 1 more Watchdog and 1 Ninja. Probably reduce 1 Psychic Commander?

      I would still play the 3 Redox in main though regardless. Set Armor and Redox effect revive Strategist to flip Armor can set up lots of crazy plays~

  8. Thanks for your answer, the reason i dont use redox is simple, TCG :(

    1. Sure why not. Redox makes all earth based machine decks that much more spamming and awesome~

  9. If you drop 1 evac you can bring the count down to 40 cards,

    You can then side 1-2 extra evac for elemental dragon match ups if you wish.

  10. Actually with the way the meta is going dropping that book and keeping 2 mained evac may be another way to go

    1. I rather keep the Book over Evac, since it is the main card that lets me get across Veilers. Going into reverse defense is a small issue for Karakuri anyway.

      Recently im liking a 41 card build so I may be sticking with it for awhile maybe?

  11. what is your reasoning on 3 kuick, 2 soldier and only one strategist?

    1. 2/3 kuick and 2/3 soldier is my standard. You need at least 6 level 4s to use Komachi effectively. Watchdog counts as the 6th but only in the event you have Instant Fusion or Wind Jammer.

      1 Strategist is something i'm trying out, because previously I used to play 2. 2 is actually safer in the event that you draw 1 in your starting hand. However especially with the Psychic Commanders there is the chance of drawing too many level 3 tuners in your hand with nothing else.

      Starting hand of 3 Teleports, 2 Komachi and a Watchdog? Been there done that lol.

      Anyway if you are not playing it with Geargias, Strategist doesnt do much except help to kill Ophion. The rest can still be arranged somehow.

  12. @DSummon, strong deck, well things have changed in the current meta where decks like incarnate dragon tops .is hieratics any better???? at this current format?

    1. Depends on you. I prefer Karakuri over Hieratics due to them being Machines obviously lol.

      But seriously, they have the speed to fight with Incarnate Dragons, while being able to make level 8 synchro for Crimson Blader, and also Naturia Beast against Prophecy. Personally if you dont intend to go for the current big 4 (Prophecy, Dragons, Verz, Fire Fist), Karakuri is the best choice imo

  13. Why 3 Veilers @DSummon?? isn't that a bit much?
    and btw, i have a little problem with ophion. any idea?

    1. Useful for current meta in my opinion, mainly for Dragon match ups, where even if you dont have Maxx C, you can at least prevent them building too big a field with Veiler. Furthermore it stops Big Eye. And of course works well against Prophecy.

      Verz is abit problematic, especially since the build in the post above was meant to anti Dragons which preferred to make a turn 1 LADD. To anti Verz, I have made some minor changes (Added another Strategist, Solemn Warning, etc). You might want to consider them?

  14. What do you think about the TCG Karakuri decks ? basically playing 3 from everything ?

    and 2 or 3 commanders is the best in your opinion?(if you have the space for the 3rd :) )

    1. Well, the build has changed a lot, especially since you have to reduce stuff to squeeze in Redox. And even though the pure build with no instant fusion and teleports may have worked out previously, they are pretty crap against Dragons which build way too fast in turn 1, so I think some changes are due.

      Definitely 2 for me. I have drawn 3 teleports and 2 commanders in my hand before. Drawing a 3rd commander would be insult to injury lol. I tend to draw at least a commander in my first hand quite often somehow...

  15. how would a tcg karakuri build look without redox?

    1. No Redox also meaning no imbal Spellbooks and Incarnate Dragons in your meta, means things are easier. Your main meta surrounding would be Mermail, Fire Fist and Verz.

      Going against those decks, I would probably take things abit slower, and go for abit trap heavy with fiendish chain and bottomless. Instant Fusion + Teleport will be left to how fast/slow you prefer your deck to be.

  16. Which is your favorite the OP OLD SCHOOL KMP or this variant ?

    also with what can i replace 3 Redox(when they come out in TCG is expect them to be 100$ a card) :D

    1. i play this version and run very well i won vs mermail and even made the otk

    2. Nothing to replace Redox lol. They help the deck build much much faster seriously.

      I would also rather not play the high level Karakuri. Pretty useless in my opinion, other then if you use them to make Bureidos. I would rather you place in at least 1 Watchdog also in case you need to make 2 Bureidos through Instant Fusion, Komachi and a 4 star basic.

