Thursday, September 27, 2012

Infernity Dewloren loop

A year ago, there were cries for Brionac to be banned.

"This combo isn't the ONLY reason that Brionac needs to get banned!
As long as Brionac exists players will ALWAYS find ways to abuse it!
And that's because the card is so retarded!
Just ban it already and be done with it!
- Concerned Duelist MaX

There will not be any deck list. 
Let's be real, I don't think this combo can be done under normal condition. 
The video is tagged "Entertainment"!
Just stick with the Void Ogre Dragon + many many Infernity Break combo like a normal person.
You never know when you will meet a Table-flipper.


I just changed to a new PC recently. 

No video editing software and no video capture software (good ones that did not require monies *cough*) so the quality is poorer than usual.

This video took awhile to record cos
- I am too lazy to form an actual deck and play it out
- Recording software lags really bad when on DN (its just me, low tolerance for lag)
- I am dumb and kept misclicking on YGOpro. It is fully automated and when I banish Necromancer with Hundred Eyes, you can imagine how loud I shouted F**K! since you can't rewind.

Anyway, for those interested 

Been messing around with it because there is a single player mode where you can make your own scripts for Duel Puzzle or whatever. That gave me the idea to make a script and do the combo on this software. Perfect for self-touching Personal deck testing sessions.


  1. Gotta say, I love these Infernity loops. They are the reason I really like Infernity. Only this deck can find ways to loop like this.
    Nice vid and thanks for doing a video too.

  2. Actually I developed the same exact loop, but wanted to find a substitute that didn't need extra cards to the usual mirage+3-cards-grave-setup.
    Good video, though.

  3. Konami: There is no way Baha can do shit with both Brio and Trishu jailed

    Baha: Time to fuck Dowloren.

    Dowloren: US1,000,000 for 10mins.

    Baha: Approved (Entertainment time *Jack's TF catch phrase)

  4. Do you think it would be possible to combine the hero beat engine of startos+bubbleman with and infernity deck?