Friday, August 17, 2012

2012 September list


Future Fusion


Inzektor Dragonfly
Inzektor Hornet
Evigishki Gustkraken
Chaos Sorceror
Windup Zenmighty
Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Ultimate Offering

Semi Limit

Agent of Mystery Earth
Debris Dragon
BF Kalut
Rescue Rabbit
Emergency Call
Pot of Duality
Hieratic Seal of Convocation
A Hero Lives
Mirror Force
Tourguide from the Underworld


Emergency Teleport
Destiny Draw
Sealing Sword of Light
Level Limit Area B
Magic Cyclinder


Now that this is confirmed, you may now all sleep in peace.

And to all the HERO haters, you need to remember only one phrase.

Airman cannot be defeated!


  1. Thank you, goes to sleep.

  2. In my book it's not confirmed until it's on there web site

    1. That's why people don't read your book -_-

  3. Good night, Sweet Prince.

    *puts Brionac in card box next to Trishula*

  4. So Sad ... Airman did not get Banned ...

    1. why in the world would airman/stratos get banned.....thats like saying insert main searcher for any archtype would get banned when its effects arent broken.

    2. Airman is broken only when it can search itself. At 1 it isn't that bad...

      It's not like you wanna search more than once, maybe twice. Lots of dead cards later on~

    3. Clearly you have never played against a good hero deck. Airman search bubbleman. Special summon bubbleman. XYZ into Blade Armor Ninja/Excalibur and attack for 4400/4000 with just an Airman. Throw in an assault armor to make Excalibur attack twice for 8000 with just two cards. Yep, Airman is not broken.

    4. I think you haven't played with a real HERO deck,
      how can you SS bubbleman while you have a card on field.,

    5. Look @ the last line of the card effect. I think that is what he is referring to.Perhaps he need an explanation of how we get around that effect.

    6. Subjectively you have shown how Airman/Stratos leads to broken plays when not veilered like what happens half the time when facing another hero player or any viable deck running it the card itself being broken. Not saying that what can stop it makes it less Broken just refering to the fact that it itself is only a plus 1 in the same way Tour Guide and Rabbit is.

  5. Thanks for the confirmation~

    Now I can't get that song out of my head xD So awesome.

  6. You need to post the picture of the cover of the magazine and the promo card that comes with it. It would also help if you showed us the pic of the other page as well. This will make your claim of confirmation credible.

  7. I like hoe rabbit, chaos dragon, wind up users complain about airman XD
    Now they are all gonna be like Heroes are boring XD

  8. wonder if Gungnir, the last of the Ice Barrier synchros, would be banned too.

    and now that this is confirmed, im gonna be like *take that* to all inzektor players in my area.

  9. Thanks for the confirmation, Baha.
    Konami made a very good list for once.
    But well... So sad about Chaos Sorcerer ;-(

  10. Tele agents for the win

    3 d draw
    3 e tele
    2 earth

    Or basically any tele deck

  11. How will your HERO decks work now without Future Fusion to dump Zephyros? Lavalval Chain?

  12. Hey DS and Baha, I wonder which decks will be the new meta in this season, at OCG i bet on Gadgets and HERO but what about TCG?

    1. What are your predictions?

    2. Im not DS nor Baha, but my predictions are Dark World, Blackwing, Gladiator Beast, and maybe Laval when the spell is out.

    3. Everyone always says Gladiator Beasts will be Tier 1 at the start of a new banlist. (Except maybe the last one, since it didn't hit the already top tier decks at all).

      In TCG land, it'll likely be HEROs and DW. The former didn't suffer any substantial hits, and the latter didn't get touched at all. DWs are still pretty inconsistent, but I'd bet enough people will play them in the first YCS here to make an impact.

      And with Inzectors pretty much gone, SixSams will probably come back, too.

  13. Here are my thoughts.

    Future Fusion: Banned to hit Chaos Dragons. Frankly, it needed it.

    Brionac: That card was broken from Day 1 of its release. It's had this coming for the past four years. Good riddance, I say.

    Inzektors: Limiting one or the other wouldn't really have fixed the problem of Inzektors thanks to Ladybug and Giga-Mantis. Frankly, both needed to be hit.

    Gustkrake: She combo'd with the Hieratic Dragons to recreate the Wind-Up Hunter loop a la H.P. Lovecraft. This is a good thing IMO.

