Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Deck] Photon Machine Swarm

Hi everyone, so here's a new concept deck that I have been trying out recently. No, I have not had the chance to take it to tournaments yet though casual play results have proved pretty promising so I decided to post it up. I present to you... Photon Machine Swarm!

Deck Name: Photon Machine Swarm (PMS lol?)

Monster [17]
[2] Card Trooper
[3] Cyber Valley
[3] Photon Lizard
[1] Photon Pirate
[3] Photon Satellite
[3] Photon Thrasher
[2] Tragoedia

Magic [18]
[2] Accel Light
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Heavy Storm
[3] Machine Duplication
[1] Mind Control
[1] Monster Reborn
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon
[1] One for One
[2] Photon Trident
[1] Pot of Avarice
[2] Pot of Duality
[1] Reinforcements

Trap [6]
[2] Call of Haunted
[21 Return from DD
[1] Solemn Judgement
[2] Torrential Tribute

So how does the deck work? Basically it involves you field flooding your way to success using Machine Duplication! Main combo of the deck here involves gaining advantage through your old duplication favourites such as Trooper, Cyber Valley and of course the new addition, Photon Satellite!

Photon Satellite adds many possibilities. With just 2 or more Satellites, here are some things that you can make.

Using 2 Satellites:
Rank 2 or Rank 4 monster -> Highest profit through Gigant X to search for more delicious stuff

 Using 3 Satellites:
Rank 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 monster -> Adreus to hit set cards, Tiras for field destruction, of course you can still make Gigant X to filter deck, Volca to hit opp monsters then into Gaia for massive damage, Zenmaines / Crimson Ninja to defend, Leviair for more love with the last unused satellite (Condition to be another Photon / rank 2 only), endless possibilities

The fun gets even more when you have other Photons on the field with your 3 Satellites! (Not going to put up the exceeds choices since there are really too many)

 Using Photon Lizard / Pirate with 3 Satellites
2 Rank 4s / 2 Rank 5s / 1 Rank 6 while keeping Pirate on the field to use

Using Photon Thrasher with 3 Satellites -> Obvious and best choice since you can sp summon, search using Lizards and Reinforcements etc
1 Rank 5 + 1 Rank 4 / 2 Rank 6s / 1 Rank 5 + 1 Rank 3
-> Pleiades + Gigant X for awesome starting field anyone?
-> Heck, even 1 Thrasher + 1 Satellite makes Pleiades / random cool rank 5

This deck really gives alot of strong exceeds for you to use. With access to Pleiades and Paladios as their strong light exclusive exceeds, the deck has several great exceeds for you to use. I am still contemplating between Omega and Crimson Ninja since both essentially do the same thing.

The deck is rather stable despite the Machine Duplications since the use of Satellites gives you Gigant X so somehow starting with multiple Dups in hand actually turns out to be a good hand in this deck. Furthermore Lizard + Accel to fetch Lizard makes fetching Satellites really easy. Even if you dont have Photons, Card Troopers and Valleys ensure you draw into your combo components quickly. Further more, with Photon Trident acting as a pseudo atk mod trap + m/t removal in 1 which all the Photons in the deck helps you to clear out opponent's traps easily to ensure your combos do go through.

Return from DD is tech-ed in this deck, considering the Cyber Valleys and Photon Pirates existence. Which even though there is only 1 Pirate, with the Lizards / Accel / Gigant X combo (Yes Pirate is a machine!) all fetching for the pirate, getting Pirate on field is easy. From there, just remove your 2 pieces of Silver and Return from DD for profit!
(My original idea involved using T.Gs for special summoning, while having enough darks for BLS to use but I decided to just use Cyber Valleys since T.G somehow didnt work out very well for me)
-> Sorry, Photon Pirate is OCG only so far, so TCG readers may want to tech out the Return from DD.

