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Day 3 at WCS2012 (Event day 2)

Alright I'm back! Click on to get the info!

Another small link for you to go through if you have seen the updates today before dinner time. Skip directly to the entire day's events here! Honestly you have to forgive me, I am seriously starting to type rubbish here as I blog, zzz.....
(For some reason I typed you have to email me instead of forgive me. Thats how random my brain is right now...)

Junior class Top 4:

Liu Yu Hao (Taiwan) vs Zachary Gordon Leverett (USA)
- Taiwan win
Brandon Daniel Medrano Palumbo (Mexico) vs Minami Toya (Japan)
- Japan win

Expert class Top 8 pairings

Wesley Seek Wei En(Singapore) vs Yohei Arimura (Japan)
- Singapore win
Stefano Memoli (Italy) vs Kota Yumoto (Japan)
- Italy win
Joshua Schmidt (Germany) vs Takeru Norihama (Japan)
- Germany win
Jarel McKay Winston (USA) vs Akikazu Saito (Japan)
- Japan win

Junior 3rd / 4th place:

Zachary Gordon Leverett (USA) vs Brandon Daniel Medrano Palumbo (Mexico)
- USA win

Expert class Top 4 pairings:
Wesley Seek Wei En(Singapore) vs Stefano Memoli (Italy)
- Italy win
Joshua Schmidt (Germany) vs Akikazu Saito (Japan)
- Japan win

Expert Class 3rd/4th place:

Wesley Seek Wei En(Singapore) vs Joshua Schmidt (Germany)
- Germany win

Expert class Finals:
Stefano Memoli (Italy) vs Akikazu Saito (Japan)
Round 1: Japan takes the win with multiple Call of Haunted for Sangan to ensure safety with Veiler and hits through using Centipede and Black Luster Soldier
Round 2: Italy takes the win with a nicely timed pro storm and Solemn to opp's chained Prophecy to clear the board and flood the field to control his opponent's resources and take the win
Round 3: Japan floods the field with multiple Centipedes, Leviair and his opponent's guff equipped with Gigamantis to win the game!

Top 8 matchup for Wesley in Expert Class vs Yohei Arimura

Top 4 matchup for Liu Yu Hao in Junior class vs Zachary

Lots of judges surrounding Jarel and Saito for the ruling issue

Top 4 matchup for Wesley vs Stephano

Quick flash of the pairings

3rd/4th place match for glory!

Famous tv show hosts! They host a gaming show, including YGO stuff. People with good memory will remember their link was given out alot back when they were introducing how to xyz summon

Finals for Junior Class!

Finals for Master class!

And here are all the photos for events throughout the day! Stoning out at 2.20am here...
First up to carry on from last night! Heres a quick photo of what was going on in the player trading area. The TCG players and interested Japanese players watched as 2 people played goat control.
A nice mix up of our TCG and OCG friends1

Its morning and here we are at the event hall. Here are our 4 Junior class finalists!

And here are the Elder class top 8 finalists! First up is the 3 TCG players with Singapore players.

(Chariot, Shouichi, You, Chami)
And here are the Japanese team of players who made top 8!

Oh well, no point just standing and waiting. Time to go explore the sights again! Here are 3 of the receptions girls helping to guide people in. They help to guide people into the venue. I had to approach to get the Konami press pass.

Here is the decklist of the Kaiba spoof character! Some of the other main characters were also available for display.
Finally get my nice close up art photo! Konami press pass helps.

And here are the people waiting outside the event hall to go in!

This room hosts the actors for Sakyoumi, They are the show hosts for popular gaming show, Jan Bang!

Getting ready for the day 2. Head judge Ander Bowling with the top 8 Expert class players

Also our head judge here with the 4 Junior class players

And the event begins! Lots of people here again today! Asked around and apparently aside from the vjump lucky draw winners, some of the are invited by Konami, which they will receive a pass for both day.

Some interviews before we begin...
USA vs Taiwan in top 4 Junior class playoff!

Japan vs Singapore for top 8 expert class playoff! More signature smile here.

With so few tables left, judges all converge on the only table, pretty much blocking all the people views other then the streamed one.
Top 4 play offs for Expert class, Singapore vs Italy!

And Singapore's 3rd/4th place playoff with Singapore vs Germany.

Our emcee is here once again to start off the show!

Oh, whats this? The Jan Bang show hosts are here! Nice way to make a card event boring~

And here is the top 2 finals for Japan vs Taiwan!

The usual judge huddle for Taiwan's Junior champion. Sadly got stuck with having to go for a meeting with Konami so I couldnt really take any photos of the game going on...

And here is the usual hudle for judges to gather!

Prizes are in! This is the trophies before they are placed out! Wont be able to get closer.

And we have a winner! The prize presentation comes along with a giant "Invitation to the 2013 Yu-Gi-Oh World Championships!"Guess our Taiwan rep will get to join again next year!

Prize presentation for our SG representative!

And our winner for the Expert class is out!

Theres a quick interview of the champions!

Is it just me, or is there some issues with the spacing, hmmm... Indicative?

And our Konami rep who gave out the prizes also made a small speech.

Camera spamming time! Easily 20+ people taking pictures / photos

Here is a nice close up of the 2 champion cards thanks to our 4th place (Singapore) and our champion (Taiwan)!
Heres what the trophy looks like!

Wait a second, he looks familiar....

Meet Kaiser Kaiba and Coin-toss kun!

This is where my surprise begins... Basically they have a spot in Jan Bang for the Junior champion only to appear on tv to get interviewed, interact with the players and even play a game! So.. What happens the guy who is able to do basic translation while being able to handle issues in the game too?

