Saturday, September 15, 2012

[Tourney Report] Asia+ 2012 Qualifier (Attempt 1)

Today we test our luck to qualify and get seeded into top 8 for the main event.

Format: Single Elimination
Participants: 16 teams
A: Jeff @ Inzektor
B: Me @ Hero Beat
C: Calvin @ Mermail

Asia+ rules apply where the cards are shared among the team members. Only one Monster Reborn per team, 2 Duality per team, 3 MST per team etc.

Round 1: Vs Wesley/Mermail (2012 SG WCS Champ)
1: Back and forth gaming until he targeted my Alius for Atlantean Armed Soldier from discarded by Abysspike which I chained with Super Poly. Controlled with Zero and Thunderking.
2: I Mind Crushed his Atlantean Marksman and saw a hand for Diva, Trago, Leeching the Light, and something something. I went genius mode and got poked by Marksman and took big big damage and then he controlled with Catastor. I had many Trasher and Honest and things that can't beat catastor lol.
3: Time was called after a few turns and I just got hit by a Megalo, he ended with a set card which I assume was Abyssphere which was searched from Megalo. I Miracle for Gaia, normal summoned Alius. Gaia attacked Megalo, Alius declared direct attack and he chained Sphere to get Abysslinde. I Activated Super Poly for Gaia + Abysslinde into Absolute Zero and direct attacked with both for an OTK.

Round 2: Vs Daniel/Gladiator beast (2011 SG WCS Champ)
1: Early advantage since Hero monsters are naturally bigger then most GB. The usual back and forth game with me winning from Miracle Fusion.
2: Time was called again after a few turns and I was leading in LP. I couldn't get anymore damage in since he had Equeste with Safe Zone on it in defense mode cos I am too genius to chain CED to it during the activation. He made his push and I countered with a Gorz and just placed everything in defend mode with a set Alius and Super Poly to end the 3 additional turns with my win.

Round 3: Vs William/Hero Beat (2011 SG WCS 4th place)
1: Back and forth Hero exchange and it stalled for a really long time because I couldn't kill a DEF mode Honest. I did try to Hero Blast it but he chained Forbidden lance. In the end he bounced it back and normal summoned Alius which I removed with Bottomless and I made direct attack next turn to win.
2: Jank game. From start to finish I drew 3 Sparks, 2 Prison, 2 Super Poly, Hero Blast and Miracle Fusion with no Hero in sight. GG
3: I started with Stratos and double Mind Crush. He opened Nightbeam (op!) and I just let it go. He summoned Stratos for Alius after that and I called Alius with my second Crush. Some back and forth shit happened again, then he fianlly summoned Alius and Bubbleman making my Super Poly live. But I am retarded and called Shining at 2900 then he responded with his last card of Miracle Fusion and made a bigger Shining. From then it was downhill since I drew no outs.

So we lost at top 4. Damn.

Original plan was me playing some stupid deck while Jeff play his legendary Hero Beat. After some discussion we realised no one in our team is playing the 3 Call of the Haunted with Card Trooper and Sangan. So we swapped into Inzektors and I played Hero cos I suck at Inzektor (and BF, or any top meta deck of the format, I have to play something different ^^)

So... Better luck next time =/


There is a lack of update recently because I have no idea what to post. The meta feels the same, and I am still playing Hero Beat. I was gonna post Kaito Pack Galaxy/Photon stuff but after much testing, it kinda suck. Or maybe I just haven't found a potent play with the deck yet. I kept drawing shit hands. The deck needs Photon Sublimation to be competitive even though if such card exist it wouldn't be used in a Photon themed deck anyway lol.

I have tried the Trade In build (scumbag deck clogs my hand with plenty of LV 8 and no Trade In!), The Photon Satellite build (drew 2 Satellite with Machine Dupe and shits like that). Next on the list would be me playing pure Photon Trasher beatdown because it is the only good thing the deck is consistently doing right now.

Suggestions for a working Photon/Galaxy themed deck are welcome.

Till Windup gets an official OCG release, I am probably trying out all this random ideas and still play Hero Beat for tournaments.


  1. Baha is your photon deck based around getting out neo galaxy eyes photon dragon?

  2. Sounds cool to have power cards split between the team, never heard of it before.

  3. Which hero beat have you been playing? I use the bubblebeat now with silvery snow sniper which works well with the deck. For Photon/Galaxy decks, I can't recommend anything at the moment coz I really think they're not complete yet. The build that shows slight promise is the photon thrasher/crusher build since paladius is awesome imo. Others are running Ninja Dragons with Neo-Galaxy eyes as the card to beat (using REDMD and ninjitsu art of super trans) and spamming them dragons with some heiros. That's all from the Yugioh!Card Collectors and Duelists at the moment.

    1. oh yeah forgot to mention guardian of order for the neo galaxy eyes engine since he gets out quickly and is lvl 8

  4. You know, Bahamut84, I remember back in 2010 where you used to make so many interesting decks and so many videos!

    Your Black Knight Dark series are still even today some of my favorites!

    I don't have an idea about Photon but considering your appetite for card advantage, I will give you Madolce as a deck idea to try out instead!

    Tiaramisu and Ticket are pretty darn strong!

    1. Yeah I miss those too, but the quality of cards are getting worse.

      Most new cards don't even need combos to work well (inzektor lol) and they are not exactly interesting because they are a preset theme made by Konami. Junk Doppel was interesting cos it is highly customise-able.

      I tried Madolche and they are too slow for me lol.

  5. did you get your hands on extra pack 2012 got to get those tcg exclusives

  6. Why not try hieratics with photon with guardian of Order? I built a deck like that, able to pull of neo galaxy eyes, but not really consistent. Believe u can build one better than me!

  7. Use hieratics for neo galaxy eye turbo and run dragonic tactics with them and like 2 blue eyes for hieratic targets!

  8. You need all those I barrier dragons for combos lol. I think konami made the banlist specially for you!

  9. This is my photon deck so far. The side deck is merely for testing purposes.

    pls give me your opinion :)