Lastly, I must say draw power is really pretty high in this deck. Cyber Valleys provide you stall + draw, Troopers provide mill + draw, together with Gigant X providing search, hand size is typically not a major issue.

Thats about it for my latest deck. The deck is still a new concept by me, so far I see everyone trying their best to use the Galaxy Eyes to try and do the Neo Galaxy Eyes otk but it is far too unstable for my liking. So what do you think? Feel free to comment on the deck and even suggest any ideas!


  1. hi~ im rouge_duelist from phil.

    i tried the same concept and i've tried using Limiter Removal and Cyber Dragon (and to some extent Honest), because Photon Pirate is crazy...your build is better, i might try it here.. :)

    ..and my deck is a bit off because i tech'd LightRay Sorcerer (which made it inconsistent) so yeah, your build is way better than mine~

  2. Looks cool. You guys are always so creative. It's stuff like this that helps make the game more diverse and fun.

  3. Tried it, and aside from the shitty hands I can get with this, it's really awesome.

    I took out duality, mind control, and return from dd for another call of the haunted and two bottomless. I just felt like more traps would make hands less shitty. and drawing Thrasher + lots of traps + trident is boss. XD

    Trident and Pirate are nice. gives an out to kristya without relying on dark hole, smashing and the like. really nice.

    I think I just fell in love with Photon Satellite. You never fail to amaze me DS.

  4. Why do you need card troopers to mill? Wouldn't milling satellites into grave be bad?

  5. @CedmathingRic Yeah, i still need to work out the stability part since I think there are abit too many m/t inside. Then again Machine Dup decks tend to have abit higher of a bad hand rate so...
    (Once you use Machine Dup once, the remaining monster count proportion really drops quite abit, but I still havent figured out what other suitable monsters are good and also what m/t are less important other then the few you mentioned)

    I prefer Duality for quickly getting access to Machine Dup. Mind Control not just gives exceed but also removal + draw in form of Cyber Valley. Return from DD is an optional tech though.

    Feel free to edit it as you like, especially if you need it to suit your playstyle / meta better. Thanks for the comments though :) Its hard to come up with new interesting Machine deck ideas lol

    @unknown Card troopers milling fills grave for Pirate / Avarice / Call of Haunted. Not to mention its biggest job is more to take out Rai-ohs and other 1900s while netting card advantage at the same time.
    (Tragoedia on field with 8 cards in hand from Troopers is serious business)

  6. Well, I've been playing a Photon Lightray deck and while the deck is very offensive, I've been searching for a card that provided stall/draw power and I ran into Cyber Valley as well. So that's definitely a great choice.
    An alternative to Pirate in TCG is Dragon's Mirror (for Twin Photon lizard). It allows for easier Rank 6 plays and fuels Return ftDD.
    Other than that, I didn't try Trident yet. I might just try it sometime.

  7. Yeah, but Dragon's Mirror is not as useful since Pirate's job as CedmathingRic mentioned is taking out threats such as Krystia which is probably 1 of the bigger problems that this deck will face.

    Personally i would probably suggest TCG readers to just use 1 Photon Crusher as a replacement for Pirate and forgo the Return from DD. Alternatively remove another 2 more cards and play your Photon Sabre Tigers.
    (Actually I am considering adding them in, but I am waiting for our extra pack to be out first which is next week)

  8. Photon satellite also is ocg only...

  9. I think that Reinforcements of The Army is not really not needed since your already kind of playing 8 copies of Thrasher lol (3 Thrasher + 3 Lizard + 2 Accel)

    Also I feel that Lances a lot are more versatile and consistent that Tridents, since with Tridents you need to successfully attack, and that's kind of hard with things like Torrential, Compulsory,D-Prison, and Mirror Force (which all are stopped by Lance)

    Other than that awesome deck!

    1. You can use it during your opponent's damage step, to destroy their monster(2800 atk thrasher is no joke) and a backrow before they can use it on you. 2-for-1 exchange at its best.

