Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chaos Ninja continues

Seen an increase in users other than me, but feedback says the bad hand rate is high. Not denying it since I also draw shit hands all the time and the deck rely heavily on Hanzo to get things started.

After my miserable performance last week for Top Shop and a speculated increase of Verz decks after its Victory in the Top Shop tournament, you would expect me to change deck.

But no!

Participants: 29
5 round swiss + top 8

Round 1: Vs Mermail
Win die roll
1: Shit hand, set Debris end. Got escalated by Megalo + double Dragoon + double Diva and a Moulin. Wtf??
2: Had a set Call of Haunted, Hanzo in grave and 2 Gold Ninja in hand. Wanted to open during the end phase because I don't want to get another Gold Ninja. And then I tell myself that life is not that horrible. And then I drew my third Gold Ninja. WTF! I somehow won that by making Excalibur to clear the Megalo equipped with Armory Arm.
3: Sazabi is best Mermail SG. Just look at game 1.

Round 2: Vs Windup
Lose die roll
1: He had nothing going on and got beat to death by Hanzo
2: Pretty much the same as game 1.

Round 3: Vs Windup
Lost die roll
1: I drew boss hand, and he poked me with Rabbit and Warrior with a insane teched Robbing Goblin.
2: Kinda forgot wat happened but there was no Magician Shark going on.
3: He had Factory, Magician and Papilo. I tell myself if I dont OTK this turn I am dead. I made 2 Lavalval Chains, M7 to bounce Papilo, called Pulsar again and a Zephyrus for the OTK since he had only 6400 from Zephyrus direct attack previous turn.

Round 4: Vs Verz
1: Ophion got killed by Maestroke, he made another Ophion. After finishing his Ophion materials he summon Dark Armed which I cleared using Hanzo and Super Transformation. Shortly won after that since he ran out of monsters while I maintain my advantage.
2: The same thing happened since I side decked into more of a Rank 4 XYZ beat deck instead of focusing on the Chaos monsters. I outlasted Verz wooo

Round 5: Full Monster Agent with Gallis/Birdman/Doom trio
Lose die roll
1: Won because Super Transformation too good
2: I got infinite looped by the Gallis/Birdman/Doom trio. lol
3: Triple Veiler and Hanzo easily wins the game. But still, damn you Shaun! How can you Gallis me!

Top 8: Vs Mermail
Won die roll
1: Well timed Maxx C on his Diva, and he clearly had nothing to do since he made Gantetsu and I drew even more and OTK on the next turn.
2: I did a very stupid Maxx C on his Sphere and got escalated next turn by Moulin + Leedabyss + Daigusto Phoenix + Marksman.
3: First turn set Mind Crush and Compulsory. He Allured and I Mind Crushed for Genex Controller. Auto win.

Top 4: Vs Mermail
Won die roll
1: He bad hand with 2 Spheres into Linde into Megalo twice since he had no water monster to throw. But Hanzo too good.
2: My hand wasn't amazing since its all boss monsters and I got beaten by Air Orca till I drew Reborn on my Zephyrus and tribute summoned the Pulsar in hand to kill it. The Pulsar died shortly when he used Megalo summon discarding Heavy Infantry which I negated with Solemn Warning. He summoned Diva and I CED on Marksman to prevent heavy damage. With no set back row, I summoned the BLS in hand by removing the 2 and chopped Diva and a direct attack for the win.

Top 2: Vs Chaos Dragon
We went to have dinner instead since it was after 10 pm


After playing against so many matches against Mermail since its release, I finally pulled off the Mind Crush declaring Genex Controller during an Allure in a tournament.

And against Jonas, making it extra delicious lol \o/ \o/ \o/


  1. that mind crush allure play was amazing

  2. I've got a couple questions about ninjitsu art of super transformation. When the monster is removed the ninjitsu stays on the field? Also if the ninjitsu art leaves the field and the monster already off the field, is it still banished?

  3. Robbin' Goblin insane tech. Nice!

  4. Can we get a profile on the deck? o:


  5. I'm working on a dark simotgh deck called sim city and it ain't doing to bad :3 trying to revamp it some and add sum destruction to it incase I dnt open with a simorgh play I can blow shit up and clear the way for when hanzo+trans is opened. So far its jus a control version.

  6. at this situation is the old decks like karakuri able to compete with decks like this? i don't think so anymore i guess....

  7. Baha, when u attend a turnament in SG, can u use TCG card or mix between ocg and tcg? Or u must use full ocg deck?