Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year & I'm back!

Happy new year to our readers~ And yes I'm back! For those who didnt catch my last post, basically I got married and just came back from my honeymoon from Japan! Not going to do a long post here on my whole trip since it was filled with tons of none YGO stuff, considering I was with my wife. People who are interested and have my FB account can check it out for tons of photos and stuff.

In the mean time... Here are some purchases I made, including those for friends, for the shop, and even some stuff for tournaments to be coming up soon in Singapore. Here they are... *Drum roll*

So what are the huge stacks of stuff at the bottom? Basically all the stuff from the Jump promotion pack given out at Jump Fiesta on 22/23 Dec. I didnt get to go, but still managed to buy back all the stuff. *No, im not selling any of these since they are mostly for other people so dont ask me*

Notable purchases:

1. Found the translucent black sleeves finally. Didnt get to buy any when I went back in August, was running out
2. Got myself a Volcan, pretty much best generic level 6 synchro there is right now I would say
3. PP15 synchros are cool, thinking of how I can abuse Fairy Dragon, Ancient with Geartown madness
4. Main purchases for my deck is 3 each of Spiritual Wind Technique, Token Sundae and Token Christmas with 2 Ancient Forest (Already have 1) in prep for Phantom Beast Planes. Dont think Im gonna use all of them but they were cheap, so...
5. Finally got a Direwolf for myself. Not very much cheaper then SG but well, why not.

So for now, basically working on getting back my feel for machine decks by playing with Karakuris. Will probably try out Dnet also to think on the Phantom Beast Planes... Cant wait!


  1. Congratz on the marriage, hope you had a fun honeymoon trip with your wife ;-)

  2. @ds- where did u get those white black sleeves ?
    @baha - get married Liao

  3. congrats ;)

    and can you share your FB here?

  4. @mike - Quite a few of the stores in Akihabara have it actually. Just that for some reason when i went in August for Worlds pretty much all were sold out

    @Paradise - You can search for Anders Koh. Do note though, usually it is pretty inactive lol. And it does not have much YGO stuff on it.

    @everyone else - Thanks for the well wishes~

  5. Congratulations! Please share your fb

  6. What's the name of the brand of those translucent sleeves? I've wanted some for ages, but Europe basically only has Ultra Pro =/

  7. So DSummon what is your next deck gonna be?

  8. @Pewsily Brand name is A'class

    @anonymous Probably straight into Phantom Beast Planes, taking it slow since I'm quite busy with some other plans right now for YGO in Singapore

  9. DSummon , just wanna ask u is chaos dragon good?

  10. Lol, you should probably ask Baha. He has had alot of good plays done with the deck so far.

  11. but i see so many different kinda chaos dragon. but i wonder y some plays trap and some never play. and some plays destiny hero with it . so confusing hahas