Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ninja Chaos Dragons

[2] Tragoedia
[1] BLS
[1] Dark Armed Dragon
[3] Light Pulsar Dragon
[1] Chaos Sorcerer
[3] Hanzo
[3] Upstart Gold Ninja
[1] BF Zephyrus
[2] Debris Dragon
[2] Card Trooper
[1] Eclipse Wyvern
[1] Armageddon Knight
[1] Sangan
[2] Maxx C
[1] Effect Veiler

[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Reinforcement of the Army
[1] Foolish Burial
[3] MST

[3] Compulsory Evacuation Device
[3] Call of the Haunted
[3] Ninjitsu Art of Super Transformation
[1] Solemn Judgment


[1] Iron Chain Dragon
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Trident Dragion
[1] Gemknight Pearl
[1] HC Excalibur
[1] Blade Armor Ninja
[1] Maestroke
[1] Black Corn
[1] Shock Master
[1] Verz Ouroboros
[1] Queen Dragun
[2] Lavalval Chain
[1] Terror Fang Direwolf
[1] Sacred Ptolemys M7


I think I can safely say my favourite deck of the format is Chaos Dragons as opposed to the popular Windups and Mermails.

So here are some card explanations.

[Light Pulsar Dragon]

The theme monster of Chaos Dragons and the deck is built around it. Pulsar is rarely dead since it can be special summoned in multiple ways. The usual banishing of Light+Dark in grave or by discarding a Light+Dark from hand. Very important to remember the second summoning condition because the bad cards in your hand like Zephyrus and Eclipse Wyvern can be used to special summon Pulsar. In addition to that, there is also Ninjitsu Art to fetch it from the deck. Very flexible even though there is only REDMD for its revival target.


Self explanatory. Synergy with Pulsar and it is 2800 huge.

[BLS/Chaos Sorcerer]

Signature Chaos monsters that are also self explanatory.


Not Gorz since there are so many potential traps that will be stuck on the field. Has to be in since the traps are pretty weak.


The main engine of the deck. Searches Ninjitsu Art which will get your different dragons and it is a removal on its own. Also searches Upstart Golden Ninja on Special or Flip summon which is another component of this Ninja engine. Overall, too good of a card since it will almost always get you a +1.

[Upstart Golden Ninja]

Light monster as opposed to the Dark attribute Hanzo which automatically spells "Chaos". Able to fetch Hanzo, and Hanzo will search another Golden Ninja when special summoned which means you just did a +1. Also XYZ into many different Rank 4 monsters and access to escalating monsters like Blade Armor Ninja and HC Excalibur.

Even when useless and stuck in hand, you can discard it for Pulsar special summons.

[Card Trooper]

Automatic inclusion in any Chaos decks really. Synergy with Debris Dragon for Black Rose plays.

[Debris Dragon]

When you think Card Trooper you would think of Debris Dragon since they are such good friends. Another reason why it is maxed is because it can also pull Upstart Golden Ninja, enabling one card XYZ. Other targets to pull would be Maxx C to make Iron Chain Dragon.

Can be banished to Special summon REDMD from hand and OTK when combined with Pulsar to synchro summon into Trident Dragion.

[BF Zephyrus]

Another card that generates card advantage and there are so many plays you can do with it.
- Bouncing back Maxx C after a Debris pull, getting you your Maxx C back in hand and an XYZ summon.
- Bouncing back dead traps on the field like Call of the Haunted or Ninjitsu Art to be reused or to be discarded for Gold Ninja effect.
- Discard self for Pulsar summons and other creative plays

[Armageddon Knight]

Discard Zephyrus or REDMD for grave set up. It is also conveniently Dark and Warrior which fits just right in. You can do plays like discarding Zephyrus, and then bouncing back traps as explained above, followed by XYZ summon.

[Eclipse Wyvern]

Able to search REDMD or Dark Armed. Easily accessible from Foolish Burial, Lavalval Chain or summoned via Ninjitsu Art.

[Call of the Haunted]

MST bait when combined with Trooper/Sangan, get Hanzo for Gold Ninja, special boss monsters. reuse with Zephyrus, discards for Gold Ninja and so on. I don't know what else to tell you.

[Compulsory Evacuation Device]

Awesome combination with Hanzo. Transform opposing monster, chain CED on your own Hanzo, get Eclipse. Resummon Hanzo, get another Art, XYZ into Chain. Dump Eclipse to mill whatever, Eclipse banish REDMD/DAD and you are going to have Light+Dark in grave if Chain dies. Set up is complete!

