Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tourney @ SG Cardmart 1st Jul 2012

Deck used: Arrive Hero
Participants: 18
Format: 4 round swiss + top 8

Round 1: Vs Hieratic
1: Turn 2 Arrive OTK
2: Failed to OTK and got destroyed by BLS and REDMD and whatever
3: His OTK was denied by a Swift Scarecrow. I used Electric Virus to steal his Gustaph Max for a free burn, followed by Dark Hole and OTK.

Round 2: Vs Infernity
1: Arrive OTK
2: Arrive OTK

Round 3: Vs Hieratic
1: Arrive OTK
2: Gaia reduced his Alexandrite Dragon and attacked, Excalibur attacked Aset for game since he had 4000 LP left from a Solemn.

Round 4: Vs Rabbit Laggia
1: Arrive OTK failed, and then he had Sabersaurus and a set Chalice. My Blade Armor Ninja and used Excalibur can't do shit and he made Laggia after that.
2: He made Laggia on turn 2 or something, I geniusly played Arrive and he negated lol. Died shortly afterwards.

Top 8: Vs Infernity
1: Same guy fro Game 2, Arrive OTK.
2: Didn't open Dark Mirror and died. Totally threw the game =/
3: Top deck war after I cleared 2 Necro and 2 Archfiend. I top decked 3 Miracle in a row.

Top 4: Vs Hero Beat
1: Arrive OTK
2: He had the best defense ever and Reborn my Bubbleman to turn the tables.
3: I was left with 1400 with a Blade Armor Ninja on the field. He Miracle and I thought GG. But he summoned Shining instead of Great Tornado. I was like "SAFE!". And then he made Excalibur and I was like "Shit..". For some reason my poker face probably distracted him or something and he attacked with Shining first dealing only 1000 damage, his Excalibur direct attacked and I dropped Swift Scarecrow lol. I top decked E call which was what I needed to make Zero as I had no Water. Made Zero, then made Gaia as Chain 2 to clear his field which made his Shining miss the timing, and won from there.

Finals: Vs Rabbit Laggia
Same guy from Game 4.

Took the new Water SD and some cash as prize.

Arrive hero still delicious.

Even though I had many near death experience today and my victory was because of my opponent's genius plays and I probably only made 2 misplays today. One was not opening Dark Mirror during the draw phase against a Void Ogre, and the second is not spamming all my miracles in 1 turn which was supposed to be my winning move.

I wanted to play Infernity today but didn't manage to get all the cards I need as I have loaned them away.

I will probably write up abit more on Infernity next time. Not Gunman, promise.


  1. =.= top deck 3 miracle fusion in a row.

  2. there still was never an explanation for arrive OTK and how arrive hero combos work. will there be an article anytime on it?

    1. arrive > stratos > bubbleman > excalibur/blade heart > miracle/e-call/warrior returning alive

  3. Did you main the scarecrows?

  4. GAME OVER! You killed zero bugs this time. Try again?

  5. what is the decklist of your arrive hero ?

  6. does atlantean effect activate by swap frog special summon