Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LTGY love for Karakuri Geargias

Remember this deck or this deck? What happens if you add in some Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy love?

Field: Geargia-Gear set
Hand: Redox, the Rock Incarnate Dragon + Geargiarmor / Karakuri Strategist / random earth if Strategist is in grave

Step 1: Activate Geargia-Gear, SP 2 Geargiano / MKII
Step 2: Make Gigant X and search for Strategist / Armor whichever's missing
Step 3: Set Armor as your once per turn
Step 4: Redox effect discard Strategist as cost, target Strategist
(Confirmed legit based on Konami's official site image)
Step 5: Strategist effect, flip Armor, search Accel
Step 6: SP Accel
Step 7: Synchro Accel and Strategist for Burei, SP Watchdog
Step 8: Armor effect set itself back face down
Step 9: Burei effect flip Armor again, search another Accel
Step 10: Accel + Watchdog makes Bureido, SP another Watchdog
Step 11: Armor + Watchdog makes another Bureido, SP Strategist, Strategist turns, 2 Bureidos nets 2 card draw

3 cards gives you 5 monster field + 2 draws

Gigant X (2300) + Burei (2600) + Bureido (2800) + Bureido (2800) + Strategist (500) = 11,000 bbq attack power

Unhappy people can make 2 Burei instead of 2 Bureido and add in some Big Eye / Drago-sack action, though that wont be enough for game. Do only if you know he has some Gorz/Trago etc in hand.
(Just dont summon Strategist but use the 2nd Burei's effect to draw 1 instead so that you have space for the 2 tokens)

Redox can be replaced with double summon if everything is in hand. But obviously Redox is much better since you can revive the Armor / Strategist from grave, whichever you are missing. Then following turn remove all the Earth monsters to bring back Redox for more Big Eye / Drago-Sack. So good!!

Yum~~~ Will have a deck ready for this soon!


  1. step 9.5 remove 2 earth monster from grave special summon Redox and xyz with burei

    1. Sadly doesnt work out, since Redox (and the other elemental dragons) have been confirmed that you can only get 1 of its effects once per turn

  2. Can't wait to see your deck list, the potential around that trap card is crazy. :)

  3. Geargia-Gear is extremly good, but the broken plays allowed by the new 4 Elementals Dragons are just crazy...

  4. hi ds summon you can also otk with 2 cards only ..using geargiarmor and geargigear

    geargiarmor + geargigear= 3 Giganto X + 1 Geargia monster = 8k+ damage

    1.Flipup your facedown geargiarmor ,add 1st accel
    2.Special 1st accel then Exceed to 1st giganto x, add 2nd accel (or add the previous accel in grave)
    3.Activate geargiagear to summon 2 geargiano monsters (geargiano and mk2 )
    4.Special 2nd accel exceed with geargiano to 2nd Geargiganto x,search for accel then special summon it(to setup giganto 2nd effct with geargiano in grave) Field : 2 Giganto X + 1 Mk2 + Accel
    5. Exceed 3rd Accel and giano to Giganto X then add Mk2 or arsenal or armor
    A. Mk2 - summon mk2 exceed for silvermountain freeze 1 backrow
    B. Arsenal - go for damage
    C. Armor - exact 8k damage

    Field : 3 Giganto X + Option A,B or C = 8k damage or more

    1. Yeah but the combo involves 2 cards being set previously while the above mention just needs Geargia-Gear set. Much easier for a trap to survive then a monster on the field.

      The OTK is easy. It's the profits with Bureido and stuff that makes the difference lol. In case opp has stuff on the field or stuff like that.

  5. Aren't the elemental dragons an inherent summon, not an effect? So you can still use on of its effects, then special summon it from the grave by removing two? I am not sure. It reminds me of light pulsar dragon who can special itself from the graveyard and it can't be negated by dolkka.

    1. The rulings will only be out this Saturday when the set is 'officially released' so nobody can confirm anything. But the wording on the dragons make the summoning an effect, not inherent, thats pretty much for sure.


      発動 means to activate. So yup

    2. So do we know now whether its inherent summon or effect?

    3. It is effect, as written on the card.

  6. Machina Fortress for more bbq? XD

    This is why I consider you as my master DS! You make playing machines so much fun.

    1. All being planned for lol. Wait for my decklist to appear soon~

      Redox is like another machine in Machinas. Just throw Redox and any earth / Fortress itself and you can summon Fortress too

    2. i am so excited for the decklist. ~

  7. Now we need the Cat that loved by everyone back.

  8. how many geargia-gear & geargiano's?

  9. suggestions?