Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Team Tournament @ SG Cardmart 26th Aug 2012

Date - 26th August Sunday
Registration time - 1pm
Tournament Start Time - 1.30pm
*Please be there BEFORE 1.30*
Venue -
SG CardMart
220-A, Upper Thomson Road,
Singapore (574352)

Registration Fee: $36 Per Team
Pre-Registration Fee: $30 Per Team

For Pre-registration, pls leave a comment.

Format: Swiss of 3/4/5 rounds followed by a top 8 cut-off.

3x Sacred Ptolemys M7 (Ultra)
3x No.17 Revise Dragon (Holo)
3x Effect Veiler (Super)
3x Hieratic Dragon King of Atum (Super)
3x Structure Deck: Roar of Sea Emperor
3x Evolkaiser Raggia (Ultimate)
3x Inverz Roach (Ultra)
3x Windup Zenmighty (Super)

Lucky Draw
To be Announced

Lucky Draw Condition
-Played in all the swiss rounds
-Stayed till all top 8 has started their game

S E P T E M B E R 2012 Forbidden and Limited Card List. (aka new banlist)
TCG Exclusives Cards are NOT allowed.


This tournament is not hosted by me, I'm just helping the organizer to spread the word.


  1. Hey Baha it is true that the wind-ups still make the hand loop?? And if it is true, are you gonna teach us??


    1. I dont intend to play wind up =/

      I believe the loop is still doable only if you have the right cards in your hand such as Pot of Avarice, Reborn or watever.

    2. You need shark and magician in hand ,while emeral being available in the extra deck.