[Lavalval Chain]

Two copies are included since it is so easy to summon and in case the first get destroyed before using its effect. Chain is kind of a key monster in this deck since controlling your grave is important to a Chaos deck. Stacking BLS/DAD to the top of the deck is also skillful.

I don't think I need to explain the rest of the extra deck since they are all generic good Rank 4 XYZ monsters.


The reason why I prefer this version over the Lightsworn Engine is the unreliable mills. Card Trooper also gives me shitty mills but at least it will kill something and replaces itself.

In theory this deck doesn't have any bad match ups other that EvilswarmOphionMacroWTF deck, not that anyone is playing it. Overall the deck is less sacky and you have control on what you want to do, plus it has so many plays (including genius ones lol).

TL;DR - Chaos Dragon with easy access to Rank 4 XYZ toolbox.


  1. What do you side? Also, did you figure out any changes you'd make to the deck?

  2. Well, the deck does look strong, but Agents still kinda crap all over the entire deck. Hyperion and Kristya are damn good cards. Super Transform does beat out Hyperion, but Kristya still wins in the end.

  3. How about putting in Breakthrough Skill? Good discard for Golden Ninja and counts as two effect veilers.

    1. I'll probably consider it if I need to deal with problem monsters like Thunder King or Kristya.

  4. 1) "Awesome combination with Hanzo. Transform opposing monster, chain CED on your own Hanzo, get Eclipse. Resummon Hanzo, get another Art, XYZ into Chain. Dump Eclipse to mill whatever". Just wana clarify, how do u get eclipse to hand n dump another copy to gy using chain when u play 1 copy in deck only?

    2) Also, the deck size being @ 43, do u have high bad hand rates? Or perhaps need to stall longer for your combo pieces to be drawn?

    1. 1)I meant it as detach Wyvern and mill another thing.

      2) 43 is working fine for me. The deck is very flexible.

      Drawing Hanzo is good in any situation.
      Drawing Gold Ninja with some traps can also make plays.
      Drawing Card Trooper itself is not a dead card.
      The only bad hand that cannot be played is drawing 5 boss monsters.

  5. Wouldn't raioh stop hanzo plays?

  6. Do you quit when people open Macro on you if you play Dark world/Mermail?

  7. Haha xD I'm surprised that you use Dueling Network, Baha xD
    I thought you would use either YgoPro :]
    Anyway, Good to see you're playing ninja xD

  8. just a curious question, at this stage, is infernity still strong?

  9. Have you guys done any testing with fire fist yet? I have been testing an anti meta build and i've been very happy with the results. the builds that revolve around saint and chicken are pretty good too though. I just wanted to make use of a core three monsters heavy traps and wind-up rabbits

  10. Why not plaguespreader zombie??!! What would your side be for tcg if i can ask???!! Thanks and keep up the good work with the blog!!

  11. You'd want to explain to me Why you doesn't use Dark Hole? and Why Not Tour Guide? Thanks

  12. Hello, can you tell me if u are stil playing this deck and if you have made any changes to it :)?
    (Testing ur build and I like it a lot, TCG though..)

    Can you explain:
    Why use foolish burial? wouldn't it be better to cut it off and get the count down to 42? or add Dark hole?

    If Tour guides would fit in this deck, and if yes, what would u remove for them (2 guides + 1 night assailt, rank 3 xyz will replace the ocg xyz monsters).

    Why 3 mst over 2 forbidden lances?

    1. MST can be chained to Tenki and Abyssphere

    2. I have also cut Foolish Burial for more veilers.

  13. Can u post/link an updated version of ur deck:)?

    Btw. I'd cut foolish and 1 CED for + 1 veiler, +1 dark hole. Card count still seems a bit high, was thinking about cutting either 1 trooper or 1 debris dragon, ur take on that?

    Btw. How often do u get trident dragion out? Was thinking about replacing both debris, 1 of each ninja and maybe all traps (except ninja art) with tour guide engine:o.

    1. Pretty often since You can easily get debris from ninja art.

      If you have 2 ninja art and you can activate both on 2 different monster with 1 hanzo you can get easy Pulsar + debris right there.

      CED is maxed out because of the amount of XYZ oriented deck currently. (Windup, lswarm/verz, upcoming Garunix spam SD)

  14. 2 ninja art on same hanzo? or 2 different hanzo?

  15. ^ You can do it on the same Hanzo, because the targeting is the cost/activation.This is split from the effect via semi-colon on the card. Basically, you can chain to the first cost/activation with the 2nd NAST, then the 2nd will resolve and so forth :)