  10. True, forgot that Satellite is OCG only also for now, my bad.

    As for reinforcement I want it so that hopefully I can start up easily with Thrasher + Satellite at minimum to start game with a rank 5 at least. That personal preference. And yeah, Trident is much more useful then Lance since you can damage step it.

    Just consider if you take your Thrasher and attack something with a higher attack. Even if you opponent knows Trident is coming, they are forced to use their traps against my Thrasher alone while i still keep Trident so its 1 for 1. If not, risk me using Trident in damage step to gain 1 card advantage.

    Scenario to consider: Opp has Grapha + Gate on their field. Take Thrasher and hit Grapha, if he doesnt chain his trap to make it a 1 for 1, Trident in damage step and shoot off Gate, profit much yes?

    1. My bad, the Grapha+Gate is a bad example since you shoot off the Gate only after damage. But anyway, that scenario aside, you guys can probably consider how much better it is compared to Lance.

    2. Yeah, Pirate, Sattelite, Accel light & Paradios are OCG only atm. And since Tewart said they're not that big fans of Duelist Packs in TCG, it might take a while before we see these cards :-/
      That's the main reason why I'm mixing the deck with Lightray's (+Lyla & Ehren & charge).

      And yeah, I get the idea behind Trident. I noticed that people don't activate cards like Solemn Warning when you summon thrasher (they wait for you to xyz summon). So a surprise attack backed with Trident is a good way to clear the field for further summons.


    1. yah man DS you are doing it wrong.


  12. This deck doesnt make rank 4 as often lah, thats why i prefer ninja.
    (Not having any omega but having 2 ninja helps in the decision making as well lol)

  13. karakuri komachi and strategist + Machine Dup + iron call?

  14. Might as well change the deck totally already at this rate...

  15. I also tried yo play a Photon deck, however, i focus on Galaxy Zero (really love this card, a free reborn to xyz or to do other combo) and other conti s/t cards. Was using Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar of Alien archetype to recycle Galaxy Zero, Fiendish Chain and Call Of The Haunted.

    As there are many spell cards in the deck, i thought of summoner monk to get alien shock or => if i have Photon Thrasher, i can get a number 16 say :yaoming: to my opponent.

    I'm not Doraemon and my extra deck can only contain 15 cards so i decide to choose only rank 5, 4 and 8.

    Really like Photon but TCG players like me may have to wait for a very long time for these photon cards to join the force.

  16. won't drawing 2 or more satelite into hand makes machine dupe dead draw???

  17. Not really, since just 2 satellites makes rank 4, while you can still use dupe for Trooper and Valley

  18. Is there a way to use Tuningware for draw power? Or if not maybe the deepsea thing that lets you draw when its destroyed by a card effect?

  19. Tuningware needs to be used in a synchro which this deck has no tuners. Darksea Float then needs it to be destroyed by a card effect which makes it too difficult.

    Either way 3 options for Machine Duplication is already quite a lot and I dont think this needs to be further increased.

  20. Out of curiosity, why do you never post your Extra Deck?

  21. Because its in the picture? lol

  22. This deck is good no doubt. But from the way i see, its gonna have a tough time winng decks like hero beat ,machina and karakuri. But it seems cool :)

    1. actually i used this deck, and won against hero beat, machina and even Dark World.
      but u must change the extra deck to have the Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech and Number 61: Volcasaurus which they work both well with Radiant Photon Paradios.

    2. if multiple monsters: use volcasaurus eff on highest attack then use Paradios to another monster so that volcasuaus can attack into 0 atk plus u have the Paradios atk.
      if one monster with high atk (like dark world lol): use Paradios on Grapha then activate Machu eff leading to OTK
      2700 burn +2400 machu +2700 bonus attack -300 grapha atk with field lol +/- Paradios atk.

    3. i see . but it will be tough to go against machina and karakuri....