      Lastly, abit more traps needed. My body as a shield and starlight road are pretty useless so might as well play better things like bottomless and warning.

      I never liked KMP lol. My version was with Machines and 2 Grow Up bulbs. And I still like that version the most. If Bulb gets unbanned, I would play that and 3 Redox lol.

  17. Ye I talk about that one :) blub still plant :P :)

    its time for Life Completer 2.0 :)

    1. Bulb is Earth too! Discard Bulb for Redox effect, bring back Burei / Machina Fortress.

      Like a boss~

  18. DSummon i want to ask you as a judge: Can i ask a judge to shuffle my deck if i think my opponent will/can stack it?

    1. Should be possible, but there has to be good reason. If every single player starts requesting for it you are never going to have enough judges.


    This is my build that I will use for a regionals coming up next week, what are your thoughts?

    1. you don't need nanshick, i would replace those two with a watchdog and/or a soldier

  20. what you do vs prophesy? some good side deck cards?

    1. I've been using Droll & Lock Bird and Debunk.

  21. Did you drop Crimson Blader from your build? If so, why?

  22. i think this deck is really good even though i use really pure karakuri (just karakuri monsters) just for the fun of it and still get really nice combos with that.

  23. What exactly are you guys siding out in the e dragon matchup? I side in Imperial Iron Wall, Mind Drain, and Soul Drain, but I feel like siding all that in hurts more than helps(6-9 cards total). when I do that, I don't generally get everything I want or I get too much counter. advise?

  24. Karakurid deck August2013-till unknown.
    main deck:41
    3 ninishi
    3 strategist
    3 genex ally remote/ morfotronic remoten(the second one is earth,here come the naturias)
    2 Nanashick
    3 solar wind jammer
    2 Kuick
    2 Merchant
    1 Nisamu
    1 heavy storm
    1 monster reborn
    1 pot of avarice
    3 machine duplication
    3 instant fusion
    3 de-synchro
    2 mst
    1 solemn judgement
    1 solemn warning
    2 mind drain
    2 trap stun
    2 compulsory evacuation device

    Extra deck:15
    3 soul drain
    1 mind drain
    1 compulsory evacuation device
    1 trap stun
    2 iron call
    1 mst/dark hole
    2 cyber dragon
    1 nisamu
    2 veiler
    1 sazank
    extra deck:15
    3 bureido(or 2 bureidos 1 landloise)
    2 burei
    1 naturia beast
    1 naturia barkion
    1 stardust dragon
    1 black rose dragon
    1 scrap dragon
    1 catastor
    2 cyber saurus
    1 fusionist
    1 chimeratech fortress.

    The deck is tested on dn.Pretty consistent,single minded approach and effective.Not quite sure between 2 veilers on side deck or 2 fiendish chain.Mind drain on main deck is really killer.No dragons,no priestess(yes,
    priestess has to activate an effect in hand in order to be summonned).
    I have tried out the neutron build.Pretty good but cannot catch up with fast decks.
    Checking it out,you have 9 tuner targets for machine duplications and 6 cards to special summon the lv 5 other words bureidos come like nothing.
    The lv 5 karakuri is just amazing,extra bureido from the main deck and the party is getting started with the combo duplication,ninishi,nanashick in hand.
    I have never sided the iron calls too,but i like it as a card.pretty damn cool.Dont know if it's a side or main deck card.
    I've tried out the teleport build.extreme speed but unstaible when it comes to the teleports.possible dead draws.

    No doubt that karakuris are gonna always be a usefull back up deck.

  25. *sazank is an option in side for having easier barkion.

  26. great build

    @dsummon can u build another deck for karakuri in TCG Format september 2013? , i want to use it as reference for my karakuri because i use it for tournament next month in my city.

    and why no stardust , no MST , and no backrow destroyer just Heavy Storm ?

    thanks for the reply :)