Friday, December 21, 2012

Phantom Beast Plane Hamstrato

When this card is flipped face up, special summon 2 Phantom Beast Plane Token (Machine/Wind/3/0/0) to your field. The level of this card is increased by the sum of all level of  Phantom Beast Plane Tokens you control. While you control a Token, this card cannot be destroyed by battle or card effect. Also you can activate this effect by releasing one Phantom Beast Plane Token. Select one Phantom Beast Plane from your graveyard and Special summon it. The effect of Phantom Beast Plane Hamstrato can only be used once per turn.

All the Phantom Beast Plane is interesting but the one that has very much potential is this card.

Abuses include:

- Ancient Forest
 flipping this up, gets you 2 tokens, and monsters attacking the tokens will be destroyed at the end of battle phase

- Chaos Infinity
DSummon favourite card, again flipping this up to get its token effect. Skiel Ein is the target of choice here because it is Wind. With Hamster effect, you can call back Megaraptor from the grave, use Megaraptor effect to search another Phantom Beast Plane, XYZ into Gigant X or Chidori.

- Zenmaister
Or you can XYZ into Zenmaister and flip the Hamster face down for more tokens

- Shallow Grave
More Hamstersssss and tokenssss

Anyway I think this archetype is very fun, even though I doubt it can keep up with the current top decks.

It doesn't have any direct destruction cards like Inzektor (Hornetlol) or Mermail (Marksman/Infantrylol) and their plusses needs to be converted by other cards unlike Windup (MagicianSharklol).


In other news, Harpy is getting so much love and everyone is finding Hysteric Party from SD08 which was total crap of a structure deck.

In Japanese Yen
No I did not make this graph up.

Yes people are willing to pay triple of the actual cost of the structure deck for a single copy. Fuck logic.

The awkward moment when it gets reprinted in some OCG tournament pack. =D


  1. Harpie = Chidori abuse!

    And the nearly-invincible Pet Dragon!

  2. I took two copies from a shop when they did not announced that there will be new Harpies. I was actually planning to revive Harpies without Konami boosting them. Now, I guess I will use the buy Channeler and Sign.

  3. *coughs in his coffee*
    HOW MUCH? O.o
    People pay that much for Hysteric Party? A friggin common that nobody liked until last week?

    1. Well it is a SD exclusive card that is not reprinted yet. =/

    2. Still... That's like 32€/42$... O.o
      If only I knew that would happen. At recent events, you could still buy that structure deck (at 8-10€), because it never really sold well!

      But you're right about the exclusivity of the card. I notice the TCGplayer stores price is at 10$ right now. So unless a reprint happens, I guess the price will evolve in the same way in TCG :-O

  4. Forest say: "... Flip Effects are not activated at this time. ..."


    1. Ryko is a flip effect
      Snowman eater is not.

      Go compare with Hamstrato ^^

  5. ouh my.. hysteric party IS getting it's reprint in the 1st new set of ocg's tournament pack. (Advanced Tournament Pack)