Thursday, March 28, 2013

Away to MonHun

As above.

Both of us went to get ourselves the game.

There will probably be less updates from now since our time will be spent in MonHun world instead of YGOpro or anything Yugioh.

I'm not sure about DSummon but I've been playing nonstop since Monday ~_~

It's really one of those period where there is nothing interesting going on! Incarnate Dragons was hype, but everyone is playing it now so it kinda takes away the fun for me.

Will probably be back to regular posting when the next booster is out in I dunno, 2 weeks (or is it 3 lol).

Meanwhile I will still be doing mini updates on my twitter every weekend as I play locals or randomly posting yugioh nonsense. 

Post hijack by DSummon:

Shall still play YgoPro when Im at home and play Monhun when im outdoors. However nothing much new from me right now since I'm just playing around with Karakuri and havent had much interest in the other new stuff. (No interest to test out Phantom Beast Planes since I know theres more new stuff coming out in the next pack too)

Probably will have something random new once YgoPro updates with SD Robo in the program lol. Unless anyone has any suggestions for me to try out? (Limited to Machine decks and hopefully something fast, since slow decks die to all the Dragon decks flying all over the place in YgoPro)


  1. I love you now.

  2. Hey Duelingdays - please check out my deck and give it a go. It got me to the top 10 on duelingnetwork ;)

    Basically it combines Tempest/Lightning with Monarchs. It has several small engines as you can see. Essentially it is a Rank 6/7 spam deck :D

    Here's an example of its explosiveness:
    Discard Lightning+Griffin; Special Tempest+Windaar. Tribute Tempest for a Monarch. Go into Rank 6 (normally M7 and then recycle the Monarch), then special summon Tempest from grave.

    If you have any card ideas please share them :)

  3. Hi DuelingDays !
    I've come up with a Deck too. Well, as you did a Fabled Draw Whore, I was thinking about if you could not come up with a new version, a Librarian is still alive but mostly because of Collapsarpent the Ebony Dragon.
    I gave it a try and damn it, it works a lot. Even with a "bad" hand you can come up with interesting inputs (to the extent you can even play with Volcasaurus to more BOOM).
    In one turn it's quite realistic to have already 2 Ragin on the field without even counting the searching of Ivory/Ebony. Or 1 Librarian and a Ragin for a nice +3.
    That's even the only Deck where Special Summoning Kushano from the hand with TGU can be useful (Hi Leviair, please allow me to spam moar). I'm waiting for Transturn to be available so I can have more options (Kushano into Grimro if you have some interesting thing in your hand, Ebony into Darkflare, more easier Xyz 5)

    Here is a Decklist so you can have an idea of what I'm talking about :

    (BLS wasn't much of an interesting choice so I decided to remove it for more tricks)

  4. What weapons do you guys use in monster hunter?

    1. Baha generally uses Katana while I pretty much use Duals all the time