Sunday, September 23, 2012

[Tourney Report] Lorong Ah Soo locals

So I finally have the time to play my first tournament after the new ban list. So i headed out to one of the card shops and heres the results!

Format: 5 round Swiss to Playoffs
Participants: 34

Round 1: Vs Jie Lun/Hero Beat OXO
1. Controlled the field abit with a Burei and managed to get Starlight Road on from Storm. Even though the field got slowly cleared off by his Excalibur and D-Prison. However few turns later managed to Reborn back the Burei and slowly punch for win
2. No resources and couldnt get my combo started off properly and lost
3. Started turn 1 with Bureido and Naturia Beast. Used them to lead and won quickly

Round 2: Vs Yong Siang/Skill Rabbit Verz OO
1. Pretty much just flooded my way through
2. Was going to clear off his Ophion with Strategist and another monster but got hit by Skill Drain, so just made Burei and cleared his resources anyway

Round 3: Vs Nian Jie/Rabbit Verz OO
1. Bureido + Beast + traps = win
2. Dog + Haipa kills Ophion then flood field again to win following turn

Round 4: Vs Ben Tan/Windup XOO
1. Got looped by his Rabbits while he kept using Torrential to clear my board. Lost too much advantage and got pocked to death
2. Multi Burei flood for win
3. Had Stardust and Burei on field while he had Zenmaity, Factory and Rabbit. However he did a mistake and used Zenmaity to get call Magician, which he used Rabbit's effect. Sounds good here but he accidentally used Magician to summon Rat which of course came out in defense mode. So left with a field of nothing interesting, Burei turned Rat to attack and chopped through Rat and Magician ftw

Round 5: Vs Jiarui
Confirmed going into top 8 anyway so didnt play

Top 8: Vs Rong Jie/Agent OXO
1. Managed to flood and had nice field with double Burei, Bureido and Beast. However he had Valhalla on field already and normal summoned Venus. Suspected something wrong so didnt use Bottomless where his Venus used Honest to kill my Beast, then used Dark Hole to clear my board. He summoned Krystia next where my Bottomless was waiting. He had nothing left so used my Soldier in hand to poke for win
2. Controlled for awhile but sudden summoning of double Hyperion is too strong
3. Controlled with poking of Burei and Soldier. He then revived Honest (his only Fairy)  and returned it to hand then Valhalla for Hyperion (Used Bottomless but he chained Lance). I used Mind Crush on Honest (Too early, i didnt think of waiting for him to declare attack first.). Since his Hyperion was too small, he could only use effect to destroy Burei. However had more stuff in hand and won next turn

Top 4: Vs Miao/Mermail XX
1. Got field flood by Mermail while I had no answers and lost
2. Had nice field of Burei, Beast, Cosmos, Warning and Judgement. However Beast dies to Snowman I summoned which got hit by Torrential. I chose to let it pass since I was worried about Heavy Storm. However my hand was left with crap (Strategist + Dog) while he just used big stuff to poke through and lost

3/4th place: Vs Jun Yong
Shared and left with prize money


Similar to Baha, really not much to post recently especially since I am abit busy with work and personal stuff over last few weeks, not to mention doing small preparations here and there for Asia Plus. Nothing much exciting anyway to post about till next set appears I guess. I did make a Gagaga deck but found it not very workable in the end. So like Baha's Photon deck, deck turned out not very exciting and decided not to post it.

In the mean time, here's the deck I used today.

Deck Name: DS Emo Karakuris

Monster [16]
[1] Karakuri Watchdog 313
[2] Karakuri Strategist 248
[3] Karakuri Komachi 224
[3] Karakuri Soldier 236
[1] Karakuri Ninja 919
[1] Karakuri Haipa 818
[1] Karakuri Merchant 177
[2] Psychic Commander

Magic [16]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon
[2] Night Beam
[1] Limiter Removal
[1] Book of Moon
[2] Karakuri Cash Cache
[3] Emergency Teleport
[3] Instant Fusion

Trap [8]
[2] Bottomless Traphole
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Solemn Judgement
[1] Starlight Road
[2] Mind Crush

Emo simply because theres quite alot of traps here. (Ok, maybe not for the trap heavy people but this is quite abit for me) The build is meant to take control after I *hopefully* get out a Bureido and Naturia Beast in my first turn. So far this build seems pretty stable, getting out double Bureido / Bureido + Beast is not very difficult to do. This build may not be very suitable for Asia Plus though since there will be no Beast which this build is sorta built around.

