Monday, March 18, 2013

Star Form Dragon... So easy!

Preferred version, comes with 1 card draw
Step 1: Bureido summon method of choice (Instant fusion + Lv 3 tuner or whatever you like)
Step 2: Bureido calls Strategist, draw 1
Step 3: Bureido + Strategist = Star Form Dragon

Alternate version without draw
Step 1: Burei summon method of choice (Komachi + Lv 4 Karakuri, Lv 4 Machine + Teleport etc)
Step 2: Burei calls Watchdog
Step 3: Burei + Watchdog = Star Form Dragon

So easy~
Bad ending Step 4
Opp does Big Eye TCG and steals Star Form away. Sure to happen!


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  1. what is your preferred version of karakuri now that is competetive?

    1. The Draw Whore or the back to basics Instant Fusion + Teleport build. Both are explosive enough to clear away your opponent's fields and still deal enough damage for the win.

      In the Draw Whore case is just generating so much advantage that your opponent cannot come back even if you cant win in that turn due to Tomahawk's jank no damage effect.

  2. how about the first build in which you included geargias?

    1. Hmmmm, the Geargia build is quite explosive too, problem is it takes 1 turn to setup usually to gain advantage through Armor. In today's meta of Spellbooks and Incarnate Dragons, that 1 turn can be quite fatal.

      Not to mention that build doesnt have a good way of clearing Ophion effectively, other then through Maestroke. I actually find Ophion relatively ok to clear when im using basic Karakuris. (Strategist + Ninja, 4 star Karakuri + limiter etc)

      Well, generally im a speed demon, and I usually prefer the deck that can be faster.

  3. Are the lists / duel videos of the singapore qualifier coming up anytime soon? patiently waiting :D

  4. you should do a starform spam video that would be interesting to see

  5. How is the new fiend deck in JOTL

  6. TG Striker + Agent Venus + Shine Ball + Shine Ball + Shine Ball = Starform Dragon, plus Krystia, cause you have exactly 4 fairies :D

  7. Please, we are waitin' for the karakur stable version. So please do it

  8. Debris Dragon + Elemental Dragon say Hi

  9. Tour Guide into Garbage Ogre. Bounce Ogre for Birdman. Pitch Ogre for Garbage Lord. Special Summon Garbage Lord. Sync all 3 for Starform.