    4. Volcasaurus is already in this deck. As for Machu Mech, still thinking about it. Basically still tuning this deck's extra pile constantly. It will probably still be not easy against a standard deck since there is always the crap chance of you drawing stuff like 3 satellite in your starting hand (Compared to drawing say of any other card in any other deck its pretty bad)

      But then if you can play with the deck more and test it out, I actually think it is pretty competitive. Honestly it thins out very fast and you maintain pretty big hand advantage.

      My only problem is.... I think I'm eventually gonna be influenced and stuff in 2 tour guides as much as I dont want to, sigh... They would increase the deck stability quite well and provide good dark for BLS

    5. regarding having multiple copies of satellites in hand, u can use "inferno reckless summon" with them by using call of the hunted/one for one discarding one sat from hand so no -1.

    6. Dont really like Inferno Reckless since its really just abit situational. Not to mention this deck already has 3 Machine Dups has possible dead hand cards without the right situation. Adding more to that list seems like a bad idea to me.

    7. Inferno Reckless wouldn't be as great in this meta because of exceeds running around.

  23. DS: looking at ppl talking about karakuri ... They have different variants right? like examples your psychic build and instant fusion build, which is better???

  24. Currently a good stable build is my latest one with 3 teleports and 3 instant fusions. Though its a slower build, its more stable and can work around most of the other decks while maintaing speed.

    Though it still depends on what you want to play, i'm sure if you are a speed demon, you would want to add in Machina just for its quick Gearframe with random machine + limit Break is 8k+ damage.

    If you want immunity to stuff like Maxx C while maintaing control, you may then take out the Teleports and maybe cut down abit on the instant fusion while going for a pure Karakuri beat with like 15 traps or something.

    Really depends on what you are comfortable with playing i guess, though you will never see me building a 15 trap Karakuri (or any other) deck for that matter cause i think its downright boring lol

    1. lols well i saw this build in shriek last month.Came in 2nd. erm the build had cyber dragons plus instant fusion, seven tools and Karakuri anatomy too.. it's diff from psychic build..

    2. It really depends on your meta and what you like to play i guess. I saw that too, but really not my style. I would prefer something like Nightbeam or more MSTs or even Trap Stun over Seven Tools anytime

    3. hmm then u said your build is to mainly play cosmos? whta u remove to side? starlight road and mind crush??

    4. I dont really have a fixed rule about what I remove to side in stuff, it kinda depends on whats the deck I'm up against and if my opponent is using any type of tech.

    5. hmm lets say if your opp uses mermail, hero beat or machina gadget?

    6. Well, siding out what really depends on the situations. Siding in in general would be...

      Mermail = Cosmos
      Hero = Kinetic Soldier + Compulse
      Machina Gadget = Cydra

  25. I have a request for either DS or Baha, if either one of you don't mind me asking.

    Even though I'm not an OCG player, I've been playing Gem-Knights since their release. Throughout the time that they were released up until now, they have vastly evolved from the way I've been playing them. I remember one of you using the deck back in 2011.

    I'd just like to see what your take on the deck would be now. I'd like to show you the two best viable options that I've been able to come up with playing the deck: The Lightsworn variant is IMO the faster version and very consistent at doing what it's supposed to do. It focuses a bit more on the Gemini summons, and still produces OTKs just like the Rabbit variant. Speaking of which... A bit more consistent since it has the easiest access to turn 1 Chain or Shock Master. It also has a few more answers to Naturia Beast in the main deck.

    Again, both great decks; I feel that they're both consistent and have the potential to compete with the meta. TCG and OCG.

    I'd just like to see your spin on the deck as of now.

    Regardless whether you do it or not, thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm a pretty big fan of you two.

  26. I wanted to make a kaito deck or a photo neo galaxy eyes pretty much a similar list except replacing Tragodia with Galaxy eyes, what are your thoughts.

  27. I made this deck now that TCG has the cards, but i want to try tour guide engine and a BLS, do you think that could work?