Friday, February 8, 2013

Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy spoilers

It's here!!!! Somewhat lol. Seems like someone in Japan has released the info early. The info isnt here, since it came in bits and pieces, so head over to YES to check out the info for all the posts today. (And support by liking the page, yes I'm doing a commercial here lol)

Some notable cards (Click on the card name for image):

Normal Trap
Special summon 2 monsters with "Geargiano" in its name from your deck. The monsters special summoned by this effect has their level increased by 1. Only 1 Geargiagia can be activated per turn

The only one I'm posting image for cause I'm biased lol. 1 card Gigant X with no trade off, search for Gearframe and summon blah. 1 card for 3 is way too delicious.

Mental Drain

Permanent Trap.
Pay 1000 lifepoints as cost. While this card is on the field, monster effects cannot be activated from hand.

Stops Maxx C and Veiler, with some additional goodness of stuff like Megalo, Wind-up Shark, Honest. Pretty wide list come to think of it.

Forgotten Object

Normal Trap
When a face up attack position monster on the opponent's field activates it's effect, you can activate this card. Negate the activated effect and turn the monster to defense mode.

Cheap Divine Wrath, though won't do any good against Declarer lol. However against most other decks this is pretty good stuff! Turn that Fire Fist Bear to defence mode when it tries to destroy your monster!

Burning Ocean (Top right card)

You may activate when there is a level 7 or higher Water or Fire attribute monster on your field. Depending on the attribute, activate the following effects.
Water - Special summon as many water attribute monsters as you can that were discarded to grave to activate a monster effect. After that, select 1 monster on your field and destroy it.
Fire - Select 1 monster on the field and destroy it. After that, if you have more then 1 card in your hand, select 1 card and discard it to grave.

With Megalo this already becomes a +1. Lets not talk about all the other spamming you will do if you also say, summon an Undine and suddenly its +2 by itself. Way too cheese, though it seems to have nothing to do with Diva. Perhaps a sign that Diva will get ban hammer soon?

King Gremlin

Dark/Reptile/Rank 4/2300/2000
Level 4 monsters x 2
Once per turn, you may remove 1 xyz material from this card to activate. Add 1 reptile monster from your deck to hand.

Gigant X for Reptiles. Nuff said

Shark Kraken

You may release 1 water attribute monster on your field to special summon this card from hand.

Effect seems simple... Then suddenly you think of Diva... Easy Stardust or any level 8 FTW

Level Modifier Rizbelt (Center card)

When this card is special summoned succesfully, select 1 face up monster on the field to activate. Until the end phase, the selected monster has its level increased by up to 3

2 E. Teleport makes for rank 3 to 6 or synchro from level 5 to 9. Suddenly Tele Plane deck makes loads of sense

Dragon Fang Rejuvenation (Right card)

Normal Trap
Select 1 of your removed from game Dragon type monster and add it to hand.

With all the Elemental Dragons flying around, way too delicious. Deserving of its Normal Rare status

Thats all the notable cards that got spoilers. The rest should have already been mentioned in Shriek so wont comment on them. Honestly any of the card above could probably have Super Rare status but the 4 Elemental Dragons and the Treasure Sword filled up the spaces (with good reason). Someone sell me Redox and Tempest when you get it please!!


  1. I know youll gonna feature the geargia carrier (like a gundam or voltes 5 carrier lelz)...a big boost for geargia archtype

  2. Geargiagia is too tasty. Giagia+Accel is even tastier.

    Another card I'm looking out for is King Gremlin. Does this mean that the next archetype is gonna be Reptile-based? hmmmm.

  3. Well, we all assumed it would be Light due to the title, but Judgment of the Light may also mean the darkness that judges the light (so a DARK set).
    But all in all, Lord of the Tachyongalaxy is an amazing set if I look at it this way. :-O

    1. Its gonna be a blue set, and history says all blue set blows.