    Chaos Sorcerer: I still think that this guy should be banned, but at least he's not running about at 2.

    Spore and other Tuners: I'm happy to see that Synchro decks might start coming back. Spore alone won't bring back Plant Synchro, but this is also a good thing.

    Zenmaity: When it comes down to it, this was truly the key card of the Hunter loop. By Limiting it, you can now only kill 1 card with the combo. Wind-Ups will have to shift focus.

    Tsukuyomi: I don't think a lot of decks will run her. Wind-Ups are the most likely candidates. Without Metamorphosis, Magician of Faith and Thousand-Eyes Restrict to abuse, she's just not as powerful.

    Red-Eyes: This wasn't just to hit Chaos Dragons. Rank 6 Hieratic builds were ridiculously fast thanks to this card.

    Ultimate Offering: This might not have been necessary. At least Gadget decks won't start dominating again, though.

    Kalut: Blackwings might be able to come back, but I personally don't think so. Kalut just gives a 1400 boost. It's no Honest (and thank God for that).

    Rescue Rabbit: Why is this not at 1? Because of the Evolzar Dolkka tin, that's why.

    E - Emergency Call and A Hero Lives: This will slow down HERO decks some, but they really should have done something about Mask Change too. Zero into Acid is just broken.

    Duality: Slowing the game down without murdering things. I only just got a 2nd Duality, so I'm actually glad it's not at 1.

    Hieratic Seal of Convocation: Even with Red-Eyes at 1, Rank 6 builds could probably be immensely powerful with Lightpulsar Dragon as well.

    Reasoning: Uh... bad idea, guys. OTK decks love this card. Samurais probably won't mind it either.

    Mirror Force: This won't really stop Samurai or Dino-Rabbit decks.

    Tour Guide: Not really surprised. This makes sense, really.

    Necro Gardna: As if TwiLightsworn needs anymore help? Well, they sorta do, but that's not the point. The point is, they were perfectly fine where they were.

    Marshmallon: Easy to kill, really. Dolkka can take out its damage effect, and there are plenty of other ways to deal with it.

    Emergency Teleport and Destiny Draw: Why not go ahead and put Dark Armed Dragon back at 3 while you're at it?

    Swords of Revealing Light: Interesting, really. While it's certainly easy enough to get around, its first effect doesn't get talked about very much. This might be interesting tech.

    Level Limit - Area B: Stall decks become just a touch more powerful, but Xyz Monsters still rule the land, especially now that Chaos Dragons are going the way of the dinosaur. The only true threats left are Dark World and Malefic Drain.

    Magic Cylinder: Screw you guys. Seriously.

    1. I agree with most of this list, Brionac it can be broken, however that is generally when its used in a deck like Pure Karakuris or a few other that go for game in one shot.
      Tsukiomi....... MoF should have followed along with thier other empty jar teir 0 mix cards.
      Tour Guide and Rabbit should have both been banned
      Hunter should have been banned, or they should have banned centipede.

    2. Why ban TGU, Rabbit, Hunter and Centipede? Bad enough they crippled Plants a format ago; why kill off four prominent decks instead of just slowing them down and forcing them to change strategies a bit?

  14. In regards to other stuff...

    Dark World: Should have hit Dragged Down into the Grave and Grapha.

    Six Samurai: Why, oh why was United not put at 1?

    Reckless Greed: I've been saying it for months now, this thing needs to be at 1.

    1. Dragged down to the grave also benefits your opponent.
      United is pretty much what keeps them a viable + deck.
      Reckless Greed's cost outweigh the usefullness of it unless you set one and draw into 2 more of it.

  15. what about Lightsworns with Lightrays at tier 1 :D

    1. Lightsworn didn't anything in the last format. I don't expect anything about them

    2. your english sucks.... really learn some english

  16. With 2 mirror forces and 2 torrentials for this format, maybe it would be better to main 2 starlights...

  17. So, will there be any 'Baha Divine Performance' with Junk Doppel variant? Look forward to watching it!!!

  18. inb4 RabbitFormat
    seriously, that deck hardly got hit at all :(

    1. 1 less Rabbit, TGU and POD means it'll be less consistent, which opens up for other decks to rise up and stand a chance.