Friday, December 14, 2012

Singapore Top Shop 2012

Because I'm lazy/busy at the moment, and the blog needs an update.

Top shop metagame breakdown

First Place deck list

Second Place deck list

video will be up soon.


I too participated but scrubbed early cos clearly it wasn't my day.

Deck used: Ninja Chaos Dragon

Round 1: Vs Dark World
lost die roll
1: Hit by devastation Virus on the 2nd turn and I had many small monsters, fml.
2: Won somehow
3: Got hit by first turn DDV and double mind crush trololol

Round 2: Vs Infernity
lost die roll
1: Infernity touched himself first turn, fml
2: Again won somehow
3: Infernity started first again with 5 back row and I start 2 gold ninja with no traps or something, well shit.

So it was 0-2, so I played the rest of the games with "extra casual" mind set and went to eat lunch at round 5 lol.

Round 3: Vs Chaos Dragon
lost die roll
1: When you fight mirror match and you draw 3 MST, its not gonna go well. Plus there was a Bio Hazard incident that happened 1 meter away from me and we had to move to another table.
2: Won because I had the better hand
3: I did my grave set up but he OTK me first after getting Heavy Storm to my trap hand. 0-3, yes lah!

Round 4: Vs Hieratics
who cares who won by  now

Round 5: Lunch

Congratulations to Calvin winning the tournament with Verz/Evilswarm.

I played the same Verz deck the day before but decided against it due to the bad match up to Windups and stuck with the deck I was comfortable with.