Thursday, November 29, 2012

Windup FTK!

Cos playing Magician Shark the normal way is too mainstream.

You need the following in hand:
- Windup Magician
- Windup Shark
- Grandsoil

1) Magician Shark into the usual Papiloperative and Zenmighty

2) Zenmighty detach rat to get Rat

3) Magician get Windup Warrior

4) Windup Warrior and Magician XYZ into Chain and dump Mist Valley Shaman into Grave

5) Rat call rat and XYZ into MX Saber Invoker and summon Amazoness Archer from Deck.

6) Shoot everything except Chain to get 5 earth into grave

7) SS Grandsoil, SS Shaman

8) Shaman bounce Grandsoil, SS Grandsoil, SS Shark

9) Shark to 3 and synchro into Dewloren

10) Dewloren bounce Grandsoil

11) Repeat step (8) to (10) for 2nd Dewloren

12) SS Grandsoil, SS Shaman

13) Shaman bounce Grandsoil, SS Grandsoil, SS Amazon Archer

14) Archer tribute self and Shaman for 1200

15) Overlay 2 Dewloren into M7

16) M7 bounce Grandsoil

17) repeat repeat repeat

Or if they do throw Maxx C.

Inspired by Clarence.


  1. Could you deck them out if they did Maxx C???

  2. @Sheik

    Read step 17.

  3. In the video alone he special summoned 35 times. If someone drops Maxx C on you, you would deck them out long before they burned to death.

  4. I bow before your superior yugioh good sir

  5. Just ban Bahamut84, and we will never have to worry about that kind of loop.

  6. Salve conoscete la decklist ??

  7. what I saw here means rat itself needs to just get banned all together.

  8. laughing so hard when I realized how the loop worked XD simply hilarious XD


  9. I jus dnt see this deck emerging, got have 3 certains cards while 2 specific one are in your e.d. however I do love otk/ftk's I found one of my own, both hieratics and frogs/nimbles can use it!

  10. Weaknesses

    1) Three Rats or Magicians in hand (and maybe Shark)

    2) All of your Archers, Shamans, or Warriors in hand

    3) Veiler

    4) Herald of Orange Light

    5) Not getting what you need right away

    6) Opponent going first and setting their hand (like most decks do these days)

    7) DN's shuffler

    8) Irony

    That said, can we have a deck list?