Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Transturn bbq awesome

Next awesome card to look out for in JOTL, especially in the land of machines, is definitely not the SD Robo archetype. Instead, expect this spell card to make waves... Here's Transturn!

Normal Spell

Send 1 monster you control to the graveyard to activate. Special summon 1 monster from your deck with the same attribute and type as the sent monster, but 1 level higher. You can only activate 1 "Transturn" per turn

So what are some of the awesome stuff you can do?

Main combo -
1. Summon Karakuri Merchant, search for Soldier / Ninja / Merchant
2. Transturn into Komachi
3. Summon again your Soldier / Ninja / Merchant
4. Make your Burei / Landoise / Beast / Catastor (Beast and Castor comes with another search too!)
5. Throw in Instant Fusion / Solar Wind Jammer for feel good factor

Anti Verz move:
1. Summon Komachi, summon again Strategist and turn Ophion to defense
2. Transturn Komachi or Strategist to Ninja
3. Ninja kills Ophion and proceed to do Karakuri flood

Main point of this card is it prevents you from getting jammed hands. Only have Komachi in hand? Transturn 1 away for a basic! And of course in the other way round where you have no tuners, just turn Merchant into tuners and field flood. Really good tutor card in my opinion.

Expect to see this card turning up in tournaments more often. It does more then boost Karakuris obviously. Necro revive Archfiend, then Transturn Necro into another Archfiend sounds imbal much? I'll leave that to Baha to post another day, after he's out of Monhun land lol


  1. I've been teching tannhauser gate in my infernity deck and it works wonders, bannish infernity general to ss necro and avenger, play tann haus both lvl 4 and synch for 8 or if you have a grepher on board, shock masta plays if not a rank for play.

  2. I've read baha's Transturn combos on twitter and I was really amazed. 3 barrier = gg

    Karakuri just became tastier.

  3. and if you have some time, please read my blog. I can't promise quality content, but I know my stuff.

  4. Machine era perhaps ?
    Or Maybe the Fabled Era *w*
    Will have to test it on the Fabled deck XD