Here I am getting a my "first in my lifetime" briefing by a tv show anchor lady!
And yes, there I am hiding behind Kaiser providing translations to our Taiwan kid the entire time!

Finally, our 'celebrity' game begins! Those kids appear on the tv show regularly as kids who enjoy YGO. Somehow they decided to put the show in the angle that their kid gets to enjoy playing against the junior champion. I did check with the hosts for Yu Hao was supposed to 'give chance' to the girl, but was told he should play properly instead.

So what happens when you matchup a kid with our junior champion? Totally destroyed lol. Yu Hao books her opponent's Rabbit, then gets Guaiba to destroy it and get out Raggia, opens Cosmos, then summons Rabbit for a 2nd Raggia for the win.

After the game there was a brief interview for Yu Hao so I had to go up again. I made making our DuelingDays shirt totally worth it lol. After the interview was over and the show hosts were closing up, they noted our "Its a Happy Duel" words on my shirt and said that even the translator is an avid player lol.

Anyway after that, we headed to our hotel to drop off our stuff before going on to Akihabara! Well, basically alot of them have not had a chance to go yet so we were bringing them over for a quick hour trip to let them have a taste.

So as expected, an hour was really short, we went to a big shop with alot of merchandise and rental cases thats just at the station where everyone (Aside from those with me on the first day) went on a frenzy and bought quite abit of stuff.

After our short stint in Akihabara, it was off to a Shabu-Shabu / Sukiyaki place in Shinjuku! It was the very usual fun eating and drinking session by everyone as we all stuffed ourselves while talking about the tournament and future events.

After the dinner, I went out with our Malaysia rep and Thailand translator to go around and take a look! First up is the all too familiar "free information shops" However, it was my first time in Shinjuku at night so I didnt really expect what was about to come next.

So basically as we walked around, we got approached by at least 10 pimps. There were lots of them on the streets talking to us, hoping to get us into their shops, even including black guys! And despite the innocent signs of free information shops, the pimps were pretty open with what they had to offer, throwing out stuff like sex club, shows and the even more weird offer of watching a girl cat fight lol! There were also girls standing around outside the shops where they basically made a sexy pose and just stood while the guys would use the girls as a reference.

More interesting stuff includes seeing a youngster getting 'attacked' by a drunk salaryman with slurs and pushes. He got irritated after a couple of pushes and was starting to return the fight back to the drunk guy. It was abit close for comfort so we quickly left the area without seeing the ending.
Giant tank of fugu (blowfish!) Talk about all the poison that must be in there, honestly havent seen a blowfish tank before.

Finally in Shinjuku, we reached our destination past 11pm! Problem is.... We were not allowed entry as it was booked for an event up till midnight which they close after that. They were also extremely inflexible about letting us in for 2 mins after the event just to take photos. In the end, I had to satisfy my curiosity by taking photos of the exterior and the menu. Ah well, Well-done steak (Monhun) and Ice Cream brains (Resident Evil) anyone?
Will consider coming back again another time, though probably not by tomorrow. Maybe when I'm back at the end of the year?

And in the end, left Shinjuku to return to the hotel, getting back close to 1am. There was this guy who was obviously drunk and dead asleep. He even dropped his phone on the floor, woke up and noticed it, then went back to sleep without even bothering.

Ah well, back to the hotel and 1+ hours of blogging and updating later, I can officially say I am really typing rubbish now. Too many situations where I typed something with my eyes closing, then waking up and realised I had typed some totally random stuff on the blog. (Still words, but honestly dont even remember thinking about it) Ah well, off to bed. Expect the last post for Monday to only come in on Tuesday night since I will be taking the 9pm flight back to Singapore, then going to sleep straight away. See you in 1 day, Singapore!

Here are the decklists of all the expert class players!Decklists for 25 participants of WCS 2012 (Expert Class)
Champion: Saito Akikazu (Japan) - Insektors
2nd Place: Memoli, Stefano (Italy) - Insektors
3rd Place: Joshua Schmidt (Germany) - Insektors
4th Place: Wesley Seek (Singapore) - Insektors

5th to 8 place (Sorted by country)
Yohei Arimura (Japan) - Sin Valley
Takeru Norihama (Japan) - Insektors
Kota Yumoto (Japan) - Insektors
Jarel Winston (USA) - Exodia

Unlisted (Sorted by country)
Waragai Yuki (Japan) - Dark World
Heo Seong-Hi (Korea) - Sin Valley
Leung Chi Wai (Hong Kong) - Insektors
Chang Shu Jen (Taiwan) - Insektors
Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia) - Chaos Dragons
Irwin Jansen Arogo (Philippines) - Insektors
Santi Phromduangsri (Thailand) - Chaos Dragons
Adrian Sean Shakir (USA) - Chaos Dragon w/ Necro Valley
Michael James Steinman (USA) - Gravekeepers
Robert T. Lewis Jr (USA) - Final Countdown
Tyler Jay Tabman (USA) - Sin Valley
Marco Jonathan Oviedo Castro (Ecuador) - Insektors
Alvaro Manuel Gonzales Orea (Mexico) - Six Samurais
Praschos Michail (Greece) - Dark World
Angel Matas (Spain) - Insektors
Ritzau Jonathan (Australia) - Insektors
Oliver Parle (New Zealand) - Hero Beat


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  4. Nope, not able to get it since all the Japanese basically rushed off after the tournament. I had to stay on for the interview and there was no sign of the at all after I returned. Point to note is their hotel stay is only for 1 night so they had to go home after the tournament.

    Think we will have to wait for it from Konami / various Japanese blogs which should have it up latest by next week (Konami site)

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