As you can see, there are no Iron Calls and Avarice since this build is meant to side into Macro Cosmos  most of the time against other decks. You can pretty much think of the Starlight Road and Mind Crush taking their place in the main deck.

I have included my side and extra deck in the image for those who are interested, though I think some tweaking is still needed (Havent used Roach at all so may just take it out and replace with Maestroke, then forgot about Mind Control too) Maining of Mind Crush seems like a good idea, though i did not really draw them today so will think about that. 

In the mean time, quite happy with this deck's results. This will probably be my main deck while I play around with some other ideas, assuming I have time to play...

PS: Seems like quite a few people also think Karakuris are good in this meta, since another 3-4 aside from me appeared in today's tournament too. However, did hear from the rest that the deck is abit difficult to play especially when it is less field flood based... Ah well... 


  1. Congrats for the win DS Summon...Psychics give karakuris speed and they can also kill Raiohs...Karakuri for the win!

  2. Have you considered solar windjammer? not that game-breaking but really helps in making that first-turn Bureido. Might add it for asia plus(they should really reprint Beast in a non-DT set) then main the Cosmos because it's awesome.

    congrats for the win, though. I wish I could win Asia Plus in my country so that I can meet you. XD

  3. Tested the Solar Wind Jammer, problem is if you dont start first / opponent draws Rai-oh. So in comparison, I would still prefer Cyber Dragon. As for Cosmos main, I did have that for awhile. It will take the spot for Mind Crush since both are similar level of tech for me.

    I wont be able to go Hong Kong for sure though. I have something major *personal* going on end of this year :)

  4. Finally another karakuri decklist! Im still working on mine and trying to decide between kmp and a more regular kuri that sides into macro cosmos after you mentioned it in a previous post. Im not sure which one i wanna play. it is tough. have you thought about adding the cydras to the main so you can have an edge over the geargis? plus it runs over zenmains all day.

    1. KMP isn't worth it without bulb IMO. bulb+fortress was the one that made it good.

    2. Yup, no bulb, no KMP goodness, thats the basic gist of it. Even with bulb around I never bothered with KMP, instead choosing to go purely with double bulb which made it more efficient.

      Dont really have the space for Cydra in the deck so didnt put it in, since I prefer to max out the Instant Fusions. The Cydras removed provide the extra space needed for the traps.

    3. Well the "P" was more refering to the psychic engine since i was playing 3 e-tele in it. But this is more what im going with now:

      It's a bit tweaked from your version. tkr is crazy rampent over here in the tcg so i felt two haipas were necessary. same thing with all the geargi varients running around, i felt that i couldnt exclude cyber dragon from the main deck. especially with the ninishi's and all the e-tele's. im still worried about wind-ups though.

    4. Its good, I dont recommend running what I play exactly just because. You should tweak it to fit your meta at your side. If you worry about wind-ups then you can consider Maxx C. It was the original plan I had though I changed it in the end since Wind-ups arent exactly rampant at my side yet. Though I never really like Dark Hole in Karakuris, you might want to consider removing that to make space but thats a personal choice.

      Similarly for Geargia, not much people really playing them at OCG since everyone prefers to either go Karakuri or concentrate on Gadgets.

    5. Thanks for the advice! I took it to a locals yesterday and went undefeated all night. I played a frog monarch, 2 geargi's, a dw, and a gladiator beast. It ran really well and i only didnt 2-0 one opponent. I still like dark hole just because you never know. The only thing i dont like about maxx c aginst wind-ups is i dont run and gorz/trag etc so i wont really draw into anything that will save me from the otk. I normally just side my third cyber dragon 2 veilers and the 1 needle ceiling. Im hoping it will do well at the regionals. If it does ill be sure to let you know. Im glad im not the only one that still has faith in karakuri. Thanks for the inspiration and the help!

  5. @DS :Nice deck. Hope to see the Photon deck soon.. i think its tough to make??

    1. Well, I dont have all the things yet so no comment, but I think may not work that well? Will try it out first before commenting further.

  6. If you were to take out the Psychic Engine, what would you put in its place?

  7. Troy: simple. Play instanr fusion to speed up the deck synchro summoning and cyber dragons