Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brain overload from Phantom Beast Planes

Building the deck for Phantom Beast Planes is starting to make my brain go into overload. Why? Let's count the ways...

Karakuri build
Unknown Synchron + Tether-Wolf = Bureido + Burei + random Karakuri + 1 draw

Ancient Forest build
Ancient Forest + Ham-Strato (With Mega-raptor in grave) = Ham-Strato + Mega-Raptor + Tether-Wolf  with 2 tokens for some field flood with destruction immunity and you can even make Gustav Max

Grave mill build
Debris Dragon brings back Ray-Stealth for level 7 synchros (which you can mix with field cards for Fairy Dragon, Ancient abuse). Of course Card Trooper will also fit in nicely
Foolish Burial Dandylion fits in here nicely, throwing in tokens
Heck, even milling Phantom Beast Cross-Wing sounds awesome lol.

Random synchro spam
Deep Sea Diva + previously set Ham-Strato = Hyper Librarian + Scrap Dragon / Catastor to exceed into rank 5 + 1 draw

Aerial Charge token spam
Aerial Charge + Magic Planter = Free tokens + draw 2. (Throw in some Mega-Raptor on field action for cool stuff). Even better, throw in some Birdman action to Volcan bounce Aerial Charge for more token spamming)

These are already some of the builds I am thinking of, and I'm not even counting the other builds which are not really on my radar currently, such as...

1. Mist Valley Falcon mixed in with Aerial Charge. Throw in some Fiendish Chain / COTD for good measure
2. Divine Wind of Mist Valley combined with Genex Alley Birdman
3. Ultimate Offering + Mega-Raptor + Tether-wolf for bbq otk (may change my mind on this one though)
4. High level monster build (LADD seems to be popular on Dnet)
5. Machine Duplication build (Ray-Stealth, Card Trooper)
6. Machina mix build (Makes for easy rank 7s)

Honestly the more I think about the deck, the more brain burnout I get. I will probably take some time to test everything out till I find a build that I like. Anyway this kinda reminds me back when Karakuri first came out and I had all the crazy ideas to explore, which is good fun.


  1. HamStrato + Chaos Infinity + Karakuri

    I think it's your favourtie

    1. Activate Chaos Infinity flip Hamstrato get 2 tokens and a Meklord.

      Summon a tuner, tune it to Meklord for Burei/Bureido, get out Saizan.

      Repeat with the 2 tokens, get a field of Burei/Bureido, 2 Burei, Hamstrato and a random Karakuri.

      Xyz or whatever with Hamstrato to finish out

    2. Eh, I think Ancient Forest will fit in better, compared with Chaos Infinity for the deck. Not to mention having to set both for 1 turn first in the current meta is way too slow...

  2. Excellent combos DSummon! Just wondering why you are so enthusiastic in building machine-based decks (Karakuris, Machinas, Phantom Beast Planes). And sigh, because more and more people will emulate your posted combos in DN


    I'm testing a mix of the R7 spam with the Karakuri Synchs and Fortress to beat opponent's to a pulp. Only problem I have with this is the inevitable "tuner hand" every once in a while. And the obvious weakness to hand traps.

    1. Hmmm, you may want to remove the Haipa and 1 Saizan. You can also consider removing 1 Fortress, since 2 will be sufficient. Good replacement can be cards like Veiler (Emergency tuner + hand trap). Considering you have Unknown Synchron + Fortress in your first hand, just 1 Saizan and 1 Strategist will be enough for 2 Bureidos with draw.

      Might reduce your tuner hand issue?

    2. Thanks for the tip. Deck runs really smoothly now.

      And I can't believe I didn't put in Black Falcon+Miyabi. I'm really loving Black Falcon and Tether-Wolf.

  4. What about Cyber Valley?
    I always think of ways to abuse this card and a Phantom Beast Plane Duplication built seems like a good way to do that =)

    What are your thoughts on that?

    1. By right I would like the idea, since it is easy to draw with the tokens. However, this deck runs pretty slow right now for today's meta even without Cyber Valley so im not that keen on it.

      Not to mention PBP's only dup candidate is Ray Stealth which is not the most exciting since it's level 3.

  5. Oh, and before I forget: Falcon Built with Safe Zone-ing your Tokens anyone?

    1. Nah, would rather have more cards that can generate tokens compared to protecting them

  6. Unknown Synchron + Tether-Wolf = Bureido + Burei + random Karakuri + 1 draw

    How exactly does this work?

    You summon Unknown with his effect or with One for One, normal summon Tether-Wolf, special summon a Token. The Token boosts Tether Wolf's level to 5.

    You now have level 1+5+3(=9) which isn't capable of going into Burei or Bureido, let alone giving you the option of both.

    I only just now looked up the Phantom Beast Planes, so I could be missing something.

    1. Tether wolf becomes 7.

      Tether wolf (4) + Level of token (3)