Monday, November 26, 2012

Tournament Report + Worst Play SG

Double tourney "report".

I will explain the deck in another post probably.

Ah Soo tourney
Participants: 20
Format: 4 Swiss + top 8
Deck Used: Chaos Ninja

Round 1: Vs Chaos Dragon

Round 2: Vs Machina Gadget

Round 3: Vs Skill Drain Barbaros

Round 4: Vs Windup

Top 8: Vs Windup
XX (MagicianSharkTurn1TooStronk)


CardMart Tourney
Participants: ??
Format: 4 Swiss + top 8
Deck used: Chaos Ninja

Round 1: Vs Windup
XOX (Hand5BossMonstersTooGood)

Round 2: Vs Dark World

Round 3: Vs Prophecy
OX- (Conspiracy)

Round 4: Vs FireFist

Top 8: Vs DSummon Photon Deck

Top 4: Vs Mermail

Final : Vs Windup
OXO (Round2WorstPlaySG)


Deck list:

[2] Tragoedia
[1] BLS
[1] Dark Armed Dragon
[3] Light Pulsar Dragon
[1] Chaos Sorcerer
[3] Hanzo
[3] Upstart Gold Ninja
[1] BF Zephyrus
[2] Debris Dragon
[2] Card Trooper
[1] Eclipse Wyvern
[1] Armageddon Knight
[1] Sangan
[2] Maxx C
[1] Effect Veiler

[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Reinforcement of the Army
[1] Foolish Burial
[3] MST

[3] Compulsory Evacuation Device
[3] Call of the Haunted
[3] Ninjitsu Art of Super Transformation
[1] Solemn Judgment


[1] Iron Chain Dragon
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Trident Dragion
[1] Gemknight Pearl
[1] HC Excalibur
[1] Blade Armor Ninja
[1] Maestroke
[1] Black Corn
[1] Shock Master
[1] Verz Ouroboros
[1] Queen Dragun
[2] Lavalval Chain
[1] Terror Fang Direwolf
[1] Sacred Ptolemys M7


So what is worst play SG?

Imagine your opponent has
(Set Monster)(ATK position Windup Magician)(ATK position Shark)   (Banished Windup Rabbit)
(4 in hand)

I have the following in hand
(Debris)(Trago)(Deck Devastation Virus)(Debris)(Irrelevant card)
(Zephyrus on field)
(Maxx C In grave)

What would you do? (Comment below)
(Highlight below for what I would have done)

I just Heavy Stormed, its now time to make plays. My initial idea is, Debris call back Maxx C, Debris and Zehyrus attack some thing, make Black Corn, send another thing detaching Zephyrus, bounce back Maxx C and set DDV. Success!

But wait, what if the set monster is a Sangan!? I are greedy, I should hit that too and then DDV to complete the best play ever!

And then I went ahead and hit the damn set Snowman Eater... Without attacking the Magician first... LOL

So traumatized by the Snowman Eater that I forgot to special the Trago in hand, because I can still do the same play after that. Double Genius.

Obviously I got OTK-ed next turn.


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  2. I must ask how effective is pulsar when the only thing you can bring back with its effect is redmd?

    1. It's not really difficult to set up the redmd/pulsar loop.

      Even without redmd its a decent sized beater and most importantly its a "chaos" monster with multiple special summon methods.

  3. What I would've done:
    Normal Summon Debris and Special Summon Maxx C.
    Return Maxx C to hand and Special Summon Zephyros.
    Debris attacks Magician and Zephyros attacks Shark.
    Xyz into Queen Dragun and revive a dragon if there was any.
    Set Deck devastation and pass.
    Now, let's see what you did xD

  4. Well you had no chance but to risk it and attack the face down. As if it was sangan and you hit it with ddv, he would have searched rat which probably also spell game for you.
    what I would have done is zephyrus attack magician, debris attack facedown. he will destroy either targets, jump trag, trag attack shark. Trag copy level 4, make black corn destroy snowman, set ddv.

    1. Then bounce maxxc if zeph was destroyed / detached as material

  5. This is irrelevant to this deck post but I was wondering (bahamut) have u tried teching in exodius in dragunitys? I think it would be a great idea, its lvl 10 so you could combo it with redmd and make gustav max and its a walking foolish burial/pot of avarice, and if you run dark simorgh, u can ditch it and a extra akyls with ravine and make traps cards dead for your opponent. I'm thinkin about makin a dark simorgh deck that runs assault mode stardust, that way simorgh stops traps and stardust prevents pesky spells suck as dark hole, smashing ground, shit that targets your simorgh, unless you got the simorgh+safe zone+anti frag combo!

  6. If I were you I'd do some Queen Dragun Djinn

    Why no Tour Guides? Remove Hanzo for Lightpulsar, normal Tour Guide ss Leviair ss Hanzo add Gold Ninja for some profit

    1. I forgot to mention there were not much interesting stuff in my grave which was why I picked Corn instead of Queen Dragun.

      I know tourguide itself is a great card since it is a one card xyz utility card and Leviair is a great Synergy with the Chaos theme but she feels a little out of place lol

      Will test more ^^