Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 4 at WCS2012 (Post event)

Hi guys! Here I am posting up basically what happened on Monday after the event was over. For info on the previous days, click on the links below.

To just check out the stuff that happened on Monday after the event, click on! 
*Be warned, since this is the last day after WCS2012, its less YGO and more anime related*

So basically we got up in the morning and pretty much headed out of the hotel straight after breakfast. We didnt get much chance to interact with any players from here cause the Japanese players had already checked out on Sunday while the TCG players mostly had an early morning flight out of Japan. So where else for respectable duelists to go other then Akihabara lol.

I was tour guide once again for the asia players, since not all of them followed me on the first day. I basically brought them to a few card shops and places to get deck boxes/sleeves, though some of them left after awhile since they had earlier flights then us. With not much left to do, time to go duel!

Got to play with a Japanese player, twitter name "Breaker". He was a pretty nice guy who basically gave some info on Japan's dueling scene.

Another duel with France player Jean Luc. *I want that playmat!!!* He's also a reader of DuelingDays, thanks for the support!

So after a few more duels, we (Me, SG reps and couple of Malaysian friends) headed out to go walk around the area and finally check out stuff other then cards lol since we had pretty much gotten everything we wanted.
Hoi Hoi-san!!! This was very expensive compared to what I got 2 years back lol)
One piece goodies
Final Fantasy anyone?
And some Monster Hunter love (Say, does that Rathian on top of Rathalos remind anyone of the arena quest lol)

Nureiru! High School of the Dead anyone? (If you havent read it check it out now~~~~)

Walking along, we found the Good Smile Cafe in Akihabara! Good Smile Cafe is basically a gaming/anime related cafe located in a few spots around Japan. Typically you have to be a patron to get in but the stuff isnt that cheap plus there was a long long queue to get in. What else to do, but to quietly sneak behind some customers and act like I am already seated! DuelingDays goes undercover lol

So basically the current theme for the cafe is Idol Master and Vanguard!
(I dont play Vanguard myself but do watch the anime. Game is abit too lucksack with no skill for my liking)
Cool figurine of Saber from Fate Zero
Here's some artwork drawings from the Vanguard anime

Basic look of the cafe. Place is really basically crowded so it wasnt that hard for me to blend in as a customer

Some Buster Blade / Buster Dark drink for you maybe?
Moving out of the cafe, the same building had a nice cosplay store. Costumes were pretty well made and quite extensive in choice despite the size of the store. They even had YGO character costumes! Only problem is they did not have the wigs to go for it. I would totally try on a Yugi wig lol

Time to stock up on some drinks after a long day! Lemon water goes back with me to Singapore~

So after that, I still had a couple of hours left. Wesley was tired and the Malaysia guys had some other stuff to do so we split from there. Anyone remember I have 1 last thing to do on my checklist? I havent done that yet so here we go!

Off to busy Shibuya's *Time Square*! Resident Evil movie watchers should remember this spot

Dont remember what was on my list yet? This is it! So basically I did not harbour much hope of getting in, since I only had about 1 hour left on my clock and low on cash lol. Not to mention after the previous Capcom's bar bad experience, really thought I might end up just taking photos of the exterior again.

To cut a pretty long story short, the manager was a pretty nice guy (Helped that he is a fan of Singapore and has visited several times). After explaining that I had basically ate and had only less then 1 hour to spare, I was allowed to go in for 1k yen as the price for a couple of drinks (Pretty exp for 2 drinks but you are paying for the experience anyway) as long as I only took photos and no videos.
Here's the simple menu! Basically if you go before 9pm, there's only 1 main choice, for you to eat their set meal at 3,700 yen. Wonder how does Raccoon steak taste like, hmmm
Project Nemesis! Held in a exhibition panel to keep you separated from that nasty T-virus
Woot sexy costumes! Basically left all of the photos of the costumes in (except for random Jpop girl though you can still see it)

Map of Raccoon city anyone?
STARS standard issue vest and assault rifle! Lots of other guns were also displayed, though I would have loved to see the kick ass shotgun Alice used in the last movie.

And how else to end the short visit other then taking a photo with guns and cutie Japanese chicks lol!

So that was about it! By the time I left the bar, it was already 5+, so I hot-footed it back to the hotel to collect my luggage and rep before rushing down to the airport. My train was delayed so I reached only 1 hour prior to my flight, so good thing I had done my checkin previously. Walked around abit to get more snacks for friends before heading back to Singapore in my 9pm flight.

And thats the end of this trip! As usual I am never certain if I will get another trip in the future, though Baha and I are considering WCS2013, especially if it is in USA. Ah well, finally finished up the entire series. It has been a long 5 days of blogging and thanks for reading everyone!


  1. Lemon water for lemon party ?

  2. Nah, 1 bottle is for myself, the other is for others to share

  3. Nice Report, DSummon. I truly enjoyed it.
    Quesion. I'm going to Japan in October and since you're now a somewhat unofficial Tour Guide from the Und...err... for Tokyo, I wondered, what are the places that you must have seen when visiting?
    I'm not asking for the obvious Tourist attractions like Shibuya crossing, but rather the places a lot of people never heard of, like the Capcom café and Biohazard café you mentioned.

  4. Thank you for all these post and all the work you did at Worlds. Was the touring of the players part of the job or was it something you just felt like doing?

  5. Thanks for the report on Worlds 2012. You mentioned meeting up with a Japanese player and talking about the dueling scene there. Will you elaborate on that in a future blog post?

    Also, if it would be your first time, you should come to Worlds 2013 in the U.S. Depending on the location, there are